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Back in November I was living in a place where the broadband cables were buried and I was getting very poor speed and since the lines were buried within a private companies ground (mobile home park) I was basically told that there is nothing they can do, so I decided to switch providers from Comcast to
It was not easy getting the service connected, first they make you go through a credit check, then make you wait days to hear back, and after all that, you will have to wait weeks to get the service started. They do a very poor job keeping you up to date on exactly what’s going on. Then when the installer came, he said the phone company wired the box wrong so he couldn’t connect the service. Then I had to wait days for the phone company to come back. After the phone company came back, I connected the service myself because I was tired of waiting. I was charged for installation anyway. I constantly had connection issues and every time I was told that if they sent someone out that I would be charged for any work done. I had to call them at least 10 times that I can remember within just the first few weeks. The connection trouble was never dealt with or resolved. Then on December 14th I found out I was going to lose my home, so I had to move, I called around the 19th to request my service be moved to the apartment I had just rented that day. I was told they weren’t able to move service without a written request on one of their forms that had to be mailed or faxed in 30 days in advance of the move. That’s total BS. I have never heard of any other internet provider having such ridiculous requirements. I requested that my service be cancelled and was told that I would have to pay a $150 disconnect fee to do so. I didn’t have the money due to my situation. So due to being in the midst of an emergency dash to get moved out I wasn’t able to get a form sent back until the 29th. I didn’t hear anything back until around the 4th of January, and then I was told the move would be no problem and that I would not be charged even though the form claimed I would be charged $35 to move, again not an industry standard practice. After a week and still nothing was done I began calling multiple times every day because My wife and I both were enrolled in online college class's which required high speed internet which were scheduled to begin on Jan. 12th. did not care and it wasn’t until I got rude with them repeatedly before they got tired of me and decided to get something done. So around the 13th they finally got the phone company to re-wire the box, and as soon as the phone company did that AGAIN I connected the dsl service myself and I was charged the move fee anyway. Then after my 3rd month of service my bill skyrocketed to $60 per month and I was only getting 6 Meg internet. I searched the net and found that for only $10 more per month I could get Comcast 12 meg internet AND digital cable. So I called and ordered. I wasn’t willing to deal with mailing or faxing in a cancellation form and waiting around for them to get to it, so today I drove nearly 50 miles to ACD.NET in Lansing and voiced my complaints and asked for cancellation. I was treated like crap and the woman was rude to me, and flat out told me that if I disconnected that she was going to charge me $150 disconnect fee. I said I didn’t care and that I would save that in only a few months with Comcast, and told her that I would NEVER do business with again.
After the way I was treated by that company they will never have my business again and I will tell people to stay away from them at every opportunity, it’s my opinion that anyone who would willingly do business with knowing what I know about their practices is an idiot. Just take one look at their contract and read it through and I think you will agree that it is scary. I only wish I would have read it thoroughly before signing up with them.

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      5th of Feb, 2010
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    I was a 10 year customer with 2 accounts. Both accounts used broadband to monitor alarm systems which documented outages. Approximatly 28% of the time the internet was not available. One account was down for over 30 days with a trouble ticket and they still charged me for the months service. They were very slow to respond to problems and quick to blame the telephone company. When I canceled effective 1/31/2010 they charged me for 10 days of service prorated on 28 days in Feb., and closed my accounts and emails immediatly. Again I am paying for 10 days of service I don't have, however had I stayed with them it would have been down about that much anyway.

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      6th of Feb, 2010
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    I've been an "DSL" customer for two years. The installation occurred as planned, and has worked virtually without fail since then. Their service has been excellent. Anytime I've called for assistance their support personnel have been extremely polite and helpful. This past week I switched my phone service to ACD. Throughout the process they called to inform of the expected date and time of installation, called again to tell me the technician was delayed because he had to resolve a customer problem that took longer than expected. When the technician arrived he was very accommodating with our installation configuration. After installation, the technician and home office personnel made calls to be certain that phone service was working properly. I highly recommend as a DSL and phone service provider. The only weakness I see is that their web site doesn't provide a complete picture of all the features they can provide.

