Alliance of Milwaukee LLC / White jew richard a. Weller don't like black people in milwaukee, wisconsin

1 River Hills Wisconsin, US

Milwaukee White Jews don't like black people and they don't care about black people!!! Milwaukee White Jew Richard Weller don't like black people, White Jews are prejudiced against black people because Richard A. Weller lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin!!! When Richard A. Weller comes to the black neighborhood, to check up on his apartment buildings, He calls it Blackfish Bay because he lives in Whitefish Bay. Harvey the maintenance man and the white other Jews don't like black people in those apartment buildings too. Richard A. Weller don't like black people saving his life!!!Tenants are moving out, because Richard A. Weller don't fix things and don't repair things inside people's apartments. He don't take care of pests in his buildings.That's why tenants got evictions on their record because of Richard A. Weller's craziness.

Mar 23, 2017

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