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Aaron's Sales And Leasing / Poor service!

1 Billings, MT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 406-252-7777

I to have had problems with Aarons. Promises that were never kept and just the run around. Collection calls when they needed to replace the product, and even calls on previous accounts that should have been closed. Here is to all of you needing that corporate information: Aarons Rents Inc. 309 E. Ferry Road NE Atlanta Georgia 30305 Phone is [protected]. The service I received from the people at corporate was superb and the local store has called twice in one day. I hope that we all come to some understanding and that we get the satisfaction that we are asking for. I will let you all know. Please call corporate and talk to someone that does care.

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  • Ca
      9th of Mar, 2008
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    A few years ago my husband, at the time, and I leased a couple of thing from the Aarons on University Bvld in Jacksonville, Florida. Since then we have gotten a divorce. Well, he decided to lease something else after we had split and put it in my name. I had no idea of this matter. A few weeks ago I got a phone call from a collector stating that I had a debt to Aarons for $6,000 for a puchase that I had no idea about. When I called the store everyone that I spoke with, witch were all managers by the way, would not listen to what I had to say. Instead I was spoke to like a theaf and talked down to as if I were a child. The excact words, from two different managers, one being the actual store manager was, " For all I know you stole or stuff", and the store manager said, in a slow, very stern voice, " I will go look for you stuff, and if I don't find it, there's nothing I can do for you". I understood that after so long they no longer keep files in the store. What I don't understand is that, if there is a procedure to follow to store those old file, and if prosedure was followed, shouldn't they by able to show me proof that I was in fact the one who signed for the merchandise. I have tried contacting his boss, I have left a message and said that this was an important matter and needed to speak with him right away. It has been a week. I have recieved no return call yet.

  • Fo
      28th of May, 2009
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    As a former employee of Aarons i will tell you Aarons is a terrible company to work for they treat you like dogs and they want you to talk down on people. they say all our customers are poor folks who cant afford anything else they constantly want you too harrass people about making payments and when someone comes in the store they want you too tell the customer they have to buy from Aarons a person who has always paid on time can be one day late and they tell the customer we have too pick up our merchandise.. they say they promote ownership ###!!! I have no idea how they have so many stores the way they treat people... I feel like you have to beleive in the merchandise you are selling in order this was a franchise store i worked for so i asked the franchisee(OWNER) if he had any of the merchandise in his house he said i'm not buying any of this cheap made crap... PEOPLE STAY AWAY FROM AARONS...PLEASE...

  • Li
      31st of Jul, 2009
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    we to are having problems with aaron's. they are very rude and they lie! They say one thing and then do another without telling you. I had an employee come to my house banging on my door, I was 5 days late on my payment, and he told me that he was at my house because he tried to call me and my # was disconnected. so i replied with "really what number did you call and he told me and i said are you sure about that" he proceded to get with rude with me and called me a liar about my phone not working. so i walked over grabed my phone called the aaron's store and handed the ### my phone. so each time they come to the house they charge a fee. each time they have come to the house it's some ### excuse. I can't stand the employees and them thinking they better than me. If I hadn't been paying on my washer and dryer for as long as I have I would of told them to take it back and shove it because of how rude they are. Just because I have to rent something in order to own it dosen't make me any less of a person, and it dosen't give them the right to threatin me and treat me like crap. if I would of known I was gonna have this much of a problem with them I would of went to rent-a-center!!!

  • Ma
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    Thank you for the head office information. I find it interesting that their website makes it difficult to call them. I am in Victoria BC Canada and I have had terrible customer service from Aarons. We purchased a bedroom suite and sectional back in August. When the chest came it had a defect same with our leather sectional. The chest was suppose to be replaced and the sofa was to be fixed by a leather technician (no replacement offered). I have called numerous times and they keep providing a delivery date and time and then never show up. The manager knows I am pissed off and she continues to schedule people that never show up. I have been dealing with their so called manager Ruth who is dummer than sticks and has no customer service experience. The kick in the butt is I had to pay a 10% for Aaron's service plus that guarantees if anything goes wrong they will replace it. As far as I am concerned they are breach of my contract with them and it is about time I get a lawyer. I will be contacting the head office first thing tomorrow morning and hopefully I get somewhere. For anyone considering Aarons I highly recommend you find an alternative!

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