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Above mentioned pretend to be lawyers. Used another firm to levy my account and get a court order, that I wasn't notified about., and are holding my SS check. Original bill was $800.Amount on levy $4200.00. I have found that they have violated the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. They are functioning illegal. I have Faxed all my information.They do not return phone calls. Having illegally seized my account, I cant pay my Gas and Electric,or other bills that I pay from my $584.00 SS check.

They are shown on the internet for several violations, class action suits, and their scam type, illegal actions.


  • St
    Stephanie Joy Dec 30, 2007

    Why don't you change the direct deposit bank account your SS check goes into? Also, I would address any 'illegal' levy of you bank account with the bank, since they saw the levy papers and abided by them.

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  • Ja
    Jay Jensen Jan 25, 2008

    The bank states that they cannot get involved, that you have to address the issue with the attorneys that froze the account. I had this happen to me yesterday. They froze my account for an 8000 dollar reposession from 2005 and without so much as one piece of paperwork other than right after the vehicle was sold at an action, I have no funds. I also had social security in my account and have no money. I have no choice but to see legal action and have an appt coming up. This office of Cohen and Slamowitz hung the phone up on me 2 times after they get done belittling you about how you should just pay up the debt and then this wouldn't have happened. They also have a freeze on it for over 19,000 dollars, not the 8 that is owed to the original creditor that is 3 years old. There has got to be something that can be done with this company. I called around and I have no judgements against me so how can they freeze my account?

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  • He
    Herman Munoz Feb 14, 2008

    Jay Jensen,

    I have had the same matter happen to me by Cohen & Slamowitz, they seized my bank account and demanded I fax my pay stub to set up a payment plan. I am currently paying them on a monthly basis because they stated if I don't pay the balance debt off, about $ 1,200.00, my paycheck will be garnished. Any advise.

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  • Ki
    Kim T Feb 24, 2008

    Oh my God...Jay, please get them out of your bank account NOWWWWWWWWWWWW. I am not a lawyer, just slowly becoming one by proxy of my research...but I am a very injured party of this deceptive uggg practice there are no words...please email me if you'd like to talk more. But get them out of your bank account...its like letting your enemy hold your breathing tube.

    And BTW...I know that alot of people have been hurt by this firm and have fought alone...I am fighting really hard....I would like the company of others who have been destroyed by them to please contact me to band together and maybe bring some final justice for all.

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  • De
    Dee Mar 03, 2008

    These ### put a lien on my acct without even a phone call or bit of correspondence. the debt is from 1995, by their own account they have had this debt since 2000. A $6000 debt has turned into my accoun being overdrawn $14000. I was cursed out just tonight by three collectors whom all calim to be lawyers. One said she could get the bill knocked down to $9000. How? When she admitted that the original debt is for $6000. I cant pay my rent or my sons' tuition which is due tomorrow. What am I supposed to do? This account is over 10years old there is no judgement against me. The statute in NYC is 6years. WTF is going on?

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  • De
    Dee Mar 03, 2008

    Has anyone recovered their acct from C&S?

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  • De
    Dee Mar 04, 2008

    I have just viewed my credit report and their are no judgements or debts owed to the bank C & S claim to represent. The plot thickens...

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  • Os
    Osita Okocha Mar 05, 2008

    Your SS checks are exempt from the levy of any judgment. You should bring a Motion to Vacate Default Judgment to maintain the status quo.

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  • Cy
    cynthia wells Apr 03, 2008

    Keep in mind SS and both Public/Private pensions are excempt. They continue to do this, regardless of 2004 class action. The judges are not helping either, as each case pays the court 250.00. Profit to their respective court.

    A point no one has mentioned in many forums, we must set in to legislation immediate relief for those on SSD, and all citizen 's who have no money after bank levy!! My spouse has heart disease, they levied everything in his checking, now he has no money for meds. It has been two weeks, our rent is end in sight. Unless more consumers are willing to initiate yet another suit this will happen over and over, I was informed during consult they can go after you for a period of 20 years/ the SOL statute for what then?

    I reside in NYS. Last year alone within the five boroughs of NY these charmers Cohen and Slam-on-you earned 800- million. I could go on and on, would prefer those interested in finding a class action Att'y to represent all the victims and familes, please feel free to e-mail me. Lastly, those who have suffered medical problems and or serious health issues as a resul contac legal aid, you may possibly be able to sue for pain and suffering etc. This being seperate from a Class Action. Everyone take a breathe deeply.

