24PetWatch / Unscrupulous billing practices

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I bought a policy (though monthly credit card payment) for my dog back in the last quarter of 2008 after finding a link from H.E.B. Grocery's website. I never made any claims against this policy. Unfortunately, my pet died from an accident in late November of 2008. I called and cancelled this policy in December of 2008. The representative was nice and advised they were sorry to hear about my pet's passing away and 24Petwatch would cancel the policy and discontinue monthly billing of the pet health insurance.

When my January, 2009 credit card statement arrived, the $27.95 charge appeared. I called 24PetWatch [protected]) and advised/reminded them of my December, 2008 phone call. The representative apologized and advised that their system may have inadvertently sent the charge through for January and assured me the problem was solved.

My February, 2009 credit card statement arrived and again, the same charge "and" no credit issued for the January, 2009 charge. I called 24PetWatch [protected]) and advised/reminded them of my December, 2008 and January 2009 phone call. The representative asked if I could fax them a request to cancel the policy. I sent a faxed request to [protected] on February 21, 2009 detailing the pet's death and the request to cancel and stop billing my credit card.
The same charge was showing up with no credit for January, through July of 2009. I finally had enough of this and called my credit card company, explained the issue and request a dispute of the charges and to initiate a block of 24PetWatch. The credit card company followed through. After this frustration, I then called 24PetWatch back again and explained the action I took with my credit card company. The representative was nice and understanding and stated "we have no record of you ever calling, writing, faxing request to cancel the policy. So, I resubmitted the request this time fax, and email, and online with a live chat agent on their website (

This is becoming a full-time job for me chasing/intercepting 24PetWatch's billing issue! After I provided documents of proof to my credit card company, the credit card company issued credit for the January through July of 2009. I thought this matter was as dead as my puppy, but no!; read on!
I have since moved and closed the credit card number associated with this nightmare.
On November 3rd, 2010, I receive forwarded mail from my previous address from guess who? 24PetWatch!!! It is a statement, dated October 8, 2010 for $27.95 (due date for insurance for "July, 2009") plus a $20.00 late fee a total of $47.95. The invoice had an explanation at the top "Declined Payment".
Here we go again . . . I called 24PetWatch today and spoke with a representative about this issue. She was nice at first but became very "matter of fact" after I explained that I am tired of dealing with this. She stated that my July, 2009 payment was declined and they (24PetWatch) for some reason recently received notice of decline from the credit card company. Is this making any sense?

The policy was cancelled 12/2009, I continued to be billed for this policy until July of 2009 and they are just now received notice of dispute from my credit card company in October 2010???????? Smell a rat yet?
She stated that I need to show proof that my dog passed away in November of 2008 in order to wipe out the July, 2009 bill. Keep in mind, I am not attempting to make a claim on this policy, in fact never filed any claims or used the policy whatsoever. I just want this company to leave me alone and get their accounting problems resolved. The representative further explained that I need proof from a vet that my dog passed away otherwise no proof exists. I asked her if I should dig up my dog's grave and show the remains. My dog did not die at a vet's office; he died in my hands after getting out of the backyard and being struck by a car. He was my friend and my buddy. I miss him so much. Over time, I am getting around to not thinking about it as much.
24PetWatch is creating undue stress on me and creating an emotional hell with their terrible billing and record keeping. I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, Attorney General's Office, Better Business Bureau, and look for relief within the guidelines of the FCBA, Unfair Business Practices, my local congressman, and any other federal law which protects against undue harassment.

In a summary, this is my hell experienced and brought on by 24PetWatch. Do you want to go through this? Just reading this complaint boards, it looks like this company has a pattern of customer dissatisfaction and disregard for consumer rights.

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