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Ni Sep 11, 2019

My self Nicole Mundy and my partner Gresham Mcnair have been long time customers of your Collie 6225 store (10 - 12 years). We are both on centrelink benefits.
Over the last couple of weeks we have been to the store a numerous amount of times to do our shopping. Each time there has been very little meat selection to buy. Only the expensive meat. (The prepackaged meat ordered from other areas). There has been no Scotch fillet steak, porterhouse steak, chuck steak, blade steak that is prepared in the back of the store by the butcher.
We have been forced to buy the expensive meat due to this and therefore been put out financially.
We have been extremely loyal to Coles and not gone over the road to shop at Woolworths.
Can you please explain why this has occured and maybe compensate us for this happening.
Please feel free to contact myself over this matter. My phone number is [protected].
Look forward to your response.

Thank you Kindly

Nicole Mundy

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