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I ordered a free trial of the diet product you offered. I did not realize that it was going to really cost me as you decided to put the clause in there that I would get some more and charge it to my credit card the next month and that was that I had to decide not to order any more within a alloted amound of time. Besides I did not even get the darn next product and yet I am being charged. Why would you do that? I read through a lot of the customer complaints and it seems like this company is not reputable at all. You tried to explain it to me why it was the way it was and I was going to get charged anyway. I am sending it to the disbute department of my bank. I do not plan to pay for this charge. I did not even get the darn order so I can send it back, what a deal.

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  • Be
      Dec 09, 2008

    the same thing happen to me and i never got the free produce either then i was billed and told i was getting 2 more bottles and i asked what happen to my free bottle and havent got a answer yet. now i am out of the shipping and 88 dollars for 2 bottles i didnt get yet. want to talk about pissed. i will be getting in touch with the bbb in the morning i bet i get a answer then.

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  • Fe
      Dec 10, 2008 is Karlo Nazarian, dba Kinetka Labs, 2807 N. Glenoaks Blvd., Burbank, CA 91504

    Kinetka is not a lab. Nazarian is a computer guy and has no medical background. He is trying to make a buck off of your desperation to find a magic pill for losing weight or getting healthy.

    The whole thing is a scam, plain and simple. The best way to put him out of business is for everyone to sue him. In Los Angeles, you file in small claims court. You will get your money back and he will have a judgment against him. Outside of Los Angeles, file a complaint with your state's attorney general for mail fraud.

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  • Lo
      Dec 31, 2008

    Does anybody have the mailing address for this company? I was advised bu my credit card company that if i would return the unwanted bottle of pils as "unwanted returned" merchandise they would take the charge of my bill. Now I am stuck with the problem that I do not know their physical address. Thanks for any help.


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  • Je
      Dec 31, 2008

    I've talked to them. Unless they give you a confirmation number for the return product (which they are not going to do) you will just be giving them back the product to mail out again.

    They are a scam, but in the pages and pages of small print in that small box at the bottom of the order page, you agreed to become a member; not return the product without a confirmation number (you will never get from them only if you wait over an hour on the phone). They covered their bases. You can't get them in civil court. Like the really nice customer service person told me, "You need to read the small print, and I'm not going to take your crap", goodbye, click.

    Visa told me this is the biggest dispute scam being handled by their dispute department. You might as well order a new card, you can't stop them from getting in your account. They will continue month after month and you can't stop them.

    Visa is going to dispute both charges to my card after 30 days. They have so many people disputing their charges maybe we'll get our $$ back. Visa isn't really very hopeful.

    Their address is:
    Central Coast Nutraceuticals, Inc.
    2375 East Camelback Road
    5th Floor
    Phoenix, AZ 85015

    Good Luck!

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