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American Cancer Society / name change & reprisal

1 21756 St. Rd. 54 Suite 101Lutz, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 800-940-1969 ex 113

I went on line and donated some money to the ACS in good faith. I typed my birth name in as my recognition name. I say that so that you know it wasn't a joke name. for reasons unexplained to me by the ACS they after 3 months changed my name to anonymous. I felt insulted and embarassed and very angry. They only changed it on one page. I had donated to other pages and it remained for 10 days or so. Naturally I complained to them but they ignored my requests for an explanation. I called them 5 times and got the same story from each different person I spoke with. then they sent me a certified letter telling me that I was no longer welcome to participate in the walking event which I had signed up for and that I would not be allowed to even come and watch it. They booted me out of the system and told me not to call Email them or write or ever involve myself with their events again. They indicated that they did that because my constant complaining was interfering with their focus on their mission. Now you tell me They changed my name without my permission then I complain about it as I search for why and who did that to me and they boot me out for complaining that they changed my name against my will. They did refund most of my money so far. I'm still waiting for them to refund every red cent. So far they have not told me why or who did this mean spirited evil deed to me. They claim that their actions against me were consistent with their policies. Does anyone think that if that were true that is if they were right to change my name that they would refund the money???? I call the action they took a "breach of the public's trust" I think that they wanted me to not participate and they anticipated that if they changed my name then I would get mad and complain and then they would supposedly have reason to boot me thats what I think. think about this: for no reason you smack a 3 yr old on the bottom and he cries then you spank him for crying. You cause a situation to occur then when some one reacts to that you retalliate against them for their reaction. Remember this is the AMERICAN CANCER SOCIETY that I am talking about. I only tried to do something nice for cancer victims everywhere and then the people in charge of collecting the donations decide that they don't like my name on their site as if I was some kind of a criminal even though I have never commited any crime of any kind. They really wasted their time when they told me to never get involved with them again. Do they think I would want to? Are they that stupid? I had donated over $1100 and was in the process of sending them more at least $1000 more, but look at this they lose that money plus anything I would have donated to them in the future and any one else that listens to me and decides maybe they need to do something else with their money. Too bad too sad. Sorry to all the breast cancer victims that get hurt by the trigger effect in play here.

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