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To whom this may concern,

I would like to make a complaint about the cash vouchers purchased at aeon supermarkets.
These cash vouchers are not expired at the time of purchase. But the supermarket introduced the expiry date after the purchase of the vouchers. Although these vouchers do not expire, aeon supermarkets will no longer accept the vouchers.

The supermarket states banners have been exhibited in the supermarket to inform customers, but for customers who rarely go to buy the goods in the supermarket will not see the notice.
The announcement has failed to announce to every customers on the expiry date.

Does this case violate the business act for changing the voucher regulations as you please?

My suggestion would be to have all the cash vouchers without the expiry dates to have an extension of at least one month for every customer who brings back the vouchers.

All these vouchers have cash value in them because they were bought with cash.

Please help. Thanks.


Sep 19, 2017

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  • Ul
      Dec 07, 2017

    I too have the same complaint but the useless and unfair Aeon Management will not budge.
    I have written to them again - email below. Hopefully this time it will elicit a positive response.

    From: Stephen Lye
    Date: Thu, Dec 7, 2017 at 10:51 PM
    Subject: Fw: (Case No :684376) - Case to be reopened
    To: "[protected]"

    Attn: Ms. Cindy Ng (Aeon Maluri Branch Customer Service Manager),

    Hello Ms. Ng,

    As spoken to you last week Fri 8 Dec 2017 at Aeon Maluri Branch together with my friend Mr. Koo - below is the email I had sent earlier to Mr. Edmond Wee which he did not take up with your senior management.

    I am forwarding this complaint to you now since you have been designated as the new Aeon Maluri Customer Service Manager replacing Mr. Edmond Wee.

    Kindly forward this complaint to the Aeon Senior Management and I want them to personally reply to my complaint, and not you on their behalf.

    As I mentioned to you last week, there was no sign displayed at the entrance during the 1 year notice period at Aeon Maluri Branch. You may have followed all the procedures and did all the necessary to inform the customers at other Aeon Branches but you certainly failed at the Aeon Maluri Branch, and my friend Mr Koo, who stays nearby and has been frequenting this branch for years, can bear witness to that.

    I hope to hear a favorable reply this time from your management and not some brush off as usual. Kindly note that things can go "viral" if not acted upon properly and in a professional manner.

    Mr. Stephen Lye
    H/P: 016 - xxxx xxx

    From: Stephen Lye
    Sent: Monday, June 12, 2017 5:59 AM
    To: AEON Feedback
    Cc: [protected]
    Subject: Re: (Case No :684376)

    Aeon Mgmt,

    Your reply is unacceptable on the following grounds:-

    1) I do not have Facebook - so unable to see your notice.

    2) I do not read the newspapers - so unable to see your notice.

    3) I do not watch TV - so unable to see your notice.

    4) I am not an Aeon member hence did not receive any notification via email or snail mail - so unable to see your notice.

    5) There was no sign displayed at your shopping mall entrance stating the vouchers will no longer be accepted after Mar 2017 - this I would have seen as I frequent your Aeon stores at least once a week. This you have failed to do.

    The Aeon vouchers are paid for and you have taken my money without providing any goods or services.

    Kindly refund/replace my Aeon vouchers (RM30 worth) else I will have to escalate the matter to the relevant authorities.

    I am expecting a reply within the next 2 working days ie. by latest Thu 15 June 2017.


    Mr. Stephen Lye

    016 - xxxx xxx

    CC National Consumer Complaints Centre - FYA.

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  • Hk
      Feb 07, 2018

    Steven Lai
    I do having the same problem like you which AEON either refuse to refund or exchange a new voucher. May I know what is you outcome after you had make a complaint to NCCC as well. Tq

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  • Hk
      Feb 08, 2018

    Hi All
    If AEON rejected your request about your voucher without expired date. pls do not throw away your AGV (AEON Gift Voucher).
    There was few AGV tribunal cases won after make a report with
    So what you need to do is log a report # with AEON for above subject matter. After getting AEON report or case #, make a report to NCCC... then we just waiting for the answer and do the necessary action against AEON
    Attached a sample tribunal case after complaint to NCCC.
    So we all should stand up and make a complaint if AEON reject to accept the gift voucher without expire date.
    Hope above info will help to salvage your Voucher .

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