Albertsonsproblems with service

Kr Dec 05, 2018 Arcadia, CA

I was shopping in the albertsons in arcadia on live oak ave. Its very close to my home and i've shopped there regularly for years. I know many associate by first name. Always a pleasant experience, I to used to work for albertsons.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Arcadia, CA But there is a cashier there that has a attitude I was waiting as she rang up my items I was waiting to enter my phone number for my savings and it never changed screens I told her it didn't let me enter my number, she snapped at me and told me "its too late now! You should've have done that earlier! I said look it wouldn't allow me too enter it I said forget it then she well what's your number as she could see I was upset. I told her I would've thought you would've made she my number was entered!! A lady behind me said"me too!" then she tried to take back her attitude. I think that's not okay! Your working in customer service and the cashier is the last impression a customer has of your store then you should make certain that its a excellent experience. There are plenty of other store in my area. I don't need to be treated like i'm a bother to get some common manners and be decent and respectful, I don't feel that is asking too much.

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