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We placed an order for 5 ball valves in July 2013 with a lead time of 12 weeks from receipt of 50% deposit. Once deposit was paid communication became poor as due date approached for delivery. I called Arjen Vink on +31- [protected] which is his personal mobile number and he blamed the delivery on Piet Hoffman who I called on his mobile +31 [protected] who said they had a material delivery problem ( they did not pay the material supplier) . After a year and hundreds of emails from my side they finally said the valves were ready, this is now June 2014 a year down the line. When the valves were collected they were not complete and the Gear Drives were going to be sent ASAP according to Piet Hoffman. Again months of emails and Piet Hoffman giving me false packing list and Air Waybill numbers still no Gear Drives which we had paid for. When the 5 valves arrived a 3rd part API598 test was conducted on site 5 of the 5 valves failed at about 50% of required pressure rating. Since November when these valves failed I have been asking Piet Hoffman, Arjen Vink and the company MD called Karin Swankhuizen to supply replacement soft goods kits, weeks have passed and more promises were made of the kits being sent. It has reached a point where the end user was willing to go direct to the original seal kit supplier but Adesso, Piet Hoffman, Arjen Vink, Karin swankhuizen, Frans van Tilborg and Bert Snippert do not answer the phones and don't reply to my emails. This is just a warning to other unsuspecting companies not to trust any of these people mentioned, they are all fraudsters and have no business ethics

Jan 10, 2015
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  • Br
      3rd of Feb, 2015

    Dear Nasa,

    We have faced the exact same matter, we ordered valves for a project in Russia, the down-payment was made within 1 week after order placement and than it became very silent and Piet Hoffman, Arjan Vink, Bert Snippert, Taco van der Wilde, Karin Swankhuizen and all the other liars hide behind eachother.
    Finally our client forced us to cancell the order and we tried to retrieve our funds, than we had a letter from Piet Hoffman in which he blamed us that the valves were not ready because we needed to make another downpayment.

    This company has invented, lying, cheating and they are all nominated for the most unreliable person in the Netherlands.
    Now they have been taken over, they say, I guarantee that this is another scam trick
    My sincere warning, go to another manufacturer, place orders not by downpayment but via an LC, in that case you both have a guarantee in case something goes wrong.

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  • Fa
      7th of Feb, 2015

    Wij zijn een bedrijf naast Adesso en afgelopen maandag hebben de nieuwe eigenaren het halve pand leeggehaald.
    Wij hebben hier wat foto's van gemaakt voor wie daar geinteresseerd is, wij willen bedrijven die er zakelijk de dupe van worden adviseren dat wanneer het te verwachten faillissement dinsdag aanstaande wordt uitgesproken om de curator te wijzen op paulineus handelen, je mag namelijk geen goederen aan de boedel onttrekken wanneer jezelf het faillissement aanvraagt.

    Het enige gedeelte waar ze niets mee hebben gedaan is met het Tri-Uni gedeelte daar dat schijnbaar buiten het faillissement zal vallen.

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