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AMC Theatres / terrible everything

1 2501 W Memorial RdOklahoma City, OK, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 405-755-3954

I was an employee for AMC for over 6 years. I've seen so much during that time, I'm wondering where to start. But here goes... I'll start with health code violations. During the beginning of my employment there, I worked as a concessioner. While there, I witnessed the procedure for making hot dogs was, well, substandard.

Although the first hot dogs of the day are made with the utmost care and in accordance with the state and federal health codes, the hot dogs made afterward however are not. Because the container with which we used to transfer the hot dogs to and from the hot dog cooker was never washed in between batches of hot dogs.

In fact, management never informed any employees that washing this container between batches was required. In the entire 6 years I was employed at AMC, I only witnessed the hot dog container being washed at the end of the night and never in between. One could say that material from the very first batch of hot dogs could have been present even on the last batch of the night.

I did my best to wash the container myself because it looked disgusting in between cooking and transferring but I could not monitor others as much. The meat thermometer used to check the temperature of the hot dogs was also unwashed until the end of the night and thus materials and germs were no doubt transferred from the first batch even to the last batch.

Another problem was mice. While I will admit that for the last couple of years I was there, there were no mice present, which is good, prior to that however, mice were everywhere. They were even reportedly caught tearing and digging into the candy in the display cases. A disturbing thought.

Things became so bad regarding mice and bugs for a while that codenames for mice and certain bugs were developed to be used in public and on the two-way radios we carried which would prevent others from knowing what we were talking about. For example mice were called Rhinos, Roaches were Alligators.

Another health code problem was what they did with the ice. We have two long plastic poles, which are shaped kind of like ores, which we used to break up the ice in the giant ice maker we have. These plastic poles were seldom washed and after they were used to break the ice, they were simply left laying on a shelf-like part of the ice maker, to gather dust, debris, bacteria, etc.

Now, on to business and employment practices. First is how they deal with breaks. While breaks are not required by law, if the employer has a policy regarding breaks, it is against the law for them to violate that policy. Employees are told during orientation that they are given 25 minute breaks for every 4 hours of work. This is not actually the case as is discovered later.

Many supervisory employees do try to give their workers breaks according to the policy. But many blatantly violate the policy without being disciplined and frequently, the employees are left without a single break. According to law, if they are not given the breaks that the policy requires, the employees are allowed to take a break after work with the clock still running. Very few of the employees are ever made aware of this.

Next is religious discrimination and harassment. Much of the employees at this particular theater were atheist or agnostic and regularly, publicly, poked fun at employees who had a personal faith. There was a church which rented out one of our auditoriums each week and I witnessed the employees making snide remarks at them and even plotting to commit some kind of prank or to destroy equipment belonging to the church. Some others claimed they were going punch the next one who greeted them.

Often, the managers are heard swearing a lot (against AMC rules of conduct prohibiting bad language in the workplace) and I got the feeling many times that I was being excluded from functions and parties because my faith requires me to hold my tongue when I feel angry rather than curse up a storm like the managers do.

I also witnessed leniency with regard to employees whose behavior matched that of the managers(By behavior, I am referring to regular swearing and mocking of religious employees). These employees were allowed to break rules which other employees were fired for. Such as verbally lashing out at customers, violating the dress code, etc.

Now, on to safety violations. I worked my way up to the projection booth where I was second in charge. While there, I noticed that our first aid kit was inadequate. There were never any band-aids, and antiseptic supplies were lacking. Whenever some one received an injury which required bandages, they were forced to run downstairs to the operations office, wait for a manager with clearance to open the door for them and allow them to retrieve a bandage. The same lack of first was present in the concession stand as well. I had informed management of the inadequate first aid kits and safety problems and my complaints were met with jokes.

Many times I was forced to fix electrical equipment with minimal safety equipment to protect me. Rubber gloves for example were scarce and finding ones thick enough to protect me from high voltage electrical shock was quite a chore. Occasionally these gloves proved not provide me with appropriate protection and I was electrocuted. A less experienced employee could be seriously injured or even killed.

Another safety violation is apparent when sick employees are forced to work concession and handle food. Not only is it dangerous for the employee but dangerous for the customer. A health and safety violation rolled into one. While AMC rules state that a doctor's note is not required for absences of two days or less, because that could discriminate against employees unable to pay for a doctor's examination, this particular theater did not abide by that rule however. Many employees absent for only one day were disciplined or fired.

Another disturbing fact is that the managing director at one point took small amounts of money from registers of employees to pay for a Foosball table. Noting that a register recorded as short 10 dollars or more required a write up, the managing director made sure 9 dollars or less was taken. This led to an investigation of him by the company. Nothing ever came of it however.

