Alliance of Milwaukee LLCRichard A.Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people

Richard A. Weller is racist and prejudiced against black people and black tenants.Calling black neighborhoods Blackfish Bay, because he lives in Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin.Whenever black people rent to him and his properties, Black tenants move out because he don't fix things and he dogs people out!!! When things are broken in tenants apartments he don't come by and fix things !!! Harvey the maintenance man he don't fix things in tenants apartments too.He don't fix the roofs and He don't fix the ceilings when it's caused by water damage.He never fixed Rennard Cotton's ceiling in May 2013 when it was caused by water damage in the bathroom, kitchen and behind the cabinets, That's why Rennard Cotton moved out.Richard A.Weller don't take care of pests like bugs, roaches, bedbugs, waterbugs and mice in his buildings!!! Black tenants move out of his apartment buildings and don't pay him the rent, because he don't fix things and He don't take care of things!!! I hope he gets exposed on Contact 6 and Contact 6 investigators.I hope City of Milwaukee shuts him down permanently.

Jan 22, 2017

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