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      28th of Mar, 2010
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    Stay away from ACD !! I read this forum before subscribing ACD and the reviews are true. I thought that was old reviews and ACD has changed. IT IS NOT !

    This company has a lot of problem and not professional. The reasons are:

    (1) They build the system on a junk/cheap network interface. I got 3 Zhone modems and all bad and I replaced it with D-Link. Their system can't sustain 24-hours high data transfer rate for my research from MSU to home, almost everyday I call ACD to reset my connection to restore the speed. It means that the problem is not my modem. They have swap their modem twice and they acknowledge that they have bad interface.

    (2) They often stop & go by blocking data flow. I have constant data backup for my research from MSU and my data is huge, 10GB per day and sometimes can reach 30 GB. With 6 mbps contract, I only got 4.8 - 5.2 mbps (600-700 KBytes/sec), it means 1 GB for 20-30 minutes. I don't use sharing network and this connection is strictly secured from 1 server at MSU to home (using SSH). I can see ACD blocking/throttling my transfer because I tested the server is not blocking/slowing when I accessed from other server. At the end, when I terminated my contract, I got only 0.8 Mbps (90 Kbytes/sec) ! This time was my angry time with ACD.

    (3) Bad Courtesy. No grace period to clean my email accounts. I did not specified date to terminate but please give a week notice! Finally, after 6 months with them I terminated the contract and because bad service complaints they let me go without penalty. Actually, get rid this bandwidth hog !

    (4) My employer is also using ACD and it is a nightmare ! Web service (server) they provided is a junk (no PHP/MySQL). Only for a ### using their service (our IT guy is not really IT, more like data management person). And also is robbing my employer (on invoice $150/month for dedicated server but actually it is not dedicated and web space limitted to 2GB !!). I have told them to quit ACD ! and now is in process transferring to a new server and new look for our web.

    (5) Right now, my neighbor is very kind to let me use their Wi-Fi on Comcast, and I get 1.2 MBytes/sec (>10Mbps!) download speed. Next week, I will be on AT&T again ($35/month vs $70+ for Comcast), it is a slow speed deal, only 1.5 Mbps, it means for 24 hrs I will get 11 GB, and it is ok. If I really need data now, I can tap my neighbor or just transfer it while I'm on campus.

    Stay away from !

    ps. Fortunately, I was on customer account web at the time they erased my secondary emails account, right before closing main account I sent FVCK YOU to all ACD support team on my longest complaint (120 threads that subscribed by all). Maybe next mission is to put bumper sticker on my car "FVCK ACD !"

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      2nd of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes is one of the worst email providers I have ever encountered. If you enjoy hundreds of SPAM messages each day then they are for you!!!
    As an IT professional for more than 20 years, I can tell you this would not be tolerated in any organization!!
    It is unfortunate that ACD places such little regard for customer satisfaction. I will be taking my business elsewhere.

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      2nd of Dec, 2011
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    @ian-wait till comcast gets thru with you, they are worse!

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      10th of Apr, 2012
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    I wanted to get internet where i live, but out in the country there is no dsl or cable. said they could do a t1 line quoted me all kinds of prices some sounded to go to be true. Well turns out they quoted me "at&t" prices not "frontier" prices. I guess frontier charges them more to rent the copper. after all said and done and figured out they said 300 bucks a month and 150 dollar deposit. I said thats fine untill they get dsl out where we live. Now finaly we get dsl out where we live its been a year of's T1 line. I call to cancel my servers. they said it has to be in righting and that there is a early termination fee of 1/2 the months payment for remaining months on contract. I said what contract i never got a contract never read one never signed one. They said it was digitaly signed. i said how can i digitaly sign something that i ve never read. I was never told that 150 dollar deposit ment 3year contract and that the early termination fee was going to be based on how many months left. So now they want me to pay a 4000 dollar early termination fee. where a 500 dollar deposit would of been a 1 year contract and i would of had no early termination fees. if i would of known that a the difference between 150=3years and 500=1 year i would of payed the 500. I was never even quoted the 500 dollars. has been very rude on the phone i always get the run around to why my service was out. and it took a very long time to get started over 2 months from when i called and payed the deposit.

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