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Accor / Bad service

1 2369 S. Holladay DriveSeaside, OR, United States Review updated:
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I've got a couple of AccorNazis, one regular, the other new, sniping at me on [redacted], this is my most recent reply:

You guys are totally missing the point here, if you don't mind my saying so. The Seaside, Oregon Motel 6 and the room aren't the issue - never were.

I'm not expecting you to understand all of this, but when you become a Senior Citizen and probably disabled, time being the enemy of us all, and all of a sudden you find your life style has changed dramatically, pensions and Social Security not being all they're cracked up to be, you'll start clipping coupons and bargain shopping too. I went into a Goodwill store for the first time in my life recently, to give you an idea.

That doesn't make us AARPers bad people, it's just a factoid. So. After a while we become attuned to something, anything that will make the bills run out before the money does, know what I'm sayin'?

Room 127 at that motel is under the stairs - if it hasn't washed away in the recent floodings - and is half sized, half amenities, of the other rooms we had been assigned the ten years we stayed there.

At first we were upset, but then we thought of the serendipity thing - maybe this is a mixed blessing and instead of thinking lemons, we thought lemonade.

So I asked for a discount - shoot me. A lot of managers in a many similar consumer situations would give their long-term, regular customers a break and if this one would have, I could have afforded to buy my bride dessert with her dinner that night. You know what kills me? Accor gives their Franchisees complimentary passes to hand out. It wouldn't have cost him a dime. This manager would rather fight than be friendly; I can't wait to meet him, he must be quite a guy.

Trust me, I never in my wildest imagination ever expected to get kicked out for the innocent request; I mean, what manager does that? If I would have had even the slightest inclination that he would have gone off the deep end like that, I'd have forgotten about it and gone without the extra calories.

So anyway, there it is- one of life's little glitches that got blown all out of proportion - a $100, 000 lawsuit for asking for 10 bucks off a deal? Wow - bizarro land. If that catches on, a lot of my AARP buddies are going to wind up in court too.

If you want to help with our legal defense, please write to: Dick and Sandy Colbeth P.O. Box 821201, Vancouver, WA 98682

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  • Va
      8th of Aug, 2008
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    Cyber-Harasser: What would be neat is when you lose everything over a lawsuit with some stupid hotel when there�s fifty other hotels one exit down the freeway. At least then we wouldn�t be subjected to your stupidity.

    My Response: Does a catastrophic event heal 'stupidity'? First of all, many times whether a thing is stupid or not depends on the outcome. For example, instead of going for the tie in the championship game, the coach gambles and goes for the win. If the play works, he's a hero; if the quarterback fumbles, he's an idiot.

    And I think it also depends on the person whether a catastrophic turn of events would cure his or her 'stupidity'. I heard of a POW who fashioned an American flag out of scraps of materiel and was severely beaten by his captors for it. Next day after he came to, there he was, back in the corner of his cell, making another flag. Terrible beating didn't cure him.

    For others, breaking a fingernail is catastrophic and would cure them of standing up for what they feel is right and they would quit the cause, no matter how noble; nothing can be done for people like that, they are with us and will be forever.

    Men - and women - have pledged their honor, their fortunes, and their very lives so that America could be the home of the free and the home of the brave. Many paid dearly for the decision but catastrophe didn't cure them.

    On a much smaller scale, I am putting it all on the line with that Motel 6 manager; if I lose, I lose; if I prevail, maybe someday you can go to a Motel 6 and not get kicked out on a manager's whim because I, and others like me, stood up against injustice.
    From: Message Author (click here to email author)
    Date: Saturday, 05-Jan-08 13:49:29 CST

