A1 Assist Towing / An unscrupulous towing company

1 Roodepoort, South Africa

On 21 May 2016, A1 Assist towed our client’s vehicle (a horse) from the scene of incident on M2 near Westgate to their premises on 91, Banfield Place, Roodepoort a distance of about 10 km.
The truck had a fan belt problem, the client said his drivers tried to repair the fan belt on scene and in the process they damaged the bumper. The average towing cost for that distance is R 2 500.00 excluding vat on average, this is from quotations obtained from other service providers. The client then followed up his truck the following day and A1 Assist (Pty) Ltd informed the client that they can assist to repair the fan belt and replace the damaged bumper if the client supplies a new bumper which he did. Both parties agreed but according to the client A1 Assist (Pty) Ltd took a long time to repair the truck and their excuse was that they had a lot of work therefore, they could not attend to the vehicle as soon as the client wanted. The client lost some revenue in the process as he never expected A1 Assist to take such a long period of time to fix his truck.
A1 Assist (Pty) Ltd only informed our client that they were done fixing the truck on 17/06/2016 after the client made numerous calls and visits to their premises.
The client was then issued with an invoice of R32 376.00 of which R5000 was said to be for the repairs done. General it means towing cost and storage amounted to R25 375.00
The following discrepancies are found on their invoice.
Towing R 7 500 - horse only for a distance of 10km (average charge is R 2500) Administration charges R 1 500 -???? Recovery R 3 800 - no recovery was done, it was a hook and a tow. Storage for 24 days R 15 600 - How could a repairer charge storage for the vehicle he is repairing also considering that the delay to repair the vehicle was caused his work load.
We therefore, urge all motorists, transporters and insurance companies to avoid using A1 Assist (Pty) Ltd. Their charges are very excessive, their business practice is unethical and their conduct is unwarranted for. They also bring the towing industry into disrepute.

Jul 08, 2016

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