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Commission RobotDarren Gaudry

Darren Gaudry has tried to 'destroy' all traces to his website pages and numerous video testimonials... but, here is a site that is still on the Internet... this was a Commission Robot promotional video:

Go to this website to see what we members have had to say about this fraud:

His website that you cannot get past the first page!

The Commission Robot package is not functioning as advertised. Darren Gaudry promoted this product as an automatic system that would create and place marketing ads to drive traffic to our affiliate links where we would make commissions based upon traffic conversions through an automated 'robot/spider' that would find the best 'Click Bank' computer related products with good commission ratios. Yet after x2 months many, many members did not even have one sale.

This product was not promoted as a "work in progress". Darren Gaudry has claimed through his 'support staff' that he has (staff stated) stepped down from this program (which I believe is a total 'LIE') and he and his staff are continuing to perpetuate this "FRAUD' on the public.. They are still actively recruiting for the program, they open it for a little while and then they close it, they go back and forth doing this. This needs to be stopped... Darren Gaudry is 'stealing' peoples 'hard earned' money!

Here are a few examples that were on the video testimonials direct from the testing members Darren Gaudry/Commission Robot put $50.00 into each of their Pay Per Click advertising; they would show us their Click Bank accounts and personally give us their testimony etc. Chris Andrews had sales in 4 out of 7 days and in 3 weeks made over $557.00; Richard Williams had 11 sales week ending 3-11 for a total of $542.00 in commissions; Bill had 6 sales from 3-8 thru 3-13 for $192.00 in Commissions; and Walt ?-Kreutzman had 5 sales in 2 days and for the testing did over $800.00+ in commissions.

There are many, many members who have not even had x1 sale/commission in x2 months. Yet based upon the video testimonies we should have had sales an average of 3-4 days per week or more!

Here are other programs that this ‘fraud’ has out there in cyberspace:

1. Pass-Port To Wealth - all admin fees go to him.

2. Managed Marketing Campaigns - $249.00 per month with the same type of returns
(lead/ conversion ratios) as Commission Robot.

3. SWReg - Take a look at just one of his merchant acct.'s -
His own enticement video testimony touting his money making abilities.

4. He currently has 118 registered domains and has changed company names on numerous occasions...
So who knows what else is out there already...

5. He's got some Aussie 1500 (900# in USA) phone # thingy going at $997

Many of us ex-members went to the website and started a campaign to get our money back. My name on that site is “ScammedAgain?” at . We were able to provide documentation and proof of this scam. But we believe that they were now willing to provide refunds even though they ‘emphatically’ stated “NO REFUNDS”, so that members would not start filing complaints. Well our members are encouraged to stop this kind of fraud and agreed to start filing complaints with the various agencies!

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  • Re
    readynow Feb 07, 2010

    i like many others were ripped off and i have been trying to find somewhere ...where i can get my investment back and i have read that people have got their money back <br />

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  • Ro
    Rob Grantham Aug 03, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    And now for the biggest Darren Gaudry scam of all, two months on from bailing out of this Robot scam they re-billed my credit card. I have found out it is going to take 90 days for the credit card processing crowd?? who ever the hell that is to do a charge back and get me my money back. How the hell can they get away with this sort of thing?
    Has this happened to anybody else??

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  • Ho
    Honeybeez Jul 07, 2009

    Totally agree with everyone on this post about Darren Gaudry. Commission Robot has been a total scam and should be closed down.Commission Robot has been a horrible experience. I cannot believe that Darren Gaudry calls himself an Australian!

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  • As
    Aslan Jun 24, 2009

    Darren Gaudry is a fraudster and a scam artist.

    We forked over our hard earned money to pay for PPC advertising to promot Clickbank products on our behalf, however the money was not used for the purpose that it was given.

    He pocketed the money instead, it never went to the promised services that we paid for and he instead used FREE advertising from his email lists (which he is still doing) to send traffic to the product offers that were meant to make sales, therefore none of us was getting what we each paid for which is fraud, and judging from the poor results we have ALL had, is a testament to this fact.

    We’ve sent emails asking what our advertising money was spent on, an accountability and itemization of how our funds were being used to which we received “NO” reply, no transparency as to what happened to our funds, no record of how our funds were used.

