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I purchased a hot chicken from the Southland Store on Thursday 26/9/19, please picture of bag and bar code attached. I was eating the stuffing out of the middle of it and I came across something hard in my mouth, it nearly broke my tooth, I swallowed it accidentally. I then scooped out the rest of the stuffing and found another small rock in it. Surely the insides of the chicken should be cleaned out properly!
I always eat Coles chickens and have never had this before!

Please see the attached photos. I am very disappointed that there were 2 rocks inside the chicken.

Coles Supermarkets Australia
Coles Supermarkets Australia

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  • Ca
      Oct 03, 2019

    i wish to say that i used to enjoy shopping at coles BUT since you have introduced coins i really dislike shopping at the glenquarrie center because we also have a woollies and an aldi the woollies don't charge for the trolleys and aldi do. So now if i use a trolley none of them fit in the same bay some are connected wrongly and we then have to walk them back to the shop or lose our money. i feel happy that i can shop in woollies as i don't have to worry about the trolley. This is an impossible situation when the trolleys are not compatible
    so now i shop more at woollies not by choice but convenience. my grandson Logan Fitzgerald would like to add his thoughts on this problem.
    Hi my name is Logan and i'm 11 and I liked going shopping at coles with my Nan . But I've had to go into the shop if I want to put the trolley back . I'm sick of going back in and sometimes there is no trolleys in THE SHOP SO whenever we go to woollies i'm super happy to go . We are GUARANTEED A TROLLEY always . thank you for reading my email. yours sincerely Mrs Carol Fitzgerald and Logan Fitzgerald .

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  • Ca
      Oct 03, 2019

    i would like to also say that the staff at the glenquarrie centre are really very pleasent and helpful and hard working.

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