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I’ve got overcharged, if to be more precise charged twice. As I can see from other posts on the internet regarding African Mango Metaburn I’m not the only one who has the same problem. Now I think that only way to solve this problem is to call my bank’s fraud department and let them solve this issue. Just make sure you won’t pay them like I did.


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  • Du
      Jun 20, 2012
    African Mango Metaburn - They are simply sitting back laughing at our given trust in a product
    African Mango Metaburn
    United States

    Going into one of my sites there was an ad on the right side of screen with an Australian flag graphic in background. The product being advertised was African Mango - a herbal based product for weight loss with benefits of lowering cholesterol. A trial basis is offered of $2.95 with no obligation to buy more - just try and see the benefits, then based on these results one can go on to order more. So, with lowering my cholesterol using herbal based remedy on my mind, I purchased African Mango. One week later my bank telephoned and told me they were suspicious of an order being below $3 and I agreed to put a block on the merchant. Since then I have received 3 plastic bottles - one went in the bin, one is in the cupboard and the latest is still in its postal package. Today we received our monthly bank statement and find that on Oct 24, 2011 an unauthorised amount of $89.25 has been taken from our account. We have phoned the bank asking 'what happened to the block' and were told the African Mango team seem to have managed to get around this. Simply and painfully we had to change all credit card details. Like all other trusting purchasers with health issues seeking natural remedies, we need our money back! African Mango does not care, they are simply sitting back laughing at our given trust in a product used to extort money via this scam.

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  • Li
      Jul 27, 2012
    African Mango Metaburn - Watch out for this one people
    African Mango Metaburn
    United States

    Answered an online add for a trial sample of Metabolism kick start and booty slimmer. The deal was to trial 30 day supply of tablets free and only pay for freight. Thought why not. Stupid me gave credit card details and now they are randomly taking unknown amounts out of my account with no receipt or acknowledgment of product.Still waiting for product as well. Got a phone number from a similar complaint logged and dialled to the US and got automated response which asked to press 1 if reply was to be in English or press 2 if in Italian. Call cut off when pressed 1.

    17 Nov 2011 Epm Metabokicksta 13 $4.06
    17 Nov 2011 Epm Bootyslimmer. 13 $3.79
    17 Nov 2011 Foreign Currency Fee $0.11
    17 Nov 2011 Foreign Currency Fee $0.10
    6 Dec 2011 advmetabill855256 02 $96.45
    6 Dec 2011 Foreign Currency Fee $2.42

    7 Dec 2011 Epm Bootyslimmer. 30 $109.21
    7 Dec 2011 Foreign Currency Fee $2.74
    17 Dec 2011 $107.28
    17 Dec 2011 $119.20

    TOTAL SCAM $445.36
    Have now got to stop Debit card and get another card. Shifted funds out of account. I will get my money back from you criminals with interest.Kev

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  • Ru
      Jul 31, 2012
    African Mango Metaburn - Almost got conned by this same scam under the name &Organaslim&
    African Mango Metaburn
    United States

    Almost got conned by this same scam under the name "Organaslim" - thought I'd check this scam website before handing over my cc for the $4.95 postage charge with a 14 day "money back guarantee" and lo and behold here they are. Tried to call the number on their website to verify [protected]) and was told it was an electronics company (very unconvincing!) and their email address "[protected]" doesn't work. Stay away from these people!

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