    Business: Reply Online Consumer: Comment On This
    Comment On This

    I fully retract and withdraw all of my previous postings on this site concerning Accor, Motel 6 and/or Manager Lee Judson. Comfort Inn�s Opinion: December 26, 2006 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Colbeth, It is with pleasure that I respond to the comment card you left for our review at the Comfort Inn in Tumwater and to your specific request to be rated as a guest. I have given this request a lot of thought, and since you were obviously serious about being rated as a guest, I want to give your request - as unusual as it is - the proper attention it deserves.If I had to rate guests I would consider the following categories: 1. How did you treat our staff?2. How did you treat our premises and amenities?3. How did you conduct yourself while checked in? These are the three basic categories to consider. On our scale from 1 - 4, with 1 being excellent, 2 - good, 3 - fair, and 4 - poor, I would have to rate you excellent in all categories. You were courteous to our staff and pleasant to deal with. The credit card you presented for payment authorized on the first try and did not decline, which contributed to a smooth and efficient check in. As a guest in our hotel, you treated our premises with care and consideration - you didn't smoke in your non-smoking room, you didn't disturb other guests with loud music, TV, loud conversations or even arguments. You didn't break anything, nor did you excessively soil our linen or towels. In the morning you had your breakfast during our posted breakfast hours, not 45 minutes after breakfast closed and the breakfast area has been cleaned. Above all, you surprised our staff with your genuine concern about how you might be perceived by us. I hope you find this rating helpful. We do not expect our guests to rate "excellent" all the time. We appreciate guests who show kindness and courtesy, who do not hold our staff responsible for things that go wrong that were beyond our control, such as the loss of cable TV during the recent power outage. I see all sorts of guests come and go. About 5% rate excellent, 55% rate good, 25% rate fair, 15% rate poor. The 5% who rate excellent keep us going every day. They make up for the 15% who rated poor and instill in us a genuine wish to treat others with courtesy, kindness and respect. My staff and I want to thank you for being one of the 5% who rated excellent. Your kindness is much appreciated and will be remembered for a long time. Best Regards, Monika FitzGibbonComfort Inn & Conference Center1620 74th Ave SW Tumwater, Wa 98501phone: 360/352-0691fax: 360/352-0871

  • Va
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    A Lady Posted and Asked; I Responded:

    So sorry, Kim, I thought you were Kathey Killer Keel; between he and Striderq, there's enough odor to run a skunk off; I'm not even responding to that idiot pair's postings any more but I digress, thank you for asking about my darlin' wife.

    She is a quiet, timid soul, my honey, the love of my life, my sweetheart; we tried to celebrate our 19th Wedding Anniversary at Seaside but Motel Manager Judson squashed those plans with his stupid Do Not Rent list; back to that later.

    Once I was enjoying a warm summer afternoon in a little stream that runs by her Dad's house. She was picking flowers by the bank and I was enjoying an after dinner cigar. Well, Kim, a NO SMOKING sign floated down the creek and do you know what that shy little gal did? She insisted I put my cigar out! In the middle of the pool! I did. I've never gotten over that. Play by the rules Sandy.

    She's crippled up real bad, Kim, she had tuberculosis as a child and wore braces for years; now made worse by arthritis, she can barely walk, it's very painful. Plus this whole traveller's nightmare with Motel 6 is really upsetting her.

    But she endures Judson's humiliation and walk she does as she shuffles up and down the corridors of the nursing home where she's worked for over 20 years, taking care of her elderly 'babies' with compassion and the prettiest smile I've ever seen in my life. I would accept her smile as my last view of earth. They refer to her as 'Mother Teresa' at work, and rightfully so. Her co-workers are up in arms about Judson's folly and say things about him and Motel 6 I wouldn't dare utter.

    Judson told the WA BBB that my bride fits his criterion of being a very nasty person. Judson's lawyer wrote her a subtle intimidation letter that scared her so bad she sobbed 'til tears dripped off her chin.

    His lawyer says I hurt his client's feelings or should have known I hurt them; well, I'll tell you what, Kim, if that son-of-a-### would have insulted my wife 200 years ago like he did, he would have found himself under an elm tree at dawn in his knickers facing a dueling pistol instead of a lawsuit. 100 years ago a John Wayne type would have had him standing out in the middle of a dusty road at high noon yelling, "DRAW, POLECAT!"

  • Va
      14th of Aug, 2008
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    Man, I know my attorney is going to kill me but this thing is so juicy, as a citizen-journalist, I just can't stop writing about it. Besides, Accor North America holds a franchising philosophy based on fairness, honesty, trust, open communications and diversity so here goes:

    My case is moving forward to jury trial in Circuit Court - this thing smells so bad, they'll have to issue gas masks to the judge & jury.

