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I hired these scam artists back in Aug 18, 2009 and paid the first half of 745 then in nov 5, 2009 paid the other half. between the aug and nov they did nothing and barely communicated with me and then only after i called and email with half threats did i get any response and still nothing forthwith but on good promises i still paid the rest of my dues in nov and since then all communication has been zip. no calls no emails nothing. i call constantly and email constantly but to no avail. These guys promise so much but did nothing but take my money. no documents written for me for court, no lawyers to speak with, no court dates set up, nothing at all!

Do Not Trust these people!

I want my money back you scammers! your soposed to be a good standing law firm but all you are is a bunch of con artists. you promise so much and deliver nothing. Top of the line Business Fraud and Credit Card Fraud is all you are! I am contacting the FBI, the BBB, and going to hire my own attorney (one I can trust who will work for winnings) and going to sue you for damages, time, money wasted, Business and Credit Card Fraud, breach of contract, failure to comply with state and national laws... practicing law with out a law degree (all u have is LDA none of you are licensed Paralegals or lawyers)(man how i wish i new all this before hand) you better get in touch with me asap with a refund or your lookin at some hard times!

Quincy Burleson

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      8th of Feb, 2010

    Well good luck to you - I have been asking for my refund since Nov. They arent going to do what they say its all a show for them. LIES LIES LIES that is all they give to any of us. Nicole said she was going to take over and get my situation handled. I have not heard a thing from her or from Edward its all BS . I really dont know how they sleep at night knowing they rip people off that really needed help. I would like to sue them to for all the time of mine they have wasted, the stress I have had dealing with them, the grief, all of it.. sitting there lying to me the whole damn time. PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF BEING TREATED THIS WAY! We all paid you in good faith and you did NOTHING for us. There is NOT a doubt in my mind that ya'll are a SCAM.

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      27th of Mar, 2010

    I say we all file a lawsuit against these people.

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      14th of Apr, 2010

    I spoke with CJ Ward an investigator for Keyt News at 730 Miramonte Drive, Santa Barbara, CA 93109 last night. He stated to me that it would be our best interest to inform him of our situations. Please contact him.

    Edward was second in charge for Father's Choice and CJ was a part in stopping them.

    Here is a link to the News station:

    Here is a link to information on CJ Ward:

    Here is proof of the tipline number:

    Here are some links to the "Father's Choice" problem, from News Station:

    Also, here are some more websites I found to show you who we are dealing with, this is proof that all Edward does is change the name of the company and scams the same way:

    On this, you can scroll all the way to the bottom and see "Nadia Nicole" aka Nicole Smith responding to a complaint about Edward. Nadia is her real name and is involved in this even going back to Father's Choice.
    /URL removed/

    Here is another website about Father's Choice:
    /URL removed/

    Edward Herzstock was second in command there. If you read the article it states Edward's name several times.
    /URL removed/

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