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1&1 Internet, Inc. / billing and collection scam

1 701 Lee Road, Suite 300 , Chesterbrook, PA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 1-877-300-8316

I started getting excessive phone calls from nco, a collection agency, followed by several letters. Eventually I got some letters in the mail from nco, indicating that they were attempting to collect on belhaf of 1 & 1 internet. I contacted 1 & 1 and was told that in the past I had purchased domains from them (Which is true) , and that it's their policy to automatically renew domains every year.In fact, they said that when a customer submits an order with them, they are authorizing them to rebill their credit cards year after year after year etc. There is no reasonable way to cancel this, and even if you transfer the domains to another registrar, that may not stop them from charging you.In my case the credit card on file was declined, so they renewed the domains anyway, froze the account, and sent my info to a collection agency. I offered to pay 1 and 1 directly, even though I did not agree with the charges, and they said that not only could I not pay them, but that if I sent payment to them in the mail that they would literally rip it apart. So basically they are charging me for services that I don't want without my real consent, and then freezing the account so I cannot use those services anyway, and then ransoming my credit for a payment they will not even accept themselves. Do not be lured in by their low domain prices, you will seriously regret ever giving this company your credit card information. Do an internet search and check the bbb, there are countless complaints against them and their fraudulent billing schemes.

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  • Pe
      7th of Feb, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I had a similar experience, after accepting an offer with a free trial period. I never used the service at all.

    Having forgotten all about it, they continued to charge my credit card for 18 months, until it expired. Without ever sending me a request for an updated credit card, they locked me out of the control panel and turned my account over to the credit collection agency, also NCO.

    1&1 refused to accept several cancellation notices via email and on the telephone, telling me that I could only do so via the control panel (from which I had been locked out).

    After several more months of accruing charges, a different rep finally informed me, on the 8th or 10th phone call, that there was another URL I could use to cancel my account with them.

    I offered to pay for the months prior to all of my previous attempts to cancel, if they would cancel the several additional months of billing. 1&1 refused. I have informed 1&1 and NCO they will never be paid. They have reported me as delinquent and I have filed a dispute. My credit score remains above 700. 1&1 can go pound sand.

  • Rg
      22nd of Jul, 2009
    +2 Votes

    Good for you, I also will not pay them either.. they go pound the sand. I am spreading words out to other to stay away from them.

  • Sr
      18th of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I am encountering a similar problem with 1&1. You think a domain is canceled (it's next to impossible to find how/where to cancel on their control panel), you hear nothing, then you get a collection letter. Then when you call, they say your credit card had expired and their charges were thus denied. When you ask why they didn't contact you at all before sending you to collections, they claim they are now "paperless" (though I have a good two dozen big, fat mailings I received from them over the years from when I registered domains), and they also claim they sent you an email. And they close by asserting there is nothing they can do, for they are "locked out of your account, " so deal with collections.

    In my case, they get around $300 a year from me (or at least they DID until now). Great way to treat a 4 year customer. This also means I receive regular emails from them, and I can attest that their emails can go to the spam folder (might possibly have something to do with all the affiliates they have that send out bulk mailings?) Great customer service plan: make it next to impossible to cancel; if customers do cancel, still rebill and claim they canceled too late; if the card has expired, send them to collections without a call or a letter. Maybe you send an email beforehand, maybe you don't - who's to say? The billing agent I spoke with claimed they are CONSIDERING calling customers whose card have expired before sending them to collections in the future. How positively generous of them!

    Perhaps they assume people will get fed up with their byzantine and confusing control panel and cancel fast. And then maybe they base their business plan around finding ways to charge collection fees to people who have no clue they owe any money (for if they had a clue, they would pay the 8 bucks, just to get rid of them). This way, they get to charge 27 bucks... and ruin people's credit.

    But what they can't POSSIBLY be planning with such a strategy on is retaining good customers. Unless they subscribe to the theory that retention is based on needlessly infuriating those who pay your bills. What pathetic business practices.