    I don't want to go into detail, I'll let my very capable lawyer do that in open court but Consumer Complaint Chums consider:

    1. Accor's Seaside, OR, Motel 6 Manager Judson is suing my wife for being sweet.

    2. He wants to nail me for a motel owie when I wasn't even present at the time.

    3. Wants to limit my First Amendment Free Speech on the Internet, which the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) says I have every right to do.

    4. What else? Maybe his slick corporate lawyer will tack on the charges that I'm the Boston Strangler or kidnapped Lindberg's baby as well.

    Oregonian journalist Marge Boule' - who incidentally published one of my stories - said, "It stinks"; well she's right, it does.

    Bring it on; I hope it's settled before Christmas.

  • Va
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    There are people, especially on [redacted], that I call AccorNazis, that insist on nipping at my heels like some rabid chihuahua over this Motel 6 deal. I've got enough materiel to write my book, I don't need to keep posting, but they won't leave me the hell alone.

    So I feel I have to respond to their demented ravings. Here's the latest:


    To reiterate:

    1. My wife filled out the comment card left in the room for that purpose and didn't even really ask for a refund for being assigned a substandard room; she simply asked managements' opinion about it.

    2. I never talked to a soul, in fact, and as testified to a BOLI investigator under oath by the Motel's Assistant Manager. Sandy checked in and out. I walked the dog and dealt with the luggage in the back of the motel, as had been my custom for 10 years at that place.

    3. Seaside Motel 6 Manager Judson wrote a very nice letter of apology to my wife and me and invited us to come back.

    4. What happened after that only Judson knows but I think it may have been a middle manager's urge to flex his muscles, to show off to the ladies on his staff what a big man he is in an egregious display of abuse of authority.

    See, this is why there's almost always a problem with relatives hiring relatives - if Judson had gotten fired like he should have been, it would probably have caused a major family melt down and so this megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur, wealth and power continues his rampage of disrespecting innocent guests with impunity.

    Keel, I think your posts are immature, irresponsible and a trifle cruel, but since you seem to know so much about it, maybe you'll be subpoenaed duces tecum as an expert witness.

  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    A "Patrick" from Mesa, Arizona offered to help me in my dispute with Motel 6. Here is my response:

    So you want to help me, Patrick? Wonderful! Here's what you can do:

    1. My Social Security Disability will only go so far. This Do Not Rent thing Judson sprung on me was very embarassing; a Hallmark card of encouragement to me would be very nice. Tuck a non-tax deductible gift in it and send it to me at P.O. Box 821201, Vancouver, WA 98682 to help me defray attorney's fees

    3. My wife sobbed her heart out - tears dripped off her chin - over the subtle scary letter Judson's attorney sent to her personally. I suppose another Hallmark card with a little donation enclosed for her would be nice.

    4. Send about 1/2 dozen cards to me with explanations saying that my wife and I are not thieves as being one of the reasons Judson insinuated to the WA BBB that we are, it being the reason he kicked us out/DNR'd us. I will send them to my friends who are starting to lock up the towels and linens when they invite us over.

    5. Send a card to Judson's attorney reminding him not to engage in abuses of the legal system by utilizing the courts as a weapon to retaliate or to attempt to silence the speech of Judson's victims. Tell him if it can be shown that he and/or Judson conspired and collaborated to concoct fictitious legal complaints solely in retribution and retaliation for themselves having been brought before the courts, he can find himself in serious trouble with the Oregon Bar.

    6. Send a box of Sorry About That cards to me that I can send to my children and grandchildren apologizing for not being able to remember them this Christmas because the mean motel manager filed a frivolous against their Dad/Granddad. Ten $100 gift certificates enclosed would square things away for me.

    Finally, send a nice card to Judson and encourage him to consider attending Customer Service 101.

    That would be a big help, thanks, buddy.

  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    Someone posted the comment on [redacted].com that I had referred to Seaside, Oregon, Motel 6 Manager, Lee Judson, as a son of a ### and a ### for putting my wife and me on his nefarious Do Not Rent list without cause. Let me explain:

    Although I confess these are vulgar terms, and I apologize if they were taken that way, I certainly meant no offense to Mrs. Judson, who is probably a fine lady; if she has passed, my sincere regrets, but I think she could have raised her son to have a little bit more respect for disabled veterans and senior citizens - DNRing them, essentially kicking them out of his motel without cause, how disrespectful is that!?

