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A Solid Gold Sound / Bad service

1 4355 J Cobb Parkway #191Atlanta, GA, United States Review updated:
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I contracted "A Solid Gold Sound's" services to videotape my wedding on July 12, 2008. Everything went well on that day and the videographer was wonderful. Immediately after my honeymoon, I called the company and they told me that it would be ready in four to five weeks. Approximately 6 weeks after my wedding, I called "A Solid Gold Sound" and asked when my wedding video would be ready. They told me that the national average is 12 weeks but it usually never takes that long. Also, they told me that the computer system showed that my video was currently being edited. I felt that the 12 week time frame was extremely long but decided to be patient. At 10 weeks I still had not received a call from them so I called and they stated that my video was still being edited and it should only take them a couple more weeks (which would have been the 12 week mark). At 12 weeks I received a call from the contracted videographer that taped my wedding stating that he still had my video because "A Solid Gold Sound" had never paid him. I couldn't believe it since I had been told for 6 weeks that my tape was currently being edited. When I called the company to confront them about this matter, John, the President of the company, stated that the video was being edited until I brought it to his attention that they didn't even have my tape to edit. John then apologized and told me that my tape would immediately be edited and assured me that it would not take another month to get it to me. Also, John told me that he doesn't give out his last name. Now on October 8, 2008, the month mark that I was assured would never come, is a couple of days away. I talked to John today and my video still isn't ready. Today, October 28, marks the beginning of a patient customer standing up and saying enough is enough. This company is not professional at all which is evident through their consistent lies, inability to pay their contracted videographers, and nonchalant attitude about this situation.

I finally received the edited DVD of my wedding ceremony and reception 19 weeks after my event date and it was very disheartening to view the video in such poor quality. There were numerous errors throughout the video including sound echoing, screen jumping, etc. I contacted the company for the now countless time and requested that the errors be resubmitted to the editor, corrected, and returned to me expeditiously. After two weeks with no response, my lawyer contacted him. John told the lawyer his last name and promised to either fix the problem in 10-14 days or refund the money. Today, 12-18-08, John left a message on my phone and stated that he would not do either. John said that the video tape was beautiful and he was flabbergasted that I would want to sue him. I regret ever using this company and hope that this review will help you make a decision about which video company to use.

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  • Pa
      8th of Dec, 2008
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    This company does not pay it's contracted vendor's in a timely manner, if at all.

    Vendor's beware! You will spend more time trying to collect your contracted fee than the actual time you will spend doing the event.

    This company waits until the last moment (1 or 2 days before event) to hire a vendor (ie. DJ/Videographer) in the city/town close to the event without vetting them or checking references, asking any questions about light or sound equipment, or knowing if they even qualify to do the work, usually telling the vendor that someone backed out at the last minute or has personal issues to attend to and can't do the job, when in truth, the company uses this last minute technique to pressure vendor's into taking the job for low pay, hoping the vendor will feel sorry for the customer and not want to ruin their event, so they are basically scammed into taking the job for less than half of the money the company charges for the services.

    Bride's Beware!! This company does not have quality DJ's or Videographers on the payroll! They look them up online or in the telephone directory just like you would do. Don't be fooled by the CHEAP price, remember you get what you pay for.

    There are over 50 complaints to be found on the Better Business Bureau website regarding this company, use this URL to do a search to see for yourself: Go to: www.[redacted] and do a search for "A Solid Gold Sound" and you will find 49 unique complaints, there are also at least 10 complaints under their alternate business name "A Sensory Sound System".

    This company wants you to believe that they have offices nationwide and are local to your area, when in fact, they are in Edgewood, KY where they possibly share an office with an Insurance Agent. They have several 800 numbers they use to do all of their business, which all link back to Kentucky, but mainly use email as a means to do their business.

    There may be 5 to 6 employee's tops, mainly office help. No DJ's or Videographers.

    This company has been reported to be taking months to deliver wedding video's to their customers/brides, if at all and have been the topic on several television news stations regarding this as well as poor quality video's. These brides have LOST their chance to have their special day recorded because of the VERY poor business practices of "A Solid Gold Sound" aka "A Sensory Sound System.

