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Acorn Stair Lifts / Customer service

1 Orlando, FL, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 407-487-0955

I purchased a stair lift from Acorn Stair lifts. The chair lift required repair. I phoned Acorn to see who I should take the chair to. They sent me to their closest dealer to me which is in Indianapolis (60 miles away). The repair man made several trips, unable to fix the chair. Then he took my chair to his shop in Indianapolis. His phone number is now disconnected, and I do not have my chair. I wanted Acorn to send me a new chair, then they could proceed with gettting the old chair back from THEIR DEALER. Acorn would not help me in any way. Acorn wanted me to spend another 2200.00 to purchase another new chair from them. So now I am stuck trying to track down THEIR DEALER to get my chair back.

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  • Er
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    I think you are full of it. I bought an Acorn myself and if you go through the manufacturer they tell you that if you BUY from a local dealer, the dealer is the one who has to service you, not them. The same thing holds true for their lifetime warranty, if that dealer goes out of business, your warranty is with that dealer and not the manufacturer, so you lose that warranty. They also tell you they are the manufacturer and able to give you the BEST price on an Acorn. Hopefully you learned your lesson, don't go buy from some little place when you can buy from the manufacturer, especially when they tell you all this!

  • Sa
      18th of Aug, 2008
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    Acorn stairlifts only the manufacturs stairlifts. Their product is ok. You buy directly from them and you get no sevice. They have no service network anywhere. They only hope the dealers will service their product for them if they ask nicely. They play both sides and the middle. they will sell directly to anyone who will give them money for a unit. If you can install it and service it, thats a good deal. If your the person that has to ride it, good luck putting it in yourself. They talk bad about all the bad dealers who don't care about the customer only unit sales. Well who is selling all these bad dealers product. Guess Who! It's all about sales volume at ACORN. Buyer Beware.

  • Cr
      24th of Aug, 2008
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    I was one of those dealers till a few weeks ago. I did some basic checking on Acorn and their sales scam. I was a dealer and was told they would send me leads and refer customers to me. When I checked this I found they were telling customers lies about how easy it was to install a stair lift with just "a screwdriver and a wrench". No mention that they had a dealer near the caller.

    Then when challenged about warranty they agreed they would not send parts for a lifetime warranty. It is a bait and switch scam. They can offer any thing over the phone and deny it when challenged in court of public opinion.

    Buyer Beaware. If it sounds too good IT IS !!!

    They advertise $1595 Stair lifts and then sell the $3, 495 DIY no installation on warranty or service.

    see for more details

    Nice try Eric. how lame that Alex uses another name to fool customers again.

  • Dr
      2nd of Feb, 2009
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    I am a engineer that worked for Acorn for 4 years. I recently parted ways with acorn due to the screw ups in the office. Equipment was never there on time, or the sales rep told the customer things just to get the job sold. Anyhow I am based in Los Angels, Ca and I can service and repair any acorn stairlift. (only straight lifts the parts for the curved units have to come from the uk) You can reach me by email to set up an appointment

  • Jh
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    at various times I have told 3 different people that my wife died in January and the stair lift is not, at the moment, in use.


    J H Smith, aston road, Billinghamj

  • Jh
      13th of Jul, 2009
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    I have told 3 different people that my wife died in January but I am still getting phone calls.


  • Di
      21st of Jul, 2009
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    ACORN is a thoroughbred of fraud Artist Company. I was told that I would not have to pay PA sales tax if I fax them my doctor's RX. After two faxes, countless Emails back and forth, after a month I am still waiting for my sales tax money. Good luck if you want to deal with them.

  • Ci
      9th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    I have an outside Acorn stairlift which is the only way my sister can get to the outside world. When the stairlift works it works great. But when you need assistance it's tough to get someone to answer calls. I bought directly from Acorn but we live in NY and of all times for it to break down it has been winter temperatures. When I do reach them by phone they are very helpful but solving a problem is another story. It appears they do not have enough tech staff or repairmen to meet the needs.

  • Ru
      28th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    What a joke they are. Yes, we bought direct from Acorn, so what.
    They still should respond to any service question, or have at least a parts list that one could order a replacement part and put the DAMN thing in yourself. Because there is no qualified technicians any where
    near you, may all be back in the UK!
    Once I thought Acorn was the "Caddilac" of stairlifts, HA what a joke that was.
    R. Harrison

  • St
      15th of Feb, 2011
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    I am not sure where to begin. I am an Acorn dealer and would not sell any other stairlift product. The lifetime warranty is on the motor and gearbox only and is covered by Acorn, not the dealer. These must be replace by a qualified person. HOWEVER, you can box up the carriage and send it back for the replacement. I hope that people will find a dealer in their area and buy that way. We also give one year free service on all sales. I have never seen an Acorn advertised for $1595. There is no possible way they could sell them for that price. Just not true. Parts are only available to dealers or through tech support. How would you know what to order? There are dealers all over that can fix your stairlift. In New York there are several dealers. Look on the internet!!!

