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Action Pools Inc / Terrible pool builder!

1 P.O. Box 300077Midwest City, OK, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 405-737-7665

"Customer satisfaction is our number one goal." LIE! " We build one pool at a time to make sure the job is done right and the owner is on site from start to finish to ensure a quality product that is completed on time." ANOTHER BIG LIE! Results of Inspection by Pleasant Pools, Inc. The following defects in workmanship and construction was found during the inspection of the pool:

1. 1 1/2”diameter tubing was used during construction instead of required 2”, size of pool, length tubing runs, size of filter require 2” tubing. Poor construction practice.

2. Incorrect diameter tubing and excessive use of fittings restricting water flow.

3. Step-jet bubble function inoperable.

4. Area unfinished around pool equipment, waste drain, step-jet bubble function hose lose/installation not completed.

5. No check valve installed between filter and heater to prevent water back up.

6. Incorrect backfill material. DID NOT USE 3/8" crushed stone or clear sand. No sump pumps or Hydro Relief Valve Flapper Valve in the bottom of the Main Drain Body to prevent liner floating due to high ground water. Pump or relief valve installation is a standard installation practice for type of soil composition in the Edmond OK area. Poor construction practice.

7. Concrete decking was not properly laid out to prevent standing water. DID NOT INSTALL Sono tubes to be used in place of deck supports to support the deck. Poor workmanship and construction practice.

8. Sealant between flagstone and concrete deck incorrectly installed. Extremely poor workmanship “looks as if a four year old installed it”

9. Grout not sealed and missing under flagstone and at pools edge. Poor workmanship.

10. Liner not the correct size for pool. Pool should have been measure after construction and liner order to fit pool. No wall foam used. Poor workmanship and construction practice.

11. Incorrect liner trimming. Area around step does not have smooth transition and parts missing, skimmer trimmed incorrectly. Very poor workmanship and construction practice

12. Light installed incorrectly, hardware stripped, no sealant applied to light to prevent discoloration. Poor workmanship and construction practice.

13. Insufficient number of skimmers used for size of pool. Visible leak around pool skimmer. Poor construction practice.

14. Bottom of pool surface not smooth, rough finish. Poor workmanship and construction practice.

15. Hot tub not level and pool not level. Construction standard of 1/2” not maintained. “1/8” construction standard used during our construction.” Very poor workmanship and construction practice.

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  • Un
      27th of Jul, 2010
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    I had a pool built by these people and I found the exact same problems exist with my pool, claim to be a good company and not a fly by nighter that swoops in builds a quick pool and leaves then you find that it has issues that a real pool expert has to come in and fix at a higher cost. Pool is losing 4 inches of water a day no idea where its going and he doesn't either and is trying to call it normal. stay far away from them, don't let them tell you that you are there only customer, cause you won't be, they will tell you that they work only on your pool, 10 weeks later were still not done and he doesn't call, Voice mail is ALWAYS full, doesn't take calls cause he doesn't want to deal with you UNTIL it's time to get paid then he makes more promises that he has no intentions of keeping. I doubt he had the money to finish my pool, I forced him to bring ALL equipment on site with the exception of the liner. He later said he wouldn't bring the lights on site because he didn't want to take the chance of them getting broken. LIE! He didn't even have the lights when it came time to install them. And now he's trying to put in standard white lights but lists a color style light on contract, now back tracking and dodging the issue, tells other contractors to tell you he's blowing you off for another week or so that he can go to the lake out of town. He delayed my pool opening for another week on purpose which is carrying me into 11 weeks with no pool. His desire is that you'll get tired of dealing with him and just tell him to walk away. Make sure you make him put in writing that any defects that are discovered should be covered by him to pay for as HE IS THE PROFESSIONAL POOL INSTALLER NOT YOU THE CONSUMER! My wife and neighbor both saw that we needed a retaining wall because of the slope of our yard he said nothing, when questioned he said he didn't think it was important. REALLY? SERIOIUSLY He didn't think it was important that the water rushing down hill would not only flood our pool with dirty water but could potentially cause the walls to allow water in under the liner something he acknowledged but refused to take responsibility for. Makes you wonder what other shoot cuts he's taking and didn't tell us about because he didn't think it was important.

  • Ha
      4th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am on my 2nd pool with this company and never had any problems. Have found that the owner was in contact with me from start to finish. The quality of pool they build far surpasses all the other companies we checked out. Fly by night? Absolutely not. We have talked to several of the customers and looked at many of thier pools. For a company to be in business as long as they have(25) plus years and have 2 complaints God bless them. I highly recommend this company for all of your pool needs.

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