  • Lp
      31st of Jan, 2009
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    I would take legal action anyway. I am completely shocked that you people would not take legal action or report them to the authorities. There are so many stories about how this person John Kruer writes ridiculous excuses and gives his clients absurd guilt trips because of his inability to correctly manage a business, and his lack of work ethic. The fact that these people are still in business truly shocks me. Don't ever pay in full before the service is done. At least, if you don't feel comfortable with the way things are going before your wedding, you can fire them and your loss will not be as great if they ever refuse to give you the refund. But this should not be tolerated by anyone. If complete service is not given, you have a right to seek legal action. If you can't personally go to a company and talk to the people in charge, you know there is a red flag. In fact that website is f ull of red flags. I was also reading another complaint that included e-mails sent by this person, and no self-respecting business owner, would write an e-mail like a 13-year-old. That is the biggest indication to me of how unprofessional this person is, and I would not trust him with my wedding at all. Don't hold back people, continue to fight for what you paid for.

  • Mi
      6th of Feb, 2009
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    I am a DJ and haven't been paid for the gigs that I did in August and September of 2008. Last week, I filed a lawsuit in King County Court because of non-payment.

    The brides were happy, they paid far in advance of the wedding but these guys can't seem to find it in their hearts to pay me. The final straw was two weeks ago when I received an e-mail from John Kruer threatening to never pay me unless I stopped asking for payment?!?

    Stay away from this company, they are horrible.

  • Fr
      2nd of Mar, 2009
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    We too made the mistake of hiring this company. We still have seen NOTHING. The owner, Jon Kruer has repeatedly promised that we would get our video "in a few weeks" since October. It is now February and we have nothing. He spoke to my husband in December and was not only rude and would not answer specific questions, but he also yelled, swore at him, and even threatened to sue us (in Kentucky even though he could not do that, as we did not consent the venue and the business was not conducted in Kentucky). He has consistently lied, and has been extremely difficult to deal with. We have gotten an excuse that a video editor has cancer over the summer, so that has somehow caused the delay, but weren't even told this until December.

    At this point I am very fearful that we will never see anything. This is the only video that exists of our ceremony and it makes me sad to know that I may never get to see it, nor will my family that couldn't attend hte wedding. This is, by far, the worst company that we have ever dealt with. DO NOT HIRE A SOLID GOLD SOUND. Period. At least your friend with a video camera will produce something. This has been a horrible experience and I hope that no other couples have to deal with this company. We are researching Better Business Bureaus and other means of making formal complaints. In the meantime, I am just praying that we get something.

  • Ih
      26th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    We hired this company for our wedding on Sept 21 2008 and we JUST got back the DVD last week, it has been like 37 weeks, the sad part is that the DVD sucks. They didn't get anybody walking down the aisle, not even the bride, I just cried when I saw the ceremony, when you pay $1200 for a video, I guess you expect good quality footage and this sucked especially after waiting so long. We got all these excuses when I called, the editor had cancer, another edtior didn't get paid from John. They originally told me 6-8 weeks and it ended up being 37 weeks. I wish I had done the research before I went with this company, but I didn't. I guess the next step is to contact the BBB and try and get some of the money back, b/c obviously contacting the company does no good. I AM SO ANGRY with this company!!

  • Dp
      2nd of Jun, 2009
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    I originally contacted this company to DJ my November 2008 wedding and put down a $100 deposit. DO NOT hire this company for any reason!!! They are SCAMMMERS. The following is an excerpt from the letter I sent my credit card company (thankfully I charged the deposit and it was refunded to my credit card):

    "From the get-go, miscommunication occurred between myself and Jesse, who was assigned as my d.j. I had to send numerous emails (attached) correcting information such as the date of the wedding (listed as January 8, not November 8), the city of the reception (listed as Snowville, not Snellville), and the time the d.j. was needed (listed as 11 am to 3 pm, not 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 pm). On another occasion, after I sent the corrected time to the d.j., he sent another email with a still-wrong time frame (3:30 pm to 11:30 pm). By this time, I was getting suspicious of this company and was wondering if they had anything right in my itinerary. I received an email from a person by the name of JD on October 4, 2008, asking me to contact him. I called him back the same day and left a message, and called again on October 5, 2008, but did not receive an answer. I was getting worried about my wedding being only a month away, yet no one had contacted me about the playlist I had sent or other pertinent information. I left a second message for JD on October 6, 2008, and also sent him an email, regarding the fact that I had tried to reach him. I left him my contact number, and he called me the following day.

