ABC Newsbush funeral

The American Broadcasting Company, how disgusting of your two so-called correspondence during President Bush's funeral.
The administration of your outlet has shown just how they supervise their employees. The name of your company had meant a great deal to me, no longer. As a combat veteran, I felt I had put my life at great risk for my country. For you to use the name of America as a broadcasting enterprise then show so much the opposite by speculating on the death of president Trump makes millions of people think so much less of your company. Do not use the name of our country when you show disrespect to a person elected as president. I thought my heart was going o jump out oy chest hearing the two employees speak of so much hate. I said to myself this is not America I know and love when two who represent our so-called news speaks as they did.
To me, it is a direct result of your company how you want them to report our news.
I can only respond by writing to you and by never watching ABC again.
I doubt anything will change.

John R Dobson, Jr.

Dec 06, 2018

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