    If you have problems with them, file a complaint with the BBB, where they appropriately have an "F" rating. They seem to resolve most complaints (but still have enough unresolved to warrant an "F"). Calling the billing department is useless, as they claim they can do nothing, and there are ample reports on line from people getting the runaround from "customer relations". So save yourself the hassle and file an online complaint with the BBB and perhaps the PA Attorney General's office. Whatever you do, don't take it lying down. The more people that fight for consumer rights, the less bottom feeders people will have to deal with.

  • Tr
      27th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    There appears to be a pattern with this company. I actually cancelled a trial period for $2.99 for one year because of the extremely poor product quality. The cancellation was confirmed by the company. Now, about six months later 1 & 1 sent the case to NCO for collection. They did never sent any warning. I shall sue them if they successfully screw up my credit.

  • Tu
      28th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have had a similar experience. These people are snakes. Do NOT have anything to do with them.

  • Di
      23rd of Nov, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am really worried since I did not provide any payment details, the domain names I was looking at are still available so I didn't buy them. I was trying to use PayPal but it didn't seem easy to do and I decided not to go through with it. I am concerned that they have my name and contact details since that page just dissappeared suddenly. On reading the above I will report the company to trading standards and talk to my lawyer should anything come up from them in the future. I will write to them to make sure they don't try pursue any false claims. Will I be okay?

  • En
      30th of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I opened a domain and an email site that 1 and 1 hosted. I maintained it for two years and then I cancelled it. I wrote them emails and mailed them letters cancelling my domain hosting by them as well as al their services I had employed. They charged my credit card again despite this. They kept charging my card until I cancelled it and had it re-issued with a new number. I heard nothing from 1 and 1 Internet for over a year and one-half.

    Then one day I received a phone call from NCO Financial Systems in Horsham, PA. I told NCOs representative that I had not done any new business with 1 on 1 Internet and that I had cancelled my accounts with them well over a year ago. NCO's employee told me that 1 on 1 Internet had "locked" my accounts because my credit card could not be charged. I said, that obviously if my card could not be charged, they had no right to force me to do business with them, nor to charge me or my card for this. I told her that they ( 1 on 1 Internet) had been notified by email and in writing that I no longer intended to do business with them.

    She told me that none of that mattered. That to stop their collection activity, I had to get 1 on 1 Internet to notify NCO Financial Systems I no longer owed them any money. I knew she was just giving me BS and she then gave me a 1-800 phone number to call saying it was for 1 and 1 Internet.

    I called the number she gave me and I was connected to what I thought was a voice mail system at 1 and 1 Internet. I tried to select numbered options in the voice mail system, but no matter what option I picked, nothing happened, then all of a sudden I was connected to a person who knew my name and telephone number who said he was an "account representative " for NCO Financial Systems a "collection agency." I told him I was given this number to call 1 and 1 Internet and I asked him how could I have reached him from 1 and 1 Internet's voice mail system. He did not respond. He just said I will mark your account in "dispute." He then said that he would get back to me.

    That was about a month ago. I have since called NCO Financial Systems and they keep telling me that I cannot dispute the charges from 1 and 1 Internet. I then contacted 1 and 1 Internet via email. They threatened me and said I had not held up the end of my business arrangement with them. I told them I had already notified them that I had cancelled my business with them via email, via letter, and finally I was forced to cancel my credit card account to stop them from continuing to charge me for services I neither wanted nor accepted. I was told I have no right to stop paying them.

    These Bozos are rip-offs! They close your account when they can no longer illegally charge your credit card and then they tell you that you can't cancel your accounts because the control panel for your accounts is the only way to cancel your accounts, but it is unavailable because your account was frozen or cancelled. It's a catch-22 and illegal. There are literally thousands of complaints against both 1 and 1 Internet and NCO Financial Systems. I have written the FTC and the office of the PA State Attorney General. I have heard nothing as of yet from either, except when I called the PA State Attorney General's office, I learned that there are "thousands of pending complaints" against both 1 and 1 Internet and NCO Financial Systems.