    Because of the ongoing miscommunication and unavailability of company representatives, as well as financial reasons, I decided to cancel my reservation with this company, and told JD of this decision when he called me the next day (October 7, 2008). He stated that it was no problem – that it was a month ahead of time before the wedding and my $100 deposit was 100% refundable. He directed me to a link on the company’s website ( where I would click “free reports, ” use the log-in name “cancel, ” and use a password of 1996. He told me to print this form out and send it to the company, and I would receive my full refund via mail within four weeks.

    I called to check the status of my refund on November 26, 2008, and was told by John (859-360-4702) that I was shown in their system as being owed a refund, and that the check should be on its way. He told me to give it another week or so because of the holidays. I waited a few weeks for the payment to arrive but it did not. I attempted to contact John again on December 26, 2008; however, his voicemail stated that he would be off until Monday, December 29, 2008. I called back on December 29, 2008 and spoke with John for a second time regarding my refund. He again stated that it was in the system that I was owed $100 and that the check should go out by the end of that week.

    I called John a third time, January 14, 2009, and received a voicemail that he will no longer be using this phone number because the line loses reception and drops calls; he specifically said for people to not leave him messages at this number (859-360-4702) and to contact him via email ( I did send him an email on the same date regarding my refund, but I hesitate to believe that this is even a working email address and doubt that I will even receive a response from him."

    I never did hear anything back from a single person at this company. Spend your hard-earned money elsewhere. My new DJ company was awesome and even gave me $100 credit when I told them the hell I had to go through with A Solid Gold Sound. Thankfully I was able to book my new DJ only 1 month before the wedding, and they did such a great job.

  • Ma
      22nd of Jul, 2009
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    i contracted with them in may for a dj in june. I cancelled the request and sent all of the papers into this company for my 100.00 refund which now is going on 3 months since i cancelled, i repeadelty called wondering where my deposit was and have been told that it is being processed.

    i suggested a class action lawsuit and got a little more information regarding my refund. i still have not received it and plan that if i do not receive it soon that i will file a class action lawsuit against them and hope that who ever reads this will jump on this with me.

    my contact information is and i will be more than happy to lead the way. i know my story is no way as bad as the video stories but darnit i want my hard earned money back.

  • Ma
      18th of Sep, 2009
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    A Solid Gold Sound and Video Not So solid.
    I am a DJ / videographer who was hired by A Solid Gold Sound for a couple jobs. Business had been down as I had had some health issues this year and wasn’t able to go out and promote my company like I usually do. When they called me I agreed to take a few jobs to help fill in some empty dates. Apparently this is how they work. They are a national company that books weddings and then searches the internet for local venders to do the work for them. Or perhaps they have a core of employees and then use local guys to expand their territory. The problem is they have no idea what they are getting until that vender has done a couple of jobs for them. They offer the money back guaranty to cover their butts.

    Another problem I have with them is I feel they are under paying the venders that they hire. I was promised around $200 per job plus about $45 for travel expenses. As a videographer who is providing all of the equipment and a second camera man I feel this is an insult, especially when I found out how much they were charging. I pay my trainees $100 a day and my employees $400-$500/ day for a typical shoot. As a DJ I made more money working for another national company that provided the music and the equipment. With a solid Gold sound I had to provide all the equipment and all the music. I could live with all that. After all it is still better money then working a day at minimum wage and I needed the income.

    The biggest problem I have with a solid gold sound is that I have been waiting two and a half months to be paid for the first job I did for them. I did a good job. The customers were satisfied I should get paid! I was told that I would be paid two to three weeks after doing the job. After about a month had passed without a paycheck I called to see what the deal was. They gave me the excuse that my invoice I had emailed them had ended up in their spam Junk mail folder. They promised it would be taken care of right away. I told them that was fine but I wasn’t going to do anymore jobs for them till I got paid. I waited and the next job came up that they wanted me to do. I called them on a Thursday and explained to them that I still hadn’t gotten paid and that I couldn’t do any more jobs until I was. They promised me that a check would be sent out priority mail and I should get it Saturday. They then practically begged me to do the videography job that weekend. I finally gave in and agreed with the understanding that I would not release the tapes until I got paid.