Other problems with AMC are not necessarily in violation of the law but in bad taste and inconsiderate. Such as, not paying employees overtime. The previous managing director before this person did pay employees overtime wages and holiday wages, but after he left and a new director took over, overtime and holiday pay were taken away from everyone. (Note: for most businesses this is illegal. Theaters however are exempt from paying employees overtime)

I believe it shows appreciation for employees when you pay them overtime and holiday pay, even if you don't have to. In fact no business is required by law to pay it's employees holiday pay, but they do anyway out of appreciation.

The company is also insensitive to disabled employees. Employees with emotional disorders are also discriminated against and not allowed to progress within the company even if they are fully capable of meeting the requirements of these positions.

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  • Br
      30th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I worked there for two years and worked my way up to Operations Coordinator and the sad thing is...that is all true. the hot dogs, ice, to the breaks. And the Overtime. Totally agree. its awful

  • He
      17th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    wow. this is intense. i work at amc 30 in covina and it is not like this at. first aid kits were always fully stocked. everything is cleaned accordingly. there is no overtime though, an employee is unable to work for more than 8 hours a day. and we do get paid for holidays.

  • Ma
      4th of Feb, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I totally agree, and much more, that place was awful. We had mice, roaches, mold everywhere, dirty dishes, cokes that were 3 months past expiration, I was a minor and was scheduled to work 8 consective days without a day off, no first aid kits, flies coming out of drink towers, the unfair treatment of employees, managers that stole and cheated and lied to the employees, when changing xenon bulbs we just had a mask when we are supposed to have almost a full body suit, we had minors working projection and the trash compactors, there's just so much to put, I can't name it all.
    -Matthew, former projectionist (worked 3 years)

  • Ma
      19th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes
    AMC Theatres - popcorn
    United States

    I just want to know why the popcorn has to be so awful. Why can't we have popcorn that tastes like that of Target? The theatre popcorn is so oily and nauseating.

  • Te
      30th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    Has anyone ever heard of or witnessed any used syringes being found in the theaters? My husband was stuck by one that someone from a prior show had shot up with and I am looking for any prior incidents of this occuring. Obviously, it was the most tramatic thing to ever happen to us and we are dealing with their insurance company over it. I am shocked to read how many negative posts there are about AMC.

  • St
      3rd of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked at amc rolling hills 20 in california. I was a good employee after working and closing for 2 monthes I was offered to train for box office even though I had been only working there for two weeks. everything was awesome Although like was mention earlier the hazerds of the job... On Dec 11, 2005 I was told at work by my uncle and brother that my Nana who I was very close to passed away. Her funeral was to be on that friday 10am-2pm I gave the office notice that I wasn't working on friday in advance but when I wen't to pick up my schedual that thursday I was shocked to see that I was schedual to work 10am-2pm the next day. I went to the office crying asking why since I was closing usher anyway so why I was working that day I'll never know. they told me If I couldn't find anyone to take my shift I was to come to work or be fired. I of course didn't find anyone and called them back tosay I wasn't coming and they told me I was a gear that had gone bad and was easily replaced. I took the day off but was so upset I quit without a 2 week noticed. now I can't get hired at any amc because of BLACK MARK ON MY RECORD. If anyone has cooperates number please I need it bad. I to this day wont go back to this amc. many of my friends quit right after I did to prove to amc that it was wrong but they still dont care.

  • Se
      15th of Feb, 2010
    +1 Votes


  • Dm
      14th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    They don't have a bumber at all but here is the Corporate Mailing Address:

    AMC Entertainment Inc.
    P.O. Box 725489
    Atlanta, GA 31139-9923

    AMC's Contact Us page is a joke

  • Ra
      26th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I worked at an AMC, one of the ones that they bought from kerasotes. I think the theatre was waayyyy better off being a Kerasotes. Before the buy out i had been promoted from "crew" to shift manager. i had worked as a shift manager from almost a month before AMC took over. when amc took over i filled out a background check sheet. I filled that out. I was told that there were going to be 2 asst. managers, and i was going to be one of them. there was another guy that worked there who was 18, but still in school. AMC's policy says that you can still be in school, and be a manager. Kerasotes rule was you had to be 18 and graduated from high school. with this being done, AMC forced his background check through and said that mine was on it's way. when he got his asst. manager letter offer it was rubbed in my face. a little while later, our d.o. came to our theatre to have a meeting with us. during the meeting i was told that i could not be a manager, and i could not even be a supervisor because our numbers couldn't support the funds. This was bull crap. i had been there for almost 2 years, and the other guy who was now Mr. Asst. Manager got my position. After that, my general manager still made me work as a supervisor. from may to septemeber i was doing her job while she sat back and got paid for salary. which apparently in AMC's book. General Managers get a straight pay of 40 some hours. she was never there for 40 hours, she wasn't even there for 20! When i finally went to do something about it, i was the one who was the "bad guy" i got accused of trying to get the asst. manager fired. I got called down to the office and harrased by some lady on the phone who was from corporate. I got called a liar, and when i called the lady on the phone out for calling me a liar the conversation ended. the next day i went to work i was accused of deleted my write up off the computer. but the lady had all of my write ups sitting right in front of her. i only had 1 write up through AMC, all the other ones were from Kerasotes, and when we had meetings where everyone got informational write ups only one copy was saved on the computer. I was told that none of my write ups were on the computer and that i was the one who deleted when. 3 people had access to the computer. when i said something about lawyering up. the conversation ended. Very very very, politely put on suspension pending an investigation. then i was asked to write a statement of what happened during the phone conversation. I was then locked in a back room, to write my statement. instead of writting my statement i wrote i quit on a piece of paper. before i could get a lawyer and get the ball rolling AMC closed the theater... i guess that's karma! haha! There were also many many many violations, The general manager made everyone how to do the booth. and several several health code violations, like black mold.