    I am sick of these scam artists and rip-offs getting rich by stealing from honest people and businesses. I guess these arethe businesses that all the telemarketers have transitioned into since the advent and inplementation of the Do Not Call lists.

    These people need to be put into jail!

  • Li
      6th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    How come my website is no longer in operation ?

  • Ra
      29th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    I have several host and domain companies that I use and am very happy with. hostgator, dotster, ect.
    1and1 I am not happy with at all. They are easy to get into but very difficult and time consuming to close business with. It seems they do their best to get at least one more payment from you. They "allow" you to close your account and then you find out AFTER receiving an invoice you still had a renewal agreement and the account is separate. And then this "renewal" is non-refundable and yes, they will take you to collections for any amount. It's really not worth the low cost of domains to use them for anything. BUYER BEWARE!!!

  • Kr
      10th of May, 2010
    -2 Votes

    Us too. They sent us to collection on an old address that we haven't used in years. We paid it, and here we are again two years later being sent to collections. We called to cancel, but no longer remember the password so they refused to cancel it. Since we don't have the email account that we used anymore, we can not get our password, therefore cannot cancel the service. Not sure what we'll do, but this is crazy! Do Not use them!!

  • Do
      18th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    I wanted to refinance my house and did a credit check with the bank and found a 30$ delinquent payment for "Internet" i racked my brain trying to figure out what this was and remember i had a 1and1 account. I logged in and my account was frozen and my 30$ got sent to a collection agency... Instead of having my account expire they charge me for a delinquent payment on services i didn't receive.

  • De
      23rd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    now another scam they do is that when you tell them by phone for instance to register a domain for you they do it with a spelling mistake in purpose so that when you log in you realize they gave you a wrong domain. if you notice them that there was a spelling mistake and you want the domain to be cancelled they tell that there is a deadline which exceeded therefore no refund can be done. they did it with me in purpose so I paid for a second time the same fee in order to register the wanted domain. and now my account is locked. anybody knows where is their headquarter ? the uk headquarter.

  • Tu
      8th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    1&1 ARE THIEVES.
    Unfortunately, this is a me-too story. Bought two domains a year ago. Hated their crap service.

    Decided to drop the domains, but I just got a bill for next year. Cancellation from the website seems impossible, and the 'customer service' phone number on the bill has a message giving another number that is dead.

    Sure, I have spoken to my credit card company, but from here I think that this story may not be over.

    I repeat. 1&1 ARE THIEVES.

  • Dr
      13th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I used to have an account with Tiscali in Germany and they were bought out by Freenet which have since been taken over by 1 & 1 it seems. They kept charging my account and trying to log into the service with my tiscali details from abroad was impossible. Today I receive 2 bills for almost 300 Euro. I asked my bank to block the charges to my account as there was no way to log into the system. Now I'm back and receive these 2 bills. Vultures.

  • Aj
      15th of Jan, 2011
    0 Votes

    Wow, now I know I' not the only with problems and I will alert the Attorney General's Office, whom I've launched a coplaint with in PA regarding the pracctices of 1and 1. For me, they "suspended" my acount for them failing to register my domain name, which is something they are suppose to do with Tucows. So, I requested in rewriting to cancel the service, which luckily I kept a copy of the email because suddenly after 6 months, I start getting collection calls from NCO. My paper copy of the email faxed to NCO seems to ahve put a stop to the collection calls. I then called 1and1 to see what the devil was up because I never received any further billing, any further debts on my card or anything after I requested to cancel. I speak with a supervisor called "Damien" who indicated that I forged the email and altered it an that I had never requested a cancellation . He then went disconnected me and so forth. What is worst about this, is that the company has hijacked my website all my files and records and I had to take my webist down for 6 months for the name to be released...guess who I won't be using! I've filed wiht complaint with the Attorney Generals Office in PA, I will be contacting the bbg and the ftc regarding this, as well.