    Darren Gaudry sent one pathetic video telling us all to get over it!, his behavior was unprofessional yet there was still no explanation as to why his program wasn’t delivering. He made no apologies for wasting our hard earned advertising dollars and was happy to continue sucking money from us to pay for something he knew would never work.

    If he were honest he would, not charge us, or he would have refunded us our money but instead kept the money and had the nerve to openly insult all those who invested in this “amazing” business that was going to be life changing which only turned to a living nightmare.

    This product was NOT promoted as a "work in progress", all the testing was done prior to launch so that it was a complete, ready to roll out system of which is was not.

    We each paid for a product that we were assured we would get, we did not receive that product.

    There are several of us all experiencing identical results and those are only the ones who have found the website.

    Go to to get the whole story:

    Darren Gaudry also took down any evidence of any so called successful test pilot results, why would you do this unless you had something to hide?

    He also deleted posts from members giving honest feedback as to the lack of results in the Commission Robot in an attempt to gag the truth from coming out, the actions of con artist and fraudster.

    DO NOT trust this scam artist, this is not an isolated incident and seems to be the pattern amongst all of his businesses!!!


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  • Sk
    skywalker Jun 22, 2009

    Darren Gaudry should be behind bars. Why isn't he there yet? I hope this gets him there. What a scam artist. Justice would be if all 500 get their refund and he is left with nothing.

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  • Bi
    binscammd Jun 19, 2009

    Darren Gaudry
    Darren Gaudry is not a man of his word, he survives on the vulnerabilities of others. Darren Gaudry WILL fill your head with hype and promise you the moon. Heck he will sit there in front of a camera, and try and convince you how hard he has been working, to make the program that you... invested in work.
    Darren Gaudry will sit there looking like crap! and tell you he has been working around the clock.
    If the truth be known he was probably out on an all night bender.. Darren Gaudry has no Morals, neither does Darren Gaudry have any Integrity.
    Darren Gaudry WILL NOT however return your emails when you have those irritating questions...

    If you have, or have been thinking about investing your money with Darren Gaudry... Then click on the link below: You'll be glad you did...

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  • Ca
    Capetown Jun 19, 2009

    This has been a terrible experience with Darren Gaudry and his commission Robot.No sales, very few clicks, little or no communication, a total farce and scam.Will not deal with Darren Gaudry again.We have all been taken for a Darren Gaudry ride.

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  • Ca
    Capetown Jun 19, 2009

    An absolute scam.Darren Gaudry has been totally dishonest and thankfully we have had refunds due to pressure from sheer numbers otherwise he would have not given a damn about us.Darren Gaudry and Commission Robot has been a nightmare experience

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  • Ri
    Richard Jun 17, 2009

    Many of those that invested money in Darren Gaudry's latest project Commission Robot have received refunds.
    I suspect there are many others out there who have lost money not only by signing up to Commission Robot but also other "projects" created by darren gaudry.
    It is never too late to get your money back.
    If you've invested cash in any project created by Darren gaudry and you feel you were chested then follow the link below for help and advice on how to recover your cash.

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  • Sc
    ScammedAgain?/Robert K. Jun 17, 2009

    Make sure you go here so that you too have the education to prevent being 'scammed' by 'Darren Gaudry' and others like him:

    You can get your money back from other 'Scam' programs that Darren Gaudry has 'perpetuated' upon the 'public'. Another 'Big Scam' is his "Managed Marketing Campaign" where you pay $249.00 per month and he places money into an 'advertising campaign' that will generate leads for your program.

    I know one person who has paid for 3 months worth, that's $747.00 and he's only received 10 Leads... can you believe that, only 10 leads!

    This is straight from that site, it's an exact quote: "What Sort Of Results Do You Think You Could Achieve For Your Internet Business ... If Your Website Was Included In A Professional Marketing Campaign ... That Had A Combined Budget Of Over $250, 000 Per Month ... Giving Your Business Maximum Exposure ... For The Minimal Cost Of Only $249? They (due to no fault of their own), simply lack the skills, or precious time it takes to learn to how to properly use and get results with the various marketing resources available such as: Pay-Per-Click In Major Search Engines Like Google and Yahoo, Banner Campaigns On Highly Targeted Websites, Ads In Ezines With Highly Targeted Audiences, Highly Sort After Co-Registration Positions, Powerful Email Marketing Campaigns To Highly Targeted Double Opt-In Lists, and the list goes on... I have been marketing on the internet since 1996 and over the years I have thrown away thousands of dollars and made many mistakes in learning how to market properly online, but I never gave up, in fact I learned something new from every failed campaign and eventually developed skills that have resulted in some of my campaigns bringing in a million dollars in sales a single month.