    Well I drove two hours with my partner and did a fantastic job. The bride was very pleased with our services. Saturday rolled around and guess what? No Check! I figure maybe the mail was just a little slow so I waited before calling again. When I did call they told me that funds had just been approved to pay me so I waited again. The last time I called they told me checks had just been sent out. Well I am still waiting and the tapes sit on my desk. I would think they would want to hurry up and pay me so they don’t have more unsatisfied customers to refund. Apparently they are to busy refunding dissatisfied customers to pay their contract labor. I threathend to contact the customer and they said I wouldn't get paid if I did so.

    If you are a Videographer or DJ I highly recommend you don’t do any work for this company unless they give you a pay check up front.

    If you are a bride considering A Solid Gold Sound for Disc Jockey services I would recommend that you search locally. By hiring locally you will have direct contact with your DJ as opposed to national or large company. A solid Gold Sound doesn’t seem to have any control over their DJs as they just hire them off the street keeping the good ones and refunding for the bad ones. Honestly I don’t see how they can keep good ones when they don’t pay them much if at all!

    As for videography again they book the weddings and then find local companies to shoot for them and they edit the tapes. Nothing wrong with this in principle and it looks as if it may be a growing trend. As long as they have good editors they should be able to turn out a descent product. I have even done this on an occasion when I was already booked. However I let the customer know up front what I was doing and they were ok with it. I still recommend searching for local companies with online demos so you know exactly what to expect.

    Please consider Refining Fire Productions for your wedding needs. We offer high definition videography with both Blu-ray and regular DVDs as part of our packages as well as photography and Disc Jockey services. We offer affordable quality services and are competitively priced compared to A Solid Gold Sound. We cover most of New York State and parts of Pennsylvania without any extra travel fees. We recently had one of our best videographers relocate to Lynchburg, VA and now offer wedding videography services to many parts of Vagina without any extra traveling fees too.

    We are willing to travel to almost anywhere on the East Coast and will consider other locations in the USA. Please check out our online demos.

    As for a Solid Gold Sound I feel they are an insult to the local wedding vender as they seem to make a trend of stealing local business and then getting local venders to do the work for little to no pay. Do yourself a favor and hire local venders.
    I was told that they are under new ownership since 2009 and that any complaints I might find posted are probably under old management. It seems to me that trends haven not changed.

  • Lo
      23rd of Sep, 2009
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    I paid this company IN FULL AND IN ADVANCE for a what I was expecting to be a good job. It was most certainly not a good job.

    Since my event I have contacted their office to ask for a some sort of refund all I have got back are rude defensive emails. The customer service was horrible from the beginning and the DJ was awful. The entire staff was unprofessional and rude.

    I hope that anyone who is looking for a quality DJ stays clear of this company, after searching for complaints on this company(something I wish I would have done prior) I found many many complaints on them. The national BBB office gives this company an F rating which is the lowest possible.

  • Ch
      28th of Sep, 2009
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    I agree with everyone. I am a DJ for solid gold. I am still owed from John in 2008 and since he left and the new owner Ron assured me that everything has changed and my payments with be in the mail much faster. Well here we are again, 2009, new owner, and 4 months after my last gig with them and still no payment. count me in for a lawsuit.

  • Ch
      10th of Nov, 2009
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    another DJ here, I'm pretty sure the same owners, or at least the same bs.
    They owe me for 4 events, over 800. May never see it but I will not let it die.
    They are just phone book add placers and now internet advertisers.
    The net has made the work much easier for them, and real easy to hire dj's off
    craigs list. The best way to get them is to continue to enlighten people via the net
    and stop other brides and dj's and vj's from getting burned.

  • Ch
      10th of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    Solid gold / sensory sound same clowns. stiil not paying djs 11/09

  • Bi
      12th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    ~ Same story from Pittsburgh! I've done four weddings for this ' Solid Gold Sound' and
    as of 12/12/09, I'm still owed $700.The Present staff of liars and thieves includes Ron
    Doyle, Jeremy and Ryan ( Who knows if these are their real names ) As a dj for over 25 yrs.I must say I have never dealt with thieves, criminal and liars like this. They use a
    combination of " Slick internet ads" and then as soon as they have money for an Event
    ( They always ask for all the money upfront) they will use a combination of excuses such
    " Someone bounced a check on us for $5, 000 so we can't pay you till next month. I had the
    present guy ( Ron Doyle or so he call himself) beg me to do music for a couple in Pgh. and
    then never return my calls..I offer this advice for those who seek JUSTICE and money owed : Email your complaints to Officer Jim Ryan is going
    to work with State & federal officials to get these guys...maybe jailtime for Christmas !!
    Need more help ?? E mail me at : and I'll tell you how to turn your complaints into action. Better yet feel free to call me :724.986.3152...Really! Can you believe these guys are operating out of Kentucky & Ohio ?? I thought the real Scam
    Artists were the ones from Pakistan and Iran . I am so sorry I was ever foolish enogh to
    give these guys the benefit of the doubt and TRUST them and BELIEVE them...By the
    way, although they claim to be a " National Operation' the truth is they operate out of
    pathetic little builing in Edgewood, Kentucky. How do these guys sleep at night ?????

