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I changed my phone provider to virgin, hey agreed to pay of my 3 contract. 3 mobile Also agreed.
When the contract ended - because I didn't tell them to not renew my Cancelled contract - Er I cancelled it I haven't used thier service for 12months - why in gods name would I want to renew a contract that had been cancelled?

Because this the renewed the contract without telling me, or providing a new contract document and billed me for 2 months - I then had to recancel this contract paying another month.

Previously I had a 3modile contract with my girlfriend, I informed them I wanted to not renew the contract when it expired 3 months before it expired, but because I didn't tell them 1 month before as in the contract they ignored me and renewed the contract.

You have to tell them litterally on the day it expires or they renew.

These guys are professional con men, thies no gaurantee in 12months time they won't renew the contract Ive now cancelled because I haven't told them not to renew it - at the right time.

I would advise anyone dealing with this croocked bunch of con men to be very careful, make sure you do it exactly by the letter of the contract - and dump them as soon as possible

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  • So
      Jan 26, 2009
    3 mobile - Charged for a product I never received
    3 mobile
    England, Greater Manchester
    United Kingdom

    I would be eternally grateful to anyone who has any advice on my problem.

    At the beginning of October I ordered a USB dongle from 3 Mobile. It never arrived and whenever I called them they couldn’t track it. I asked to cancel the order, but they said I couldn’t until I had received it. I never received this dongle. I cancelled my direct debit, but then started to receive bills from 3.

    When I called them to query it, they assured me they would alter the account for me to show I had never received or used a 3 product.

    Then I started to receive letters from a debt recovery agency, and phone calls – about 3 a day. Every time I spoke to them they said I must contact 3 on the number they gave me, and ask them to contact the Debt recovery agency to confirm I had never been in possession of a 3 product. Every time I spoke to 3, they apologised and, again, assured me it would be sorted out, and that I wouldn’t get anymore calls.

    This went on for almost 3 months, then just before Christmas the calls stopped. I have now received a letter demanding payment within 7 days or I will go to court.

    I am at the end of my tether, and am still recovering from a heart attack I had last summer. I have been advised to avoid stress, but my blood pressure has shot up in the past few months, understandably.

    Please can anyone help me?

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  • Ig
      Jan 28, 2009

    I do not know how to help you but I know that sometimes 3 servise is very poor and it seems that they are happy about...:(
    I have got 3 mobile broadband...It is really BBBBBBAAAAAADDDDDDD service they provide..I live in London, coverege looks alright on my 3mobile, but for broadband is very poor!!!
    I called them many times, but wasn't better... 4 months I am using it on my new adress, may be couple of days was good of them really...BAD! Would not recomend anyone to suffer with that incredible low speed of the Internet.. ( Hope in the future will be better)

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  • U4
      Mar 23, 2009

    Cheating by 3 mobile

    I was referred by my friend (who was leaving UK for Canada) to 3. His phone number was 078xxxxxxx. He has spoken to 3 coustomer services to transfer his account details to me before leaving. I did so on last monday means 16th of March. Coustomer services lady told me all is ok even on my enquiry about my friend's contract. I have given all my bank details. Lady promised to send me the SIM card. Doing all this from my PAYG mobile phone cost me more than £12. I have not used any 3 services yet because I have no 3 SIM card. Today I recieved a 3 bill without any SIM card giving me same contract in £25.72 while my friend was paying less than £5. Remember I have not claimed any phone set for this contract. This is simple transfer of one account to other. I am simply being cheated by 3. I have spoken to coustomer services at 17:03 today after reading the bill when I returned from work. this was a 29 minutes call cost me £7.25. The representative tried to cheat me again and wasted my time and money by giving more and more offers of handsets which I am sure can get from any high street shop. Now tell me what to do with these people after this much cheating and unlawful behaviour.

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  • Be
      Sep 15, 2009

    get on the phone to i have been trying to leave 3 for 3 flipping years! they have done this and made up excuses. hopefully there will be enough complaints for 3 to have them banished!