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  • Be
    Beverley H. Jordan Apr 11, 2008

    Cohen & Slamowitz froze my checking account; $2790.66 is considerably more than I have or will have in this account. My bank gave them $922.46, but my C&S "representative, " Pat Fendi, consistently denies that they've received any of this money. All she says is, "There's a freeze on your account." When I call to see if she has received the information I've faxed to her, she says, "No one has given me any faxes from you."
    The defaulted credit card account in question is about 7 years old. It's not on my most recent credit report.
    I'm disabled, and the stress of this situation is causing an exacerbation of my illness. I have no family members who can help me. Suicide is looking like the only way out.

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  • Os
    Osita Okocha May 02, 2008

    I am suing the law firm in the Southern District Federal Court in Manhattan and hopefully will make it a class action lawsuit. If you want to join the class, contact me at [email protected]

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  • Al
    Al Caceres Aug 01, 2008

    my wife needs to be involved also

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  • Wi
    wiola Aug 01, 2008

    Cohen & Slamowitz froze my checking account too, without any letter and they took all balance-I was left with $100 withaut money to pay my rent, bills or to buy food.When I was calling I was put on hold every single time and after that voice mail went on.Hope Good will help me, because I dont know what I will do know.

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  • Ma
    marianne krause Nov 21, 2008

    cohen and slamowitz are doing the same thing to my mom we are trying t work with them and they are doing everything in their power to make it difficult she has 4000.00 of the 6000.oo she owes but will not work with her to make payments they instead have threaten to take her home over this 2000.oo dollar dept what can we do ?

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  • Ag
    Aggravated Dec 29, 2008

    OMG I am so glad I found this site!!! These nuts have been bugging me for a very long time. First of all the credit card they claim I owe isn't one I ever had. The amount isn't even correct nor is the accountant number. I contacted them once. They continue to send me supeonas and summons. They froze my checking account Oct 07 for a year. There was $435 in it. They froze it for over $6000. When the freeze was lifted I took the money and closed the account. That was the advice from the bank. Now today I get a notice that I have to fill out an Information Supeona. I guess I have to or I am in trouble? (By the way I am in New York). They claim that they have something they want as payment for this judgement. I have NOTHING. I don't even have a job. I don't know what they are talking about. My car is old and worthless. I don't believe they can take it anyway. I dont' know what to do. I don't want to fill out the form but I guess I am required to?

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  • Ra
    raggedyannie4 Jan 13, 2009

    i worked for c&s for many many years and can't help but become frustrated about some of these complaints. still, at the same time, i can understand having a debt and being unable to take care of it. here is some advice for all:

    when you receive a letter, don't ignore it. when you receive a phonecall, don't ignore it. (especially if you feel a mistake has been made)
    if you believe the debt to not be yours, ask for proof (in writing). c&s will have to provide you with documentation (a signed application and credit card statements) before going any further. some of our clients provided us with everything. some with nothing. regardless, we cannot proceed until we give you what you ask for. if C&S cannot retrieve any documentation, then most likely the matter will be discontinued and you should ask that a Notice of Discontinuance be sent to you for your records. if you do receive the documentation, review it and contact the firm immediately as they will begin proceedings. if the person you speak with is unreasonable or rude (some will be but not all), don't give up. demand to speak to a manager. you may have better luck with them. if they will not agree to an arrangement that is affordable to you, then let them serve you with a Summons and Complaint. but do not ignore the Summons. if you do, a judgment will be entered against you and they can then lock up your bank accounts. respond to the Summons by filing your Answer with the court. once your Answer is filed, you do not need to speak with the Collections Dept. you can then speak directly with the legal dept who are more courteous and reasonable as far as settlements go. they will usually accept less to avoid a court date. if all settlement negotiations fail, then rest assured that you will have a court date. the court will send you a postcard in the mail to appear. you will then have your chance in front of the judge to state your case and what you can afford. the judge is the most lenient of all so sometimes, for some, this may be the best way to settle.

    this is the best advice i can give to keep you from getting to the point where your account becomes restrained. just, above everything, don't get discouraged. if you don't like who you speak with, then speak with someone else. this is a large company and you have plenty of people that you can talk to. don't let one rude person scare you off and ruin your credit forever.

