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Vance Peyton Miller could have a successful career as a used car salesman. Every acting class of his that I attended started with a sales pitch for his next class, his great headshot package, his "VIP" membership offer. But regardless, I kept going back, that is until we scheduled a photoshoot. $550 for 4 looks, in an hour. I should have known. Lets just say it was a catastrophe. His demeanor was similar to that of a drill Sergent and my discomfort came across in the photos. When the whole train wreck of an ordeal was over, he handed me the disk. When I got home and started to look through the images, my heart sank . There were 150 + images of me in a putrid orangey yellow shade and many were out of focus. I tried to maintain an upbeat attitude.I printed them out and took them to him to help me "pick out the bests" and I told him I was a little upset that they were all shot with the wrong camera settings.He had the oddacity to tell me that I will not get far in life with an attitude like mine.I needed to follow through, hire his retoucher, and they would fix my little upset. Vance said it was common for photographers to take over a hundred photos and the subject look like they had jaundice.They just had to hire his retoucher! I got them professionally retouched, but they were shot as low quality jpgs and couldn't be salvaged except for maybe a nice framed photo for grandma, but not a professional headshot. When asked for a refund he responded with a condescending and accusatory e mail. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this man unless you are looking to hire a used car salesman.

Vance Peyton Miller is dishonest, greedy liar and a thief!

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  • Ki
      Sep 09, 2010

    I am an actor who at one point was signed to Advance LA run by Vance Peyton Miller (or Vance P Miller) out of West Hollywood in Los Angeles. Almost immediately after accepting him as my agent - he signed me up for "acting classes" and I foolishly gave him a $150 deposit over the phone from my credit card.

    The next day, the bank called and told me that he had tried to take $1500 from my account which they had declined .They also told me i'd have to file an affidavit of credit card fraud.

    Shocked and appalled ny this news - I left countless messages for Vance on his cell and asked him to call me to discuss. I even drove by the office to get a hold of him - but to no avail. I was trying to be nice and give him the option of reimbursing me the deposit so I did not have to file criminal charges against him for credit card fraud. However, he was nowhere to be found.

    I have taken legal action against Mr. Peyton and the matter has now been handed over to the D.A.'s office. Apparently he is under investigation for fraud in countless other cases.

    This is a warning to everyone out there: He is NOT a real agent. Just another crook preying on newcomers.

    Steer Clear!

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  • Ro
      Sep 19, 2010

    Agreed. This degenerate liar did the exact same thing to me. What a slime. I hope he ends up in jail where he belongs!

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  • Br
      Jul 06, 2011

    he does this all the time. this is his "gig". he also claims to produce a movie under MNM productions called Shotgun Wedding. this is a lie. he has formed a new "agency" called the los angeles actors alliance and i have heard that due to all the fraud complants, the new agency is under servaliance in order to put vance away for maximum grand theft, money laundering and fraud. best of luck to them and warn all to stay away! i feel awful for his children.

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