  • Dj
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I'm a dj that has yet to be paid as well from a show back in August 2008. This company found me on craigslist and asked if they could fill some of my open dates. I've talked to JD and Ryan numberous of times. It sounds like a broken record everytime I speak with them. "Payroll is running behind and I'll be meeting with them in a couple of days and I'll get back to you." News flash...if you got dj's and vj's making your company money you should stick to your word about paying them. It's a company that knows nothing about their dj's or vj's and have never met them. It's obvious that their after one thing and that's taking people's money and most of the time destroying that someone's special day. They spend their money on advertising and websites. To: A Solid Gold Sound...How about take all of these comments that people have left and place them on your website. The comments that are already there are probably copied and pasted/stolen from other Dj websites that actually have a good reputation. Funny thing is, these dumb ### still send me emails of upcoming shows and call me and ask if I could do some of them. Drrrr D Drrrr, I learned fast of this scam. This is the address I found in Raleigh, NC: 7796 Ohmann Ct, Raleigh, NC, United States. It's an apartment/townhome building. Good Luck to everyone trying to get paid.

  • Dj
      22nd of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband recently filled in on a gig for this company and he has not been paid. The company is saying they are going out of business and itk seems like this is the company's MO. I am going to file a lawsuit against this organization they have even tried to have my husband book other events and collect the money from the brides. They are nuts and I am about to expose them. Jesse acts like he is some independent firm hired to settle the company's gigs and Ryan is never available. This company is a scam and I am about to expose the hell out of them.

  • Ma
      17th of May, 2010
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    I hired a solid gold sound to dj my wedding May 15, 2010. I made the mistake of not doing my research and my husband and I made the decision to book when we spoke with jd on the phone. I booked in early January and paid in full to take advantage of a 100 discount if I paid in full. Jd sent me information to start picking my music and planning our evening. The email said that I would be contacted 3 times before the wedding. The last time being 3 weeks before my event. Two weeks until my wedding came around and I never received a call. I began to call and email the company. Some of the phone numbers had been disconnected, but I was able to find their new number on the website. After several attempts to contact someone via email or phone, about twice a day for 9 days, I finally got a real person. Their website guarantee says that they will promptly call you when you leave a message... not true. When I finally got to speak with someone I was told I must speak to Ryan and that he would call me. Never happened. I finally got a call from our dj on Wednesday morning and our wedding was that Saturday. The Dj, Matt, asked where my event was. When I told him he advised me that it was too far for him to drive and I would have to contact the company and ask for a new DJ. I called Ryan and was told that I would receive a call within 1.5 hrs. This was at 10 am. I never received a call. At 5 pm I started to do some research and low and behold... nothing but horror stories. The kicker was when I read a bride's review who had booked them for her wedding only 1 week before mine, she was left at her reception with no dj!!! I could not breath and I started to freak out. My husband and I decided that we needed to frantically find a new dj now only 3 days before our event. I finally found applause dj service in Missouri, who I might add did an amazing job, fit us in, and gave us a huge discount about 70% when I told them my nightmare. After I secured a new dj, I called a solid gold sound and advised the representative that I wanted to cancel my booking since they have been unable to provide any of the services that were promised me up to this point. I had zero confidence that Saturday would go smoothly at all. I requested my money back. The rep gladly canceled my booking and said a manager would be calling me regarding a refund. I requested to speak to a manager and he transfered me to a voicemail box. I called back several times and was transfered each time. Finally, I called and was told by a rep that the company was going out of business and filing bankruptcy and I would not be receiving a refund. I paid a total of 545 dollars and received zero service. I was sickened that this was even possible and that these people have been thriving in this business in America for several years. I can't help but stop to wonder how many people that have taken. I decided to email John Kruer, on an email address of I told him the situation and that I was considering legal action. His first response was "Where did you get this email address?Please let me know A.S.A.P. and I will try to assist you A.S.A.P!" To this I responded that I easily found his email and phone number from one of the several dissatisfied customers posting complaints on the net. I replied and said that he no longer owns the company an I need to deal with the new owner, Ron. Are you kidding me? I don't know what to believe. Why did he not just tell me that in the first email if it was true. He was too worried about where I got his email rather than answering my questions. Needless to say, I have been told I will get no refund and if filing bankruptcy I will only get a tenth back if I fight for it. I am looking at other avenues, but not sure yet. This is by far the worst company I have dealt with. I have never been so stressed in my life. If anyone decides to file a class action I am in. It really is not just about the money for me. It is the point. You should not be able to scam people like this and get away with it for years. I can't possibly see how they have to file bankruptcy. They take your money and hire vendors. They don't pay the vendors and have no overhead other than the one actual office and very few employees or partners in crime. Where is all the money going? I wish I could start a "business" Just collecting money from people and sitting back to relax, but I have a conscience.

