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Vance Peyton Miller AKA Vance P Miller (is also known to use other fake names such and "Matt") is a fraudulent man. Signing up for his class has caused me nothing but stress, stress and more stress. Please, please, I warn you, do not believe anything he says. He is a pro at skewing information and selling his "services" to you. He has a way of convincing people to put down a deposit at his free class without telling people the consequences for putting down such a deposit. Here they are: (1) If you pay with your credit/debit card, know that he keeps all your information on record. He will, I repeat, WILL withdraw funds from your account without your authorization. To date, he has withdrawn almost $900 from my account without authorization. (2) There is absolutely NO cancelation policy. Forget the fact that he doesn't even draft a contract detailing his services and and payment policies, and the fact that bbbureau states that businesses like him should have cancelation policys whether they choose to draft one or not... After attending one of his classes - I only went to one and decided it wasn't for me - I decided that I no longer wanted to attend since I did not get the services I was led to believe I would, I tried to cancel (had already paid about $175). I did not ask for the $175 back, I only wanted to discontinue payment since I would no longer be attending. Well, needless to say, he refused and withdrew 2 separate charges from my account!! (3) He is rude and degrading. When I told him (plesantly) that i wished to cancel. He called me back and immediately began berading me (no joke), telling me that I'm an arrogant person who thinks she knows everything and that I would not get anywhere in life with that kind of attitude, etc (Seriously, I checked other scam alert websites and low and behold, he has a history of talking to people in this manner).

Avoid this man. He is a crook!

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