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  • Jo
      Sep 26, 2013
    3 mobile - sales incompetance
    3 mobile phones service provider
    United Kingdom

    I had a phone call from a 3 mobile sales rep. He asked me if I was satisfied with my current phone that they had supplied with my contract taken out 1 year ago. I said I was not very pleased with the phone for various reasons.He then asked if I had any idea as to what phone I would have an interest in.I said I had not reserched any. He then suggested an Alcatel one touch 903 that he could supply with a 24 month contract at £11.00 permonth. I then explained that my current contract did not end until September 2017, and that I did not want two contracts running at the same time. Not a problem he explained as he could cancell the current contract if I accepted the new deal.The new deal was for an identical type and less money than my current contract so I accepted it. I asked him what I should with my current phone and he told me to keep it and not to return it.I recieved the new phone within a few days by courier. I then dicovered that my old phone was still live and when I checked the contract was also sill operating with a closing date of 2017. I contacted 3 mobile and explained the situation.They have now phoned me after examining the case and said that my old contract had still to run its full time and that I should send the new phone back to them and they would cancell the new contract. I told them that I thought they were a rubbish company and that they had staff in their employ who did not know their job. He said that as the call had not been recorded they did not know who the caller was. I thought this was another reason why 3 mobile was incompetant if they did not know the person who had arranged the contract.I am awaiting a written explanation of this cockup from them.I wont be using them after my current contract runs out, I shall be seeking a different company in the future.

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  • Ki
      Jul 23, 2015
    3 mobile - money and customer service
    3 mobile
    England, Greater London
    United Kingdom

    in May 2017 I noticed 3 mobile was taking money out of my account still after my contact had finished so I phoned them up to get my money back I was told that I was supposed to have called the 30 days prior to my contact finishing to can cancel my contract I was not made aware of this when signing up for the contact or when I got out another one with another company, and said you had not contacted me to either to notify me of this and my number was no longer in use and was not even using the phone any more you was taking money out of my account with out my acknowledgement or consent and owe me £204 they offered me £102 I obviously refused and said I will take this further after lots of taking and getting stressed and talking to various other people including management and emails I finally was offered £174 which I was happy to take it was even cleared by head office as I was told that the lady I had spoken too had spoke to head office, (I later found out that this may not have been the casse as head office never pick up their calls, so now they not only took my money but now they have lied to me.) and would be in my account 3-5 working days time 2 to3 weeks passed no money has been put into my account so I phone three up wasting more of my time and money to find out what was going on, I was told by another manager that the payment team had not autherised my payment due to lack of information given but I was not informed it has now downed on me that they were just trying to get reid of me and hoping I would go away and forget about it all so by now ive been money has been taken out of my account, ive been thob off and lied to and no contact has been made with me unless I have made the contact first I have been told again that the payment office is going to put it through and will be with me in the next 3-5 working days I have also sent them an email of complaint as well saying what complaint is and how I would like it resolved, I think its wrong that big companies like 3 mobile can treat customers like this and get away with, this situation should never have happened I have been with contact phones since I was 16 years old and never ever had this problem before, its a disgrace and an insult and I feel people have the right the know what sort of company 3 mobile is, they lie steal and hope you go away just like a conman on a bigger scale.

    'hello I was told 2-3 weeks ago I would get a refund of £174 in 3 to 5 working days this has not happened I have had to contact you to find out what's going on to be told it has not gone through even though head office had said it was ok but because their was not enough details of why the payment should go ahead it did not happen and I was not made aware of this.
    now being told again that they will get it sorted and I will here from you on Friday to be told its going in my account in 5 days
    I'm sure you can appreciate that this is not good enough I've been lied to, payment is getting postponed and no contact has been made unless I have contact you my self.
    I'm sure you will understand that this is not good enough as if it was the other way round I would be getting letters and phone calls almost everyday but when its the other way round you just seem to hope I'll go away and you wont have to make payment.
    this is wasting my time and more of my hard earned money on the charges to phone your company, to be told lies or trying to get me off the phone or hoping I will go away.
    I'm now being told that the payments team is going to have another look at it and then send payment in 3-5 working days again as you can see I have no reason to trust you as a company so I've then asked for this to be sent to me in writing via email and being told no as you can see this is not good enough I fed up of chasing you and constantly contacting you regarding what I'm owed, and being lied to and fed stories I just want this resolved so I never have to deal with your company again.
    your company is untrustworthy and has put me through unnecessary stress and wasting my time and more of my money just to contact you,
    I can not fully conceive how you can say one thing and then say/do the complete opposite with out acknowledging myself on the decisions made regarding my case the way you have handle my case and myself is a complete disgrace and an insult, and know how you can get away with it.'

    'I would just like the money owed to me in my account when you say and keeping to your word and having it in writing that this is what's going to happen, I would also like you as a company to make it more clearer in your terms and conditions and telling customers when they take out the contract about the 30 day cancelation at the end of the contract so no more customers have to go through the stress, upset and the feeling of being insulted from your company again.'

    I hope this will make people aware of the 30 day cancellation period that you have to give to mobile phone companies before your contact ends especially with 3 mobile other wise they carry on taking the money out with out your knowledge and consent and they wont contact you either you have to do all the leg work your self, and how untrustworthy they are.

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