Adventure 001 / Helicopter ride

Beaconsfield England Buckinghamshire, GB
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So the whole story with Adventures 101 has started when my husband got a complimentary ride for two from his company as part of his "Trainer of the Year" gift. We got very excited about it but had to post pone our visit due to work commitments for a few months. Than earlier this year my sister said she is coming to visit us in the UK for 3 weeks and we thought it would be great to show her London from the tops as well and booked her an extra ticket so all 3 of us can go. She arrived in the first weekend of February and as we don't own a car, we carefully planned our time together with renting a car for the weekend and creating a fun itenarary where heli ride would of been a great way to finish it on the 5th of February 2017. The company send us an email on Friday, 3rd of February 2017 saying that they have this special last minute deal where you can extend your minutes in the air if you come at 12:15 and for a little extra, but as we had other planes we denied it.

We went to Windsor castle on Sunday, 5th of February, in the morning cutting our visit short so we can have a quick lunch before cutting to The field. We were advised to check our emails and FB page for weather reports so we did right before heading out at 13:15(our ride was scheduled at 15:15) and to our huge disappointment it was cancelled due to weather and advised to reschedule it to later! Two hours before our time... so we spend afternoon walking around feeling upset. Well, despite having my sister visiting we both work during the week and only able to take a ride on the weekend, considering that we also need to rent a car for the weekend as no company gives it to you on Sunday only. They send us availability and the only day we could make was the last weekend before my sister departed. So we booked it being skeptical. As before we have rented a car and didn't plan much as it was last weekend and we needed to take it easy with spending and wanted to spend time together at home and again on Sunday afternoon drive to the field.

In the morning, my husband woke up feeling light headed. It despite that went to collect a car at 9am on Saturday morning and we parked it near our house where we had to pay for the parking as well (we don't own a car nor residence parking spot). We spend the day at home as everyone felt a bit tired and the next morning woke up ill. We checked the weather report and the chances were 50/50 as two locations were cancelled and two still going. Being worried sick about my husband and my sister have blocked sinuses and not able to breath, I took charge and send an email and a FB messages asking if we can cancel and potentially reschedule knowing that my little sister won't be able to take part in this experience for a while but to going back to Russia... I got a very dry response that their policy states that we had to show up OR send some one else instead. I was very upset and didn't want to bother with them on the day however did try to call to only hear an auto message about the weather report.

So I thought I'd follow up on it on Monday. The response I got was :

"Hi Victoria,

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately, we are unable to rebook you, here is the relevant terms and conditions that apply:

It should be noted that any participants failing to take their confirmed experience render the voucher invalid, 7 Days written notice of cancellation has been given. In the event of the experience being cancelled by us, then your Experience Voucher remains valid until the expiry date shown, and will be rebooked for a mutually convenient date.

Failure to arrive for your experience renders your voucher invalid and you cannot re-book the experience as this seat goes up empty at a cost to us!
Someone else can use this experience on the date and time specified by making a name change.
I am sorry for any Inconvenience this may have caused however, we must strictly adhere to our policies."

I have replied requesting a customer service contact so I can talk to someone who can see this from a different prospective.

Well than there was no reply for nearly three weeksl! I have sent another email suggesting that I'll leave them a review and would like to speak to customer service.. and a week later I got a real:

"Hi Victoria,

Thank you for your email if you wish to take this any further please email our customer services department on [protected]"

So my guess is, they have no plans of running a successful business where they put customers first! The fact the they canceled on us and they didn't even offer to reschedule no express concern about the health of my close family disgusted me to the core!!! I DON't recommend anyone dealing with this people!!! I just had to get it out of my chest so the World knows.

Apr 02, 2017

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