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  • Fi
      Nov 02, 2017

    Absolutely RIP OFF!!!
    My car was broken down and I was searching for mobile mechanics on Google, then the Mobile Mechanic Auckland appears at top line.
    I think that it should be a reliable company then I contact them. I choose them because with the similar estimated cost they tow it away for free. but things goes totally different after they took the car.
    They came to my place and just spent 2 minutes to check my car and said the start Motor need to be replaced, which I was awarded it could be the starter motor issue before, they charge $68+GST for the call out inspection.
    Same car issue they want to charge you 4 times more than other mechanics, and they always don't tell you the cost until they've done some works
    They will tell you the similar price with other mechanics at the beginning and provide free tow away service to let you in.
    They will tell you that will check the car and take some time but don't tell you how long it gonna take and how much it goona cost for checking it. Plus you are not in their workshop, how can you know what they did for your car.
    Then suddenly give you an amazing number which was 4 times more than they estimated at the very beginning.
    If you say don't want to fix it in their workshop they will ask you to pay the labor cost for checking the car.

    Here's another victim who has the exactly similar experience with me!

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