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800-684-8429 / 6 months of phone &stalking&!

1 United States Review updated:

It has been 6 months!

My cell phone will ring about 10 times every day, from this number "[protected]", answer the phone, machine message "please hold, all of our operators are busy..", hold on minutes, finally some agent, ask you "Kim?", you say "NO, this is my cell phone, for almost a year now, old database, or wrong number, please remove my number from your system." answer "OK." Five minutes later, phone rings, this number again... It has been freaking 6 months! I googled this number came back with this company name "HSBC Bank".

Who are you? What do you want? Why you wont quit? There is no Kim!!! I have told our agents all over again and again, I am not KIM. Stop calling! I just a freaking person carrying around a cell phone, why cant you stop calling me???

Someone please help me, I am driven nuts!

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  • Ho
      18th of Dec, 2007
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    They call my work number multiple times a day. For example it is only 2:45 and they have already called 6 times. They won't leave a message and I no longer answer the phone when I see this number on the caller ID.

    Does anyone know how to stop the work phone calls? I can ignore the home ones but the work ones I can get into trouble for ignoring it in case its a "patient" or something to do with a patient's account. Lucky for me my boss hasn't noticed. I would be pissed if I lost my job due to these idiots calling my job 24/7.

  • Ve
      6th of Jan, 2008
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    They call continually and never leave a message. I wait sometimes and still nothing. Isn't there anything we can do?

  • Da
      21st of Jan, 2008
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    800-684-8429 - Harassment!
    2505 W. Foothill Blvd. #173
    San Bernardino
    United States
    Phone: 909-922-9155

    This number has called my cell phone a dozen times a day for the last 3 weeks. I've answered the phone and nobody picks up on the other end. I'm tired of my minutes being wasted when I answer the phone to resolve whatever problems they may have and the fact they call me during work and every meal of the day. It's annoying and I want the companies name so I can file a complaint with the BBB. Plz advise smb!

  • Ki
      25th of Jan, 2008
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    this sucks

  • Ma
      5th of Feb, 2008
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    They keep calling my house but they have not once left any message. I probably owe them money but they aren't going to have a case because they have not COMMUNICATED to me. I have not gotten any letters from them and so whatever they think they are going to accomplish, it certainly won't be anything that will hold up in their lawsuit against me for the debt because they have not COMMUNICATED with me. I can't imagine why they are paying someone hourly wages to repeatedly call my house but then it's one big wast of their time and expense because they CAN NOT SAY they've COMMUNICATED with me. They don't even know if they have the right number, they don't know if I've moved out of my Mom's house long ago. I am laughing that I took their money and ran up a high credit card debt only to skip out and not have to pay.
    They are truly a stupid company!!

  • Be
      19th of Feb, 2008
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    I received about 22 calls a DAY, for a measly $46. ARE you kidding me??? If that's not harrassment then I don't know what is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • La
      6th of Mar, 2008
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    This is a harrassing company. I've read elsewhere it is HSBC but they certainly don't only call when you owe money Rady. I have never done business with them and owe no one anything but they have my number and are driving me nuts too. Call 10+ times a day and this is not a new phone number. I hear they also are trying to get you to take their credit card. I'll never do any business with HSBC because of this and tell everyone about it.

  • C
      17th of Apr, 2008
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    I agree. They call at least 10 times a day. I have a cell phone and they're using my minutes to just ring. They never leave a message and when you do answer, they never say anything. Can't anything be done?

  • Ri
      18th of Apr, 2008
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    omg these ppl drive me crazy. i dont even have a credit card with them and im getting 12+ calls a day from this number for the past month. they call my cell phone and waste my minutes on it for when i do pick up. and hell i dont even no how they got my cell phone number, i've had it for over 2 years now. im so fed up with this that im planning on getting a new number, but from what i have read not even that would work if the previous owner of that number had problems with them... god i hate those guys!!!

  • Ju
      29th of May, 2008
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    800-684-8429 - Receiving dozens of calls daily, early until late, they wont even identify themselves before asking for YOUR information!
    United States

    I am receiving literally dozens of calls from these people daily, starting at 8:30 am going until 9pm. When you answer, your on hold, when they finally arrive and you ask them who is calling, they wont answer you, they start asking for YOUR personal information without identifying themselves, I have told them to remove me from their list as this is illegal harassment!

