ACRE WindowsCan't complete work they agreed too and won't refund deposit

Sp Sep 04, 2015 Montgomerville

Back in April we receive a quote from ACRE to remove a large window do some resizing and install a door (Anderson). We signed the contract and the salesperson was very nice and helpful. We gave a deposit at the time we signed the contract and were very excited to get the project started. An ACRE representative can out about a week later to do measurements this gentleman complained the whole time and clearly felt the sales rep sold is something he shouldn't have. After that visit we heard nothing for weeks, we checked the online tracking system only to discover their had been no progress a good 5-6 weeks after we signed the contract. When we called we got a bit of a run around and were told that we needed to find our own mason to do some of the construction, which we were uncomfortable with since the work was supposedly guaranteed start to finish by ACRE we were afraid if we had our own mason and something went wrong it would be an issue. Several weeks later after again hearing nothing we called and left multiple messages and got no call back finally after 10 attempts we got through and were told they had a mason and would be in touch, that was back in July it is now September and we still have heard nothing, we have called left messages that we would like our deposit refunded to no avail. This company has no business acumen and are thieves please think twice before contacting them, the experience has been nothing short of dreadful and we are still out nearly $3000, and being ignored by the companies "managers"

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