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Alliance United Insurance Company / Automobile liability claim delayed

1 Clinton, IA, United States Review updated:
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Nicholas Parisi, PO Box 3554, Running Springs, CA 92383. Tel: [protected]. email: [protected] Claim #D042977CA16 On August 11, 2016 approx. 1pm - 2pm or so. I Was Exiting The 91W Van Buren ramp in Riverside CA. I was Stopped at the signal behind a couple of cars waiting for the signal to turn green and the vehicles in front of me to turn. While waiting I was rearended by Lisa Sims. I waited a couple of minutes regrouped and got out of the car to see what happened and look at the damage. Lisa got out and we discussed briefly what happened and exchanged information, ins., etc. We left and I took care of a couple of things I had to do and proceeded to the Ford dealership in Riverside and got an estimate shortly after the same day. I called Lisa's insurance carrier and reported the claim. the adjuster (Alan Beck) called the next day 08/12/16 and took down the information. I informed him of the damage and complained that I had sustained injuries to my neck and back which was noticeable later 08/11. I called my doctor for an appt. The sch x-rays. I've needed PT, and pain medication from suffering and anxiety since. I made an appointment with my doctor got examined for treatment, PT and medication. Alan told me I needed to have his Co. do an appraisl from a company that they pay for. I have two properties which I told Alan. I told him that I'm in Running Springs. He coaxed me into setting up the appraisal in Riverside or it would delay the claim. He have me the # for the appraisal co. and I called them and informed them I wanted them to come to Running Springs because it was not conducive for me to set it up in Riverside. She told me they don't service RS. and that she would contact Alan and get me a co. that does. that never happened. I called Alan several times, with no response. Finally I called the Appraisal co. back and agreed that I would meet them somewhere as close to RS as possible. We sch. an Appt. for San Bernardino by Home Depot, unfortunately I was delayed getting down the mountain because of const. and no ph. signal. I called the Appraiser as soon as I could get a signal down the mountain but he left. I called Alan several times and left msg on what happened. At this point I was no longer willing to meet someone other that where the car is in RS. Alan never called back. I called his supervisor Sorex Viraco, left msg on return call. I called at least 8 times leaving msgs with no return call. I called Sorex leaving msgs no return call ever. Apparently as I was told that Alan and Sorex work from a call center in AZ, which I couldn't get the address. Alan Beck: tel: 800.508.5833 ext. 6654. Sorex same # ext. 6536. SEVERAL TIMES800 508 5833. HE NEVER CALLED ME. This Co. is discraceful and possibly criminal, they shouldn't be allowed to underwrite ins. in CA. I want this claim resolved as required by law and I compensated for the damage, punitive damage and action against them, my being compensated as such for time wasted and gas, delay, and allow me to drive a vehicle that isn't safe with the hatchback problem. Alan will tell you lie after lie and put the blame on the victim. Alan told me that he was having trouble getting a hold of Lisa to get her side of the story, which is not my problem, but also Alan told me early on that Lisa said she only tapped my car, which was significantly harder as I have a tow bumper now at a 45 degree angle trim separated and the hatchback doesn't close completely, door open light on and interior light stays on for minutes, air and water can come in from the gap and also means Alan already talked to her. Alan has delayed this every step of the way. He didn't want the estimate, He wanted me to me to meet appraiser somewhere other than car location. never called back. The last I spoke to Alan it didn't go well because he lied to me, told me he wasn't going to spend $500 to get an appraiser to RS. He said I set up Riverside for the Appraisal. I never set Riverside up nor did he. I had to call the appraisal co. for an appt. I should get full damage, punitive damage, compensated for my time and gas for appraisal wasted time. Punitive action against Alan, Sorex and Alliance for the deceit, and delays in this claim. Answering service called Alan ext. and Sorex with no response, on same call I told them that I was going to sue everyone involved in this claim and finally Alan answered which didn't go well. He was trying to put the blame on me. I have no incentive to delay claim, Alliance does. He was arrogant, lying and threatening me. I'm certain he will lie to the commission as much as he can try to get away with. The bottom line is, their client rearended me, caused damage, injured me and they need to process the claim in a timely manner. 15 days after receiving the estimate as I told by the ins. commission. It's been 2 1/2 mos. I thought paying for an estimate was illegal in CA. creating a bias, also not resolving the claim in a timely manner is illegal. Alan not communicating with his client, not willing to pay $500 for an appraisal, these are not my problems. I couldn't even get a phone # for the headquarters in Clinton, Iowa. Alan: claims adjuster 800.508.5833, ext. 6654, Sorex; supervisor, ext. 6536. working out of a call center in AZ. as I was told. There is a branch in CA. which I couldn't get a hold of anyone, only clients or govt entity can. Headquarters address: Alliance United Ins. Co., PO Box 2927, Clinton, IA [protected]. Apparently the company doesn't conduct business consistent with CA law. Your assistance is greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Nicholas Parisi

Nov 2, 2016
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  • Ni
      2nd of Nov, 2016
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    I need the insurance commission to respond asap. thank you

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