  • Me
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I had a similar experience with 1 and 1. Signed up for cheap website hosting, never used the service and was billed on my credit card. I forgot about the account when I had to cancel my credit card when it was lost. 1 and 1 automatically renewed my account and never notified me that my account had not been paid due to the credit card issue. I received numerous e-mails from them, but none referencing the debt. Eventually I was called by this NCO Financial and they were rude, obnoxious and demanded an extra $18 above the debt amount to make a credit card payment. I just wanted the issue to go away, but refuse to pay their extortion. I have filed a complaint with the FCC, disputed the item with the credit agencies and will also follow up with the attorney generals office. Go Daddy will put them out of business soon enough, but I will do my part as well.

  • Gl
      3rd of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I am going through a simlar situation now and it has me very concerned. I called NCO last night nad they were short and curt when I asked for information about the 1&1 Inc late notification. I am going to report this action to the BBB.

  • Aj
      7th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I just received my response from the BBB it reads as follows:

    We understand that your your Customer ID #XXXXXXXXaccount was passed to NCO Financial, the collection agency that we use.

    We had transferred your domain ( to another registrar. This domain was transferred from our system and is now currently registered and hosted with the service of your choosing.

    However, the hosting service (Business Linux hosting) and the second domain in your account ( have remained unchanged in your Customer ID #XXXXXXXXX account. Neither of these services were altered or cancelled through our online cancellation service. If you had gone to with your Customer ID and password, you can cancel any individual services on your account or cancel your service entirely.

    Both the Business Linux hosting and the domain name remain active and billing under your Customer ID.

    Although, we have since read through your complaint and understand that you wish to cancel these services immediately. As such, I have set this Customer ID #XXXXXXXXX account to cancel with immediate effect. In this, you will not be any further billed or invoiced for either of these services.

    As well, we are removing your outstanding balance with NCO Financial. We are removing your account from collections. In addition. NCO Financial will remove you from any list that they have. There will be no more money owed to either 1&1 or NCO Financial regarding this Customer ID #XXXXXXXXX account.

    We apologize for any confusion caused throughout this process.

    Thank you.

    Joseph Quinn
    Complaints Department
    1&1 Internet Inc.

    Don't give up, keep a copy of your doucmentation, both writing and emails, they will help you support a claim against them with the BBB and with the Attorney Generals Office. Also, eamil everyone that you can think of using the ending (i.e. [protected], [protected], [protected] squeaky wheel does get the oil~

  • Ct
      16th of Feb, 2011
    0 Votes

    I too have been harrassed by NCO over a few domain names that I had written to 1and1 and asked them not to renew! They ignored that and then tried to renew them. Thank goodness my credit card was expired and they could not charge it. However, now NCO is after me for the domain renewal fees and an additional $18 for the fact they could not charge my credit card. I have attempted to pay 1and1...sent a check and a letter. Has been over three weeks and the check is not cleared. NCO continues to harrass me and spoke with a sympathetic person there the other day. I told him how I was not able to even find a phone number for this company to call them other than a tech support number and when you call you are put on hold for well over 45 min. Interestingly enough she looked and said that they did not even have a phone number to contact this company. No kidding...they don't want to hear from anyone and want to continually charge people's cards fraudulently. I would suggest if you have a current account with them and don't want to have your card hit with a charge again to go in and change your credit card number. I will file a complaint with the BBB today and the Attorney General's office. I do work in the IT sector and frequent many of the trade shows. I will be sure to continue to pass the word on this company!

  • Jp
      22nd of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Wish I would have checked out this site beofre signing with 1 & 1 back in 2007. I now have the same issue as some of the posts above. Called and cancelled, asked for a refund cause I never used the service and was denied (gave up cause it was only $20.00). Called in again, the same month, just to verify the cancellation. Now roughly 2 yrs later I am getting calls from NCO. Called 1 & 1 billing/customer service and they claim there is no record of me calling in to cancel and the debit is vaild. I spent 3 1/2 hours out of my work day looking for documentation to support my claim and found zip!! Just got done reporting them to the BBB and now looking online for ways to help people avoid the same mistake by using this company's service!!! I am not a person to go off and get sue happy, but sounds like a class action might get this company to start behaving ethically. I work in IT and will make sure everyone knows how I have been treated.

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