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  • In
    indentured Jan 15, 2009

    I have a default judgment against me and I have tried for days to contact them regarding a conditional release of my bank account to release the restraint. they have given me 3 wrong fax numbers so far, and have been rude to me and have even hung up on me. I'm beginning to think that these ### just want to intimidate debtors rather than get their money.

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  • Ka
    kate Feb 02, 2009

    I had a summons sent to me earlier in january to answer 20 days from the date of the letter. the same day i took it to my lawyer who in turn contacted them. they came to a verbal and written agreement (transmitted by fax and mail) that i would pay 1500 out of the almost 1800 i owe by feb 13th. I just checked my checking accounts, i have 2 at the same bank, because i know of the tactics they perform towards others, and low and behold. 20 days after the date on the summons, my accounts are frozen. they got 1790 out of my main account, froze the remaining one to expire 3/2010 for 3500, and my other account for the same amout, 3500. so 8800 for a 1800 debt that my lawyer is handling with them direct!! isnt that a violation?

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  • Ih
    ihateineptness Feb 17, 2009

    These idiots are leaving prerecorded computer generated messages on my answering machine for someone I do not even know!
    These ###s are so inept that the message states to hangup if I am NOT that person and if I continue to listen I am admitting that I AM that person (which I'm not)
    Well, how the heck can I do that if I am not even there and the completed message is already on my machine.

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  • Su
    sue and bill Feb 23, 2009

    omg ijust found this wed site slamowitz treat us like crip they garnish my husband paycheck and when we called about it they said what part of garnishment dont you understand i could not believe this we were not served any papers and when ask where the papers were he said they were given to a neighbor and that they did not need to be hand delived this is all about a credit card that we never had when ask about seeing the app. they said it was to late for that nand i have that in a letter from them with them taking that money out we might lose our house please someone help us [email protected]

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  • Sh
    Shy Ali Mar 08, 2009

    In New York State, PATTERSON Signed a law 1/1/09 stating You had to have over $2500. in the bank before your account could be frozen. And I don't think your Social Security can be frozen if you have direct deposit.

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  • Da
    dawn “loadiegirl263” Aug 24, 2018

    @Shy Ali true and cuomo signed a law protecting low income people with bank accounts with only exempt funds for company from scum like cohen and slamowitz...or whatever funny name they are calling themselves these days!

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  • Su
    Sue, NY May 28, 2009

    I too found out I had a supposed judgement my them and well I just got the judge to sign off on an order to show cause serving them tomorrow with the paperwork. They put the judgment in nassau and filed for the garnishment in suffolk. They called me illegally in March at 7:30am claiming to be Suffolk county Jury Duty and that I was in violation of not showing., and falsely got my employer info out of me by scaring me into and now my employer was going to be served on june 12th stopped that dead in its tracks. My lawyer was already suing them with the fair federal credit practices act which they clearly ignored. ### of the earth, Fight it fight it fight it. I had all this misidentification all over my report and when i contacted them they asked me to validate the debt ME???

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  • Ed
    EdL Nov 02, 2009

    Yeah, my wife just got a notice from this firm as well. The balance is for $1491.21. This balance has been in dispute for over a year with Captial One and it just kept on rolling, the original balance was less than $400. And no one from Captial One seemed to care to reply directly and help us settle this dispute on the account. With no income, we cannot afford to make any payments for now, and sadly not enough savings to cover the bill. We have a couple hundred dollars in the bank, but I guess these aholes will do what they do to get their hands on it still! No, we do not have a house or a car. In fact, we live in a basement. We don't even have SSI, foodtsamp or any government aid besides medicaid. So, my question is, what good will it do for them to sue us and obtain a judgement even if they win? We are so broke it is not even funny. I mean, I am willing to work with the bank in the future to settle this account, but not now. Not that we don't wanna, the truth is...we can't. What should I do? Help please?

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  • Be
    beenserved Jul 14, 2010

    o to the civil courthouse. Tell the court clerk that you want to appeal the default judgement because teh Affidavit of Proof of Service was fraudulent. Many times they forge signatures on the Proof of Service. When it goes to trial you can use these defenses:

    1. The debt is outside of the Statute of Limitations. Let them proove otherwise.
    