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Affluence EDU / real estate investment education

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It was an awful experience... I didn't like the way the company present itself. It is "No class". It tried to appeal to middle class audience. I came the seminar expected to learn something useful and good enough for me to get involve in, but I was disappointed. I learned nothing but some multilevel marketing pitches, for example:
Testimonials, family reason for success, etc... Pressure sale technique to sign up for 3 days seminar...
Worst of all, the way the speaker excused himself to talked down 3/4 of audience who not committed to the onsite sign up for the 3 days training. On top that, the promised hot dinner turned out was a Cold Turkey lunch sandwich.

Apr 21, 2016
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      24th of May, 2016
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    I attended the three day seminar. More sales hype than actual education They leave out a whole lot when showing profits. Example, taxes, closing costs, title insurance to mane a few. If your credit isn't good than you are not eligible to be able to receive funding to start investing. They want you to spend $25, 000 for so called advanced education. The media needs to expose this company.

  • El
      31st of May, 2016
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    In the initial promotion for the seminar - we are told that we don't need a credit check, income check, or up front fees - too bad you didn't ask about this.

  • Zx
      24th of Sep, 2016
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    This class was awful, they presented themselves as a real estate education that would show you how to do real Estate without using your money or credit. This was to entice you, and of course it was to good to be true. They also promised dinner which turned out to be turkey sandwiches and apple and chips, provided by the hotel they had the seminar in, an mp3 player, a tablet. All a bunch of crap. So after what was nothing but a big sales pitch for there so called school. They offered you to pay $1997 or $997 if you signed up before you left and a guest for free, because if you waited and payed later the amoit would be double we pay and why did we do that?!? We were told a 3 day retreat teaching what you needed to know about flipping houses using their money 750, 000 is what we'd have access to and not using your credit. And they only wanted 1% of your profit and they'don't teach you everything you need to know, such crap in the first so called class we sat and listen to him talk for hours basically leading up to us spending 59, 000 more into advanced classes which we'd supposedly get back, 10 percent of this so called class was about real estate and the little he talked about was with power Point and Internet which we could look up ourselves. So you basically learn nothing in those 3 days just a long drawn out lecture and you are wondering when Does the real estate workshop began. Then they have rules like no asking questions, no talking to each other about the class no passing out business card etc. They tell you to ask these so called consultants at the end, who could barely explain anything if you ask them, especially if you already had knowledge of real estate, some of the elderly would raise their hand and the speaker would ignore them. They even have the nerve to try and reprimand you if they feel they need too, all while they are pitching their so called company (which is actually a marketing company not a real estate school) And funny how they say you don't use your credit or money which I'm sure is what draws most people in, but they ask for all of your personal information, annual house hold income, all of your credit cards the numbers, the limits and the balance, whats in your bank account etc. This place is a big scam all the way to how they try to get you in, I could go on and on about my experience with this place but I'd be typing for hours. So in a nutshell BUYERS BEWARE, always do your research before you pay for something.

  • Lo
      19th of Apr, 2017
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    @Zxw I went to their seminar in Houston on March 16, 2017 at the Crown Plaza Suite hotel. It was a totally waste of my time. I am a realtor and all I felt was the pure pressure from the speakers to the people. You are absolutely right! cold turkey sandwiches, apple and chips. I never received the free MP3 player after going online as to apply for it. THIS WAS A WASTE OF MY TIME!!! I'm just going to stick to investing the old fashion way.

  • Br
      11th of Oct, 2016
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    My dad and I went to the free event and signed up for a workshop. They say the dates can be changed to accomodate schedules but all I really see is scam artists who took my dad's money and will not return any calls or emails. When I did call the number all I get is a voicemail. The free "dinner" was only a sandwich wrap, chips and a cookie with a bottle of water to drink. All I really want now is my money and those 3 hours of my life back!!

  • Ka
      25th of Nov, 2016
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    I was put in financial ruin by this company! They used a company called Seed Capital to get me lines of credit in credit cards and paid themselves their $24, 999 for the cost of the education, Seed Capital took their $6, 000 and the mentor program cost $13, 999. Now I'm stuck paying 10 credit cards and I don't have the capital to buy real estate. What's worse, no one will lend me credit because of the debt to income ratio. Then they have you go to Las Vegas for a 3 day seminar, which is a 3 day sales pitch from other companies they endorse. Don't sign up! After doing research, I found other companies in my area that offer real estate education for $20, 000 and they are local. These people are in Utah so it's very difficult to be mentored by them, not to mention that their mentors are terrible.

  • Si
      8th of Jan, 2017
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    In Dec 2016 my wife and I attended the same event in co full of info and selling everyone these so called education classes we paid for the 3 day seminar and they used seed capital to get us the funds which we end up getting a bunch of credit cards in the mail to of course pay for the boots on ground event. the range of these events go from 15k to 80k. We did not do the boots on ground only put $1000 towards it and didn't show up we decided it was a scam and now they keep trying to reschedule the boots on ground event with us. they already got $1, 147 from us plus seed capital got 3, 495 from us for the leg work on the lines of credit and the cards we were sent. So you end up in a lot of debt before the boots on ground event plus what that event costs and you still have not done any deals and all they want is your money. To set up the LLC was costly too but then we cancelled it because we are not doing this right now we told them so they wanted us to keep the llc and we would only be charged 595 instead of 750 plus they charge you $13 a month to keep this LLC because they claim its to help cover your butt if any legal things happen they will be there for you. They are still currently trying to reschedule us and we are not going. The experience just feels like investment fraud

  • Mo
      14th of Oct, 2017
    +1 Votes

    They are a scam me and my fiancee recently attented the seminar in riverside convention center and its a total joke they want you to go in debt because it takes money to makey money understandable thats a given but what happen to the wholesale not using our money outta pocket ABSOLUTELY NOTHING because they stress you on the next 3 day seminar with the boots in the ground [censor] with no real live operators to assit u with help or information needed . its absolute [censor]

  • Di
      25th of Sep, 2018
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    These people are a scam and should be shut down. The attorney general needs to look into this company. At their seminars, both the one for Interactive Trading and the Real Estate Workshop, they ask attendees to fill out a form that discloses the attendees entire financial picture. They get bank balances, credit card balances, investment balances and they run a soft credit report to see your credit. Then, that helps them decide who to target for the next sales pitch to spend $20-$30k on their next set of training, which they make promises they cannot keep for $$$ and success. Another company NVOWS, now called TRADEWAY, does the same thing. Affluence EDU and Interactive Trader, both the same company out of Utah, are con artist. They pray on people's emotions and the promise of making lots of money if you only follow their instructions and do what you are told. However, the training is complex, requires out of town airfar, hotels, and initial investment money. I don't know how these guys are still in business. I do know they are an LLC within an LLC within an LLC and there is no where to call to speak with a corporate office, no corporate info on the web, no CEO information, no nothing. Their LLCs are held by registered agents, so you don't even know who actually owns the LLCs. I wanted to send a FED EX letter to corporate office to complain. After days of research and attempts to get an adress and phone I gave up. I did pay a friend to drive by their address shown on their materials. The location IS NOT AT ALL the building shown on the cover of the brochure. Not even close. And of course none of those people shown are employees I suspect. This company should be shut down, not sure why the attorney general of the state doesn't get on them.

  • To
      30th of Sep, 2018
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    Sept 29, Sat - Ramada Plaza Fort Wayne Hotel ...

    $250.00 Starbucks ???

    Tony Cayot
    2538 River Cove Trail
    Fort Wayne, IN 46825

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