  • Jk
      2nd of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband and I are in the same boat. We have been waiting for our wedding footage since July 2009. We are hitting our first year anniversary next month and have yet to receive, or hear from anyone at A Solid Gold Sound. We have made many attempts to contact them about a time frame in which we should expect to receive our footage. In reading everyone's experience with this company, there is no need for me to explain in detail as our situations are exactly alike. We just spoke with a lawyer today to see what options we have. All the numbers we were given for A Solid Gold Sound are now out of service. We sent a formal letter to the company, but it was returned because the company had moved. I attempted to get on the website to find other contact information and the website is out of service as well. What can I do? And, how much is sentimental value worth? My husband has been talking about "getting Jesse" at KING 5 News. I don't know what means to go about this, so I'm hoping "Jesse" can help. The lawyer we spoke with explained a Consumer Protection Act. I need to do some research on it, as I am unfamiliar with it. Does anyone have working contact information with whoever is in charge of A Solid Gold Sound?

  • Ns
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    my wedding is july 24th 2010 i was had by these [censor]s too!!! i went to make our song book just to find out that they went belly up on may 28th 2010. i will not rest and if my wedding is ruined there will be hell to pay. ill drag everyones [censor] to court. john kruer, beth kruer, ron doyal and all the cronies i dealt with. they need jail time. i definatly wanting aboard any class action suit out there. we need to go for losses and damages!!!

    neil starkey

  • Ns
      8th of Jun, 2010
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    we need to research amear LLC!!!

  • Ns
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    neil starkey here,

    i have done alot of reasearch! im flooding the internet with this message. im gathering everyone i can, to take action!!! i have an attorney ready to go on this. it includes customers and employees. could even include your company as for you have takedn damage resulting in loses. we need really need all the fire power we can throw at these criminals! take a look at this and please let me know what you think. the kentucky attorney general is a spear head along with edgewood police!

    i have done some reaserch on this Ron Doyle and found some interesting things!

    below are some links, i think you should take a look at. if carefully looked at there is a alot of links between john kruer and ron doyle. theres two sites ( that i have even paid for to get more info on certian people such as beth kruer and ron doyle

    i have had contact with john kruer and, apparently, john kruer is feeling the heat. i sent him these links. john kruer keeps calling me about once every hour. i just let him keep filling up my voice mail. he swears the BBB has false information!! YEAH RIGHT! beth kruer will throw you for a loop, she's johns wife, he even told me she is, and she ran amear llc, the entity that ran a solid gold sound when ron doyle owened it.

    as far as randy blankenship i only can get ahold of his secretary. they claim ron doyle is filing for bankruptcy but cant provide a case number, (not legally obligated) which i thought was public records anyway.

    heres John kruer's personal number 859-653-5102
    try calling this John Kay i get a busy signal all the time 800-352-6760 sensory sound
    randy blankenship wont talk to me! i keep on calling! 859-823-5351
    i cant get a hold of ron doyle!!! who now owns priceless djs

    please contact

    *Kentucky state attorney general Maryellen Mynear

    *James Ryan
    Edgewood Police
    385 Dudley Road
    Edgewood Ky 41017

    i thank you for caring and appreciate your time and efforts toward these criminals!

    neil starkey
    6563 monument ave
    portage IN, 46368

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