    What I meant by referring to Mr. Judson as a son of a ### was that I regarded him with anger, contempt, etc. It was an interjection expressing surprise, annoyance, etc. at what he had done to my wife and me, innocent travelers just wanting to get away for a relaxing week-end a couple of times a year.

    I dont recall having referred to Mr. Judson as a ###, but if I did, I certainly did not mean that he was conceived in a barn; what I would have meant was that by DNRing, essentially kicking out, long term, regular guests who had never caused the slightest amount of concern to him or his staff in ten years, was that this would certainly have been something different from the normal or standard practice of any manager I had ever encountered in my 60 years of conducting business transactions all over the world.

  • Va
      25th of Aug, 2008
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    A cyber-harasser got all testy and took umbrage over my soliciting funds on [redacted].com; this is my response:

    This is the first time I've ever stood on a cyber-street corner in my raggedy cyber-street clothes, not smelling too good to Robert in Buffalo, with my little cyber-cardboard sign saying:







    P.O. BOX 821201

    VANCOUVER, WA 98682


    Anecdote: I drive a police cruiser as part of a volunteer job I have and last week I was in a happy mood and when I pulled up to a stop sign I yelled at the guy with the sign, "Hey! You got any outstanding warrants!?" The guy turned white as a sheet, his eyes got as big as those old silver dollars, he dropped his sign and took off like a shot; man, I didn't know those cigarette smoking street people could move that fast.

    I don't expect you folks to see the humor in that, but I still laugh when I think about it.

  • Va
      26th of Aug, 2008
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    After Accor's Seaside, Oregon Motel 6, Owner/manager, Lee Judson, inferred my wife and I are felons and/or tortfeasors, I researched the company and found there are literally 100's of complaints against it nationwide.

    I wonder how one would go about getting a class action lawsuit started against them? Something ought to be done about the way they disrespect innocent travelers.

  • Sh
      9th of Feb, 2011
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    whom it may concern

    i made a complaint in august 2010 regarding my stay at Etap hotel Manchester Salford quay, i was provided the worst service on the day where i was frustrated and angry. on my stay while i was working i left my partner on her own to stay in the hotel, as i arrived back from work to the hotel she lit a cigarette which i then told her this is non smoking hotel, she then threw the cigarette in the toilette, my partner was getting changed into her night clothes as she was getting our door opened from a member off staff, he stood near the door saying you have to leave your partner was smoking, i said sorry she was not aware, the member of staff was called Keith Jackson (manager) he was very rude and aggressive. i explained and apologised but he said you are barred and leave NOW. he made remarks such as this is not a brothel at the time i didnt understand what he meant but now knowing what it means i am very disgusted with his language, after all this we left the hotel.

    i made a complaint regarding this and i was told that everything will be dealt with, after making the complaint i was never contacted.
    i rang up in January 2011 regarding a update of the complaint i was told everything is okay now, you are no longer barred and we appologise for the manager behavior.

    on the 8th of February 2011 i rang reservations line to book a room, while i was booking the room over the phone i asked am i barred i was told no, i also mentioned i don't want any problems when i get their, the consultant i spoke to said you will not get any problems.

    when i got to the hotel i checked in at the reception where she mentioned you were barred but no longer barred i explained why i was barred so she mentioned it several times that please no smoking.

    what annoyed me the worse was she asked a question ''are you parked in the car park'' now i answered back replying no but i have a car, she got very angry an said '' I ASKED A SIMPLE QUESTION''' i was offended with the way she spoke.

    during my stay i noticed while i was down stairs with my partner that the manager Keith Jackson was their i felt as he was talking about us.

    later on in the afternoon my partner needed a hair dryer which i went down stairs to ask for one, at the reception Keith Jackson was their when i asked for a hair dryer all he said was your barred and you have to leave. i was shocked and furious, due to the service i was provided that day at the hotel i left with my partner to stay else where . the service has been the worse i have ever come across. as a trainee solicitor i commute to and from various places and stay at various hotels. from the way me and my partner were treated we felt as we were criminals as i believe from my knowledge criminals are even treated as humans so what was wrong with myself and my partner.

    i would like this matter to be resolved as soon as, and also an update. if may i have to take court action i surely will.

    you can contact me on 07999105786

    Shahzad khan

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