Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions / employee (gevork)

Tujunga, CA, United States

[protected] aida rostomyan from tujunga.Long story short, about monday night at7:00 pm zumba, it was lucy and we all know it gets busu on monda because sh3 is great, and there are almost 37 people in line trying to go inside and we were taking to each other while they go inside i was almost the last one going inside, and Gevork the one in tujunga( armenian guy), he stared yelling like crazy and i said listen this is not Armenia and also dont call us hey" and he said something bad in armenian and after that you guys charge my account and can nit come to ymca, if this is not resolved i would talk to my sister in law - she is a paralegal, and i will take this in a lawfull way because he caused me to cry in front of my friends today i was embarrassed because they didnt ( almost) let me go do zumba . ok if not them why are charging my account 37 dollars.. I need some one higher than a manager to call me . plz

Jun 21, 2017

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