  • Re
      7th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I agree that AMC is way unfare.. I worked there about a year in a half. I came to conclusion the first time I started working there watching my surroundings that it was nothing about work. Its all about favoritism. plain and simple. mangers are a joke, especially the GM's they say they will help you but they favor just as much as the other mangers.


  • Sa
      25th of Aug, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I completely agree with all of the above. Plus, today while at work, a very distraught father came into the theatre. Approached a few of us (lowly) employees begging for our help in finding his daughter. She went missing yesterday while on her way to school. He was handing out pictures of his daughter, asking us to post these up as he was in a living hell not knowing where she was. I was literally in tears listening to his pain. I took a few additional copies to hand out to my friends at the police department. Just then, a manager (I will not mention her name), walked up and told me I had to give her the copies I was holding in my hand. She ordered me to give them up. Then, she walked the father to the door to let him out. Protocol, she said states he wasn't allowed to post anything!!! I was and still am in utter shock at her insensitivity! Obviously, she has no children. He was forced to leave! I went to the door to find him and he had already left.!!! I cannot believe 'protocol' in this matter! THIS IS TOTAL ###! Most of the managers are not in touch with people as they should be. Another complaint is that the company does NOT offer military discounts! They fight for our freedom...and yet are kicked in the ###. Oh, but students are offered discounts. What the hell????? Military personnel are not discounted, but students, many of whom are illegal, are. So, illegals who sit behind a desk at school, usually goofing off ARE offered discounts, but not the men and women who fight for our freedom ARE NOT! I am embarrassed and ashamed of this 'rule'.

  • Br
      25th of Aug, 2012
    -1 Votes

    ^ The father should contact the local news stations and have her pic featured on the news.

  • Mi
      23rd of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    Wow. Kids of illegal immigrants slack off at school? That's a new one? I work at AMC and agree with the first post. There are pest problems with all movie theaters and health code violations happen when most of your employees are In high school. My theaters managers are great! They are very nice and very helpful. If my family does I would've given the week off if I want. My sister had a miscarriage and I left the second I found out, right in the middle of my shift. I thin a lot of people are bitter about something and exasperating the story. If they play favorites then kiss ###!! It's simple ever person is different including managers and if you complain instead of act your going to have a long career with whatever you do. Good luck complaining, I have a interview to get ready for

  • Le
      7th of Jan, 2016
    0 Votes

    Wow... I jus receive a job offer to manage an Amc here in Atlanta. I'm waiting for my background check. I have a misdemeanor but no felony. Will Amc hire me ? I hear y'all concern but at this point I need a better paying job than I have now. Do you know the hiring process?

  • Sa
      18th of Sep, 2018
    0 Votes
    AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdings - Rats and bad food
    Corpus Christi
    United States

    On September 1, 2017 my family and I watched a movie in theatre 2. We heard rats running around, we smelled rat droppings, our popcorn was stale and there was only water and unsweet tea to drink. Definitely want a refund or we're going to report this business to the Better Business Bureau

  • Ro
      31st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdings - Seating
    United States

    Seats wouldn't unrecline. Very unhappy with theatre. 20 dollar tickets and can't get out of seat. Totally ridiculous.

  • Do
      31st of Oct, 2018
    0 Votes
    AMC Theatres - movie tickets alpharetta, ga.. rude behavior by manager
    United States

    bought movie tickets april 30th, 2017 for "how to be a latin lover".. did not realize site indicated movie spanish dubbed..manager would not refund tickets so we could see it at another time in english.
    after years of enjoying amc, i feel disappointed with this experience.
    thanks, tending to choose other theater companies..

  • Va
      5th of Nov, 2018
    0 Votes
    AMC Theatres / AMC Entertainment Holdings - Disrespectfull staff
    Port Chester
    New York
    United States

    AMC theater 14 Port Chester New York
    The place is always dirty, staff is rude and obnoxious, manager Jermaine Baker had no experience dealing with customer complaints.
    Ticketing clerk and Staff manager Christina was very rude..

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