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A Solid Gold Sound / Bad service

1 4355 J Cobb Parkway #191Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
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I contracted "A Solid Gold Sound's" services to videotape my wedding on July 12, 2008. Everything went well on that day and the videographer was wonderful. Immediately after my honeymoon, I called the company and they told me that it would be ready in four to five weeks. Approximately 6 weeks after my wedding, I called "A Solid Gold Sound" and asked when my wedding video would be ready. They told me that the national average is 12 weeks but it usually never takes that long. Also, they told me that the computer system showed that my video was currently being edited. I felt that the 12 week time frame was extremely long but decided to be patient. At 10 weeks I still had not received a call from them so I called and they stated that my video was still being edited and it should only take them a couple more weeks (which would have been the 12 week mark). At 12 weeks I received a call from the contracted videographer that taped my wedding stating that he still had my video because "A Solid Gold Sound" had never paid him. I couldn't believe it since I had been told for 6 weeks that my tape was currently being edited. When I called the company to confront them about this matter, John, the President of the company, stated that the video was being edited until I brought it to his attention that they didn't even have my tape to edit. John then apologized and told me that my tape would immediately be edited and assured me that it would not take another month to get it to me. Also, John told me that he doesn't give out his last name. Now on October 8, 2008, the month mark that I was assured would never come, is a couple of days away. I talked to John today and my video still isn't ready. Today, October 28, marks the beginning of a patient customer standing up and saying enough is enough. This company is not professional at all which is evident through their consistent lies, inability to pay their contracted videographers, and nonchalant attitude about this situation.

I finally received the edited DVD of my wedding ceremony and reception 19 weeks after my event date and it was very disheartening to view the video in such poor quality. There were numerous errors throughout the video including sound echoing, screen jumping, etc. I contacted the company for the now countless time and requested that the errors be resubmitted to the editor, corrected, and returned to me expeditiously. After two weeks with no response, my lawyer contacted him. John told the lawyer his last name and promised to either fix the problem in 10-14 days or refund the money. Today, 12-18-08, John left a message on my phone and stated that he would not do either. John said that the video tape was beautiful and he was flabbergasted that I would want to sue him. I regret ever using this company and hope that this review will help you make a decision about which video company to use.

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  • Jk
      14th of Jun, 2010
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    I can't believe this is happening! I feel like I've been had! It was my wedding day! I don't mean to sound like I am venting but, this is absolutely ridiculous! How much is sentimental value worth? I paid $1, 215 for videography service for my wedding and have yet to receive the finished product I was guaranteed. I paid for their services eight months in advance! Here I am, an entire year later with no results, no contact with the business, and nothing to show for my money. I feel robbed! They literally took advantage and robbed an excited bride-to-be! How can I get those memories back? I could've had my dad or brother-in-law record the whole thing with my own camcorder, but they promised me professional quality work. I haven't seen, or heard a thing! I want to sue their [censor] and make them pay for a whole new wedding! Do they know how many friends and family members had to drive, or fly, in to attend my wedding? They should pay for that too! there anything we can do? I went to see a lawyer, but I had no contact information to provide them, other than disconnected numbers and the name of a botched comapny. This lawyer probably thought I was making the whole thing up because I had nothing from the company, not even a name, except for a generic looking contract to show as proof. However, my bank statement clearly states "A Solid Gold Sound". Here's the kicker: Back in May I received a call from a woman claiming the company had gone bankrupt. The company sent all the footage from all the weddings they had, to her, so that she could do the editing. She requested another $175 before I could get my finalized copies. Was she scamming me? I called the company soon after that call just to verify and they knew nothing about this woman (Cheryl). What is going on? None of the numbers I have work. The lawyer I spoke with told me to file a claim with small claims court because the amount was under $4, 000. I would be happy to have my $1, 215 returned, but I deserve more than that. The lifetime memories that were promised me, by A Solid Gold Sound, are gone. They violated their contract! They gave my personal information to another entity, the $175 needed to get my copies is more than what is stated on the contract, and they did not provide me with professional quality work. Do these reasons justify a lawsuit? ABSOLUTELY!!! Breach of Contract!

  • Oo
      17th of Jun, 2010
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  • Oo
      17th of Jun, 2010
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    I too am one of the many Solid Gold Sound victims! :( My mom booked them for my wedding reception which is in 2 days. We just found out yesterday that they have disappeared and we have no dj. My poor mom had already paid them over $500. I have already called and left a message for James Ryan of the Edgewood police and we plan on contacting the attorney general's office, etc. I talked to another DJ today while I was desperately trying to find someone who told me that he heard that they are not gone but have changed names again. He was waiting to see if he could find out what that new name is. We dealt with someone at SGS who went by the name David. Who knows who these ppl are but if I could find out, I'd love to get them prosecuted! I did manage to get a hold of the person who was supposedly going to be the dj thru SGS. However, she has yet to give me a phone call. She only emailed me and told me that SGS did not pay her so she can't do my party unless we pay her now. She gave me the name Kristie and is operating at a place in Newport, KY called All Star Events and Entertainment. Looks as if this is a "new" company just established in 2010. This is the phone number she gave me (859) 653-7709.

  • Kc
      3rd of Jul, 2010
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    Me and my husband own Allstar Events And Entertainment we are not in any way shape or form with Solid gold Sound.This is not there new company.We started our own company and took some of the jobs over that were solid gold but have nothing to do with Solid gold and they didnt give us anybody's deposits either.The person in charge of Sold Gold sound was Ron doyle and he owns priceless djs.John Kruer is the former owner.Supposely ron doyle is filling bankruptcy.The company went out of business in april. We have done events that we took over since then and havent had any problems with dj's not showing up or videos not being sent to customers.So far everyones wedding we have done have been happy and well taken care of.Any question you can call 859-663-1020

    Thanks Kristie

  • Sa
      19th of Jul, 2010
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    Hello All,

    It is July 19, 2010 and my Wedding is in less then two months I have just discovered that the A Solid Gold Web site I had a link for is out of service and there phone number is not working...
    We put & down in April for a DJ and Video I only talked with a man named Jesse and he sent me a contract but it looks a lttle generic it did not spell out the charges and what the $ amount that we gave him but we did save all the emails we received from him...
    The DJ he gave us a phone number for Taylor said he could not answer any of our questions...
    The deposit was put on our credit card...
    If anyone has anything to tell me that could help us that would be great...


  • Me
      14th of Jul, 2016
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    A Solid Gold Sound - Shady Company
    A Solid Gold Sound
    United States

    This company pretends to have offices all over the country, but the addresses are only drop boxes. If you have any issues, you can’t go speak to someone because the addresses are only set up so they can appear to be a legit, large professional company with offices everywhere and so you can send them your money. They make you pay 100% up front.

    They don’t have any DJ’s or Videographers working for them. They call a local DJ or Videographer in your area at the very last minute before your wedding and tell them that their DJ or Videographer cancelled last minute and ask if they could please work the wedding at a reduced rate. The people they subcontract are not screened at all, hence the reason so many couples are so upset with the quality and professionalism of the service they get. (If anyone shows up at all) They actually called me the day of my wedding and told me they had no one to video my wedding, but they were looking for someone. My husband and I flipped. Fortunately they were able to find someone an hour before the wedding.

    What transpired after that was a nightmare of lies and getting the runaround. Extremely upsetting and stressful! Unfortunalety we didnt research this company before hand. We now see that there are hundreds of news stories and complaints all over the internet. (Better Business Bureau, [redacted].com,, etc.)

    I urge you too save yourself the money and the hassle and run from this company!

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