Coles Supermarkets Australiasecurity guard and advertised closing time

D Jan 04, 2020

This evening I went to purchase 2 items from the freezer section on behalf of my wife. I arrived at the door at 9:52pm to find the door would not open. Upon getting the attention of the security guard he said to me "We're closed."
No, there were still customers and staff checking out at the tills and the advertised time of closure on the internet was 10pm before I left from home to buy the 2 items my wife requested.
The guard said "You're not coming in." in spite of me pointing out the advertised closing time and that service was still available at the checkout.
When customers and staff exited the premises I attempted to keep the doors open, to which the guard responded "You try to come in, I'll call the police." I considered calling Fair Trading.
I asked "Why aren't you letting me in?" to which he replied "Because of the way you're talking to me."
"Next time I'll check the internet to see if it says ‘Turn up by 9:50 and be sure to speak to the security guard nicely.'"
Only after too much arguing did the guard refer to the ladies at the checkout to ascertain whether the purchase of 2 known items from the freezer section was going to be too much of an imposition was I allowed entrance.
I was able to find 1 of the items my wife sent me to purchase easily, the other I left until tomorrow at the advertised opening time to pickup so as to ensure staff could finish their duties at 10pm.
The guard was quickly out the door at 10pm, Coles staff were still behind the checkout finishing their duties.
Douglas Steed
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