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Discover card has the complaint. I returned a fertility Monitor and CARLOS at Amazon - takeherb .com said I could send it back even though I told him product was looked at/ was not used. He specifically told me my credit card woudl be credited the full amonut. HE specifically called me as I wanted to Make sure it could be retuned and my card credited.
I told my husband that day that they took the product back after Carlos had called me.

I found out on my next statemnt from Discover that my accont was not credited AS I WAS TOLD. I called several people there then FINALLY got ahold of Carlos and he lied to me and told me he never said he would refund my money. He lied outright and I told him to check the recordings of our phone conversations and he said he could not. He was outright rude and demeaning. Will file with the BBB about this.

The product was returned. Why would I return something if I did not know I would get my card credited. I am no dummy!!

When I filed with Discover then Carlos quicky returned the prioduct pre- dated it the day before my compliant was filed. I did not receive the return product until approx 2-3 weeks later. I have all documenttion.

Then I called Discover again and they told me to ship it back once again and get signature and confirmtaion so I could have proof of return - Had to pay extra...AGAIN - to return it for the second time. I will refuse it if sent back again- which I would not be surprized if they did- they were very rude!!!

Disccover is still inverstigating and i just sent them confirmation of my return.

I have spent hours on this dispute and would never go this far unless I was specificall told I could return the product by Carlos who called me specifically about this. Please help me out here. I have been lied too and will never purchase from again if this is not rectified.

Thank you-
Laura Wolski -[protected] is my phone number. Please call if you need documentation!

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  • Kr
      Mar 06, 2011

    This is a terrible company to do business with. I placed an order from months ago. It did eventually arrive, but half the order was incorrect. Despite several email attempts to contact them, they never responded. I finally called them and spoke to someone about the error. He seemed concerned, and assured me that he would send a postage paid label so I could return the incorrect items. This never arrived. Since I needed the items I had ordered, I decided to keep the product they had sent and used it even though it was not what I wanted. Now, months later, I get a prepaid return label in the mail from Dynamic Bridge (not the name of the company I ordered from)--no explanation of what it is for or whom they represented. After Googling the name Dynamic Bridge, I finally figured out that they represented (took a bit of sleuthing to do this). Totally unsatisfactory experience with this company. I certainly will never do business with them again.

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  • Su
      Nov 11, 2011

    They don't seem to carry any of the products that they sell yet charge high for 3-5 days shipping. If you do a google search, you'll see a lot of people have issues with this company. They also have fraud debit card charges afterwards. I had someone try to log on to my online bank account. Got my money back but their customer service does not return emails or answer complaints. Phone people say they will do something and don't; a miracle I got my refund. Why do they sell products they don't have?

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  • Su
      Nov 11, 2011

    filed with attorney general, state of California.

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