    I guess people are not happy unless they have something to complain about. Most of this is just bogus junk. If you are in Texas, check out Allstar Stairlifts of Texas. We are honest, reliable and our customers are very happy with their lifts. Linda

  • Ji
      17th of Sep, 2011
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    Lies lies and more lies. They scam and pressure sell seniors. I have seen it done to my neighbor. She got an acorn lift that worked for a week. Now she is waiting for service (13 days). I got them on the phone and it seems like the are too busy installing new units. We filed a claim with BBB and it seems like it somehow not there.

  • Ve
      29th of Jun, 2012
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    I am in RI and have repaired many acorn lifts they are very simple to use and repair, one of the main problems that people are not aware of is the batterys in the armrest near the controlls go dead like every other remote controll, if you have a problem go to the just answer website and ask for the verticle solutions expert

  • Je
      8th of Dec, 2012
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    We own an Acorn Chair Lift for 9 years and use it twice a day. Recently, in the process of placing my wife's foot on the footrest, the plastic cover broke. It is simple to replace, but the model we own is no longer available, including that part. If anyone has this part for sale, I would be interested. Thank you

  • Lw
      24th of Jan, 2014
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    Consumer's Original Complaint :
    My father is 87 years old and has a broken stairlift for a month. I am unable to find anyone to fix it.
    In 2010 I purchased a stairlift from Acorn Stairlifts from American Medical Equipment. About a month ago, my father hit a pair of slippers and the stairlift did not stop as it does on the commercial. I call American Medical and they do not have anyone to fix it. I was told to call Acorn. I called them. My first call I was told to call where I purchased it. I told them that I could not do that. They transferred me to someone who told me that they do not repair but that they could give me a list of numbers of repair people in Maryland. I called all the numbers and everyone was out of business or told me that they did not fix the lifts. I called Acorn again and was told they could not help me unless I "pretended" I was buying a chair. I hung up, I called back and a lady answered and gave me a phone number to call. I called that number and said that I needed more numbers to call. The man "Richard" said I don't know why they gave you numbers to call. We fix the chairs in Maryland. He gave me a number to call. I called that number. I was told..."I don't know why he told you that we fix them, we dont" They gave me another number to call. I called that number and the man said "I will save you money and tell you how to fix it" Take the lift to the top and clean out the cup and then duct tape something or other. I will have to charge you a lot of money if I come out.

    Consumer's Desired Resolution:
    If Acorn does not fix their own product, then I would like them to come and replace the chair. I do not think I should have to pay for something that is guaranteed not to happen. The commerical says that if the chair comes in contact with something it will stop. it does not say if the chair runs into something, it will run over it and we wont repair it...I want a replacement, My father cannot stay upstairs forever.

  • Ar
      17th of Apr, 2014
    0 Votes

    If you are still having problems with your stair lift here is Acorns contact numbers
    I have owned an Acorn lift for many years using it roughly twice a day with no problem. I cannot understand all these comments that are not trying to solve your problem

  • Ma
      10th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    my aunt had a lift installed 9/7/14 and got home on 10/8/14 from rehab and tried to use the lift for the first time---she wanted to get the chair adjusted to feel safe while in the chair and was told that a service guy would not be able to come until next thursday
    - meaning she would have to sleep down stairs in a chair for a week- very sad---they took her paid in full check but can not help her til next week- did not buy this product

  • El
      14th of Aug, 2016
    0 Votes

    I was a dealer for Acorn for 10 years with poor customer service for their product. When I have problems I call the local Florida office and get my sales rep, which changes on a daily basis due to the turn over rate with Acorn. All sales rep are told not to help with replacement warranty parts and also they tell me that I cant speak to anyone else above them. I can agree that out of every 10 lifts I buy I get a good one and all others are junk. The Acorn company has came in my area and sold to my neighbors telling them to buy direct and save from local dealers. What they forget to tell my neighbors is they don't service anything and you will have to contact local dealers for repairs. Here's the problem, they promise all these warranties but expect the local dealers to cover, and when the customer saves the couple dollars on the direct sale and install we charge them extra to make up our lost in sales.
    My professional opinion is to read these story's and stay away from Acorn Junk.

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