Aldounethical behaviour (rude and obnoxious staff)

I bought 3 chain extensions set from 466 Fulton Street, Brooklyn, 11201 Location (store number 2524).My receipt no is 572565 and the ID of the cashier i dealt with was [protected]. The associate name is Gina([protected]).

First of all, i was waiting to pay for my item for 5 minutes while 2 of the staffs standing next to the available cash register talking about their lunch and weekend plans. I asked one of them to check the price for my item, She did, when i wanted to pay she said the other cashier will take me while she returned and start wandering around the store talking to the other cashier. she could have complete my purchase since she was in a free register but she didn't. when the only working cashier became free, she walked away totally avoiding me, when i asked her she came back and took my item and throw on the other side of the table.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Brooklyn, NY i told her that i was actually trying to pay for that. She start by saying the other cashier "people are so dry today, i cant deal anymore". she billed me the original price, i said they have 50% off, she said "Nope, this dont have 50% of, at most 30% (she has no clue about it, since an entire rack full of accessories are on 50% off sale)", when i told her that the other cashier already confirmed me the price, she asked the other lady and when she knew i was right she told the other staff " I can't deal with her, u take it" she moved away from the register while i was standing there to pay. i continue my purchase with the other staff while she stood there and talk about how people are rude. at this point i was so furious i decided not to take matter in my hand and jus leave.

I have the picture of the cashier and if this complain doesn't resolve anything i will submit an official complaint to BBB with all the info.

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