  • Sh
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    I get a call from this number all the time, (1647-722-2126)sometimes 2 times a day..
    Its so annoying especially now that im a mother and have a little baby!
    Their always asking for a mr/mrs bourke.. and i always tell them they have the wrong number then they ask me if I live at some address, which I don't even I would like them to stop!

  • Al
      18th of Jan, 2009
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  • Jr
      6th of Mar, 2009
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    I agree I've made payment arrangements and honored them and they still call 4-6 times a day. You can't call this # back unless you have the last four numbers of your acxct. Anyway they say that they can't stop the calls as I'm still past due but have paid the arrangements as agreed. That's BS!!!

  • Cl
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I do have an account with HSBC, but my balance is paid on time and account is current. They have been calling my home phone for over a month, several times a day, and won't leave a message to say who they are or what it's regarding. The last two days, they have started calling my cell phone. I have checked my account online and am current in my payments! Thay won't stop calling me!

  • Mi
      5th of Jul, 2009
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    I'm one of the statics of people who lost their job to downsizing. I'm over 60 years old and probably won't be able to find another full time job, let alone one with benefits. Unemployment in the State of MO BARELY covers the rent and utilities, let alone eating or a car payment. When I lost my job, I wrote each creditor (the morning after losing my job!!) and explained what happened, asked for a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments, and the 2 that had insurance on them in case of such a circumstance I requested the forms to fill out to begin the payments from the insurance company, and NOT ONE of them responded to me! But the harassing phone calls sure did begin! I'm not 3 1/2 months into unemplyment and still not one prospect for a job. Sooooo, I shut the ringer off on my home phone, turned the answering maching off (since they won't/don't leave a message anyway) and put each of the numbers that is calling my cell into my phone directory and then set them to a designated ring tone of NO RING. I no longer hear the phone ring, get hang-up calls on my machine or cell and all is sunny and bright. I do have one phone that is linked to my computer (same number as the home number) but it doesn't have the capability to ring ring, . What it has is a red light that flashes when the phone is ringing, so if I'm anywhere near it, I will see it flashing and look at the caller ID...just in case someone other than these idiots might call me about a job possibility or a friend that would like to chat. I figure I did the right thing by contacting them within 24 hours of losing my job and they basically said [censored] you and started with the harassing calls. I probably get a total of 25 per day from 4 different companies. My next step will be to change my phone number...even though that will probably cost me about $40 (to flip a switch...another one of my pet peeves of what it costs to change something as minor as that and they charge an arm and a leg for it!) I will probably be soooooo far behind when/if I find a job, that my next step will be to file bankruptcy...then I will get the last laugh on them...all their efforts for nothing when in the beginning I was willing to work with them and they thumbed their noses at me! They can eat my shorts!

  • An
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I've recently been getting calls from this number, and when I answer, they hang up quickly. I decided to Google it to make sure it wasn't my boss that I've been ignoring. Well, it seems I haven't been ignoring my boss, merely this HSBC bank. It seems this company is a credit card distributor or something. If so, this makes my story even better; I'm 17. I'm not even old enough for a credit card yet. I have no credit score. I have no credit card. They should have NO motivation to call me. The phone I got is very new -just under three weeks old- and I've only started getting calls on the 21st of July. I believe that it is a scam, and am surprised that none of the others on this site seem to have thought of it yet.

  • Bi
      1st of Jun, 2011
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    I also have been getting phone calls from HSBC. My payment is late, I asked for a 30 day extension, I was told no. So I stopped answering the calls. Then they started to call me at work, I clearly told them, I was not allowed to recieve phone calls of ANY personal nature at work. In one days time I was called 13 seperate times, they also left 4 messages for me at work. Then I called them and again asked for the extension, was denied. So I wanted to take care of the $15.00 payment to stop them, they told me they could not accept the payment now, I had to pay the payment, and the late fee, AND the upcoming payment due in 10 days. I said no, but I would take care of the late payment. They wanted it all. I said I couldnt at this time, I was hung up on. the next day I was again called 6 times at work, by the way, it was sunday. They even called my sons cell phone. There is no stopping them !!

  • Wi
      9th of Feb, 2012
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    this is hsbc/orchard banks number i get harassing calls all day every day!!! i want to file a law suit against them

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