    Marketing is not a job or tedious task to me, it's a PASSION of mine!" End Of Quote

    Can you believe that... $747.00 gets you 10 hits/leads... from the "all knowing" Internet expertise of Darren Gaudry!

    The only 'passion' Darren Gaudry has is to seperate you from 'Your Money'!

    Go to:
    And read Post # 1090, 1091, and how to file 'complaints' with the appropriate agencies Post # 1009

    Arm yourself with this 'very valuable' information!

    We have helped many people get their money back... and you can too, once you know what to do!!!

    Thank YOu!
    Robert K. / ScammedAgain?

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  • Dr
    DrkStr Jun 17, 2009

    I always thought that Darren Gaudry was a stand up guy until Comy Robot. I followed Darren Gaudry for about 4 years (never joined anything), till Comy Robot. Got envolved with Comy Robot and POW! I found out a lot about the scamster Darren Gaudry and Company. I agree with Sca, , edagain and the rest of the crew (you know who you are at With help of all on this post and Robert K Alot of people got their money back from the scamster DARREN GAUDRY. I got mine! You'll Get yours and you deserve it.

    Totally agree with this post.


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  • Ea
    EASYCOM Jun 15, 2009


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  • Sw
    swampy52 Jun 15, 2009

    What will it take before people wake up to Darren Gaudry and his scams.
    I have heard of people commiting suicide because they turned to Darren Gaudry for help and got trampled in his rush for wealth. The man is a liar and not a man of God. God will judge Darren Gaudry but he should know this, all those who's lives he destroyed will be waiting for him on judgement day and he will not enter without pain. He will also take no wealth with him. I will either be the first to spit on his grave or the first to spit on him when he is judged by my lord.

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  • Bi
    binscammd Jun 15, 2009

    Darren Gaudry - Commission Robot - Without A Doubt this is SCAM... Darren Gaudry - You didn't Predict this one comning, Did You? Anyone having doubts as to whether Darren Gaudry is a scam or not make sure you go to Darren Gaudry a SCAM.. Commission Robot A SCAM...

    Where are you Darren Gaudry, why are you not sticking up for yourself. Why haven't we heard anything from you.. Because you know it's true... Don't you...

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  • Da
    danmr Jun 15, 2009

    Darren Gaudry where are you now??? From updating and promoting to your potential "victims" every other day leading up to the launch of Commission Robot - you have now disappeared, no doubt running away from what you knew all along - that Commission Robot was destined to fail but could still make you a lot of money in a short period of time!!!

    I bet you didn't bank on a dedicated group of people getting together and working out a solution to get our money bank - even though you had a supposed no refund policy!!! This website says it all -

    The moment you produced one of the worst video messages I have ever seen to your members was the day I knew you were another self-proclaimed "Internet Guru" that was in actual fact a scam artist... I wish there was a way to broadcast that video all over the internet, but that's right - you have removed all videos that have anything to do with Commission Robot haven't you...

    Darren wherever you are I hope you are enjoying yourself, but rest assured there are many, many people filing complaints about you to the relevant authorities and I'm sure that you will never be allowed to scam any more people. Ideally, you should be spending some time inside, you spineless weed of a person - I'm ashamed that you call yourself an Australian!!!

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  • Ib
    ibeenhadbad Jun 14, 2009

    Darren Gaudry is a scam artist, Darren Gaudry sold Commission Robot as a money making venture. Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry is all I think of when I think of commission robot scam scam, ripoff artist, took my money, scam = Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, What more can I say about Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, Scam Darren Gaudry, he will take your money.259e2

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  • Sw
    swampy52 Jun 13, 2009 this links to a site exposing Darren Gaudry as the scam artist he is. If you were scammed you need to visit this site and follow the tips on how to get your money bag. It's not too late to regain some self respect.

    Barry Elliott

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  • Sw
    swampy52 Jun 13, 2009

    Totally agree with this post Darren Gaudry and his scams including Commission Robot has to be closed down. Darren Gaudry needs to also face criminal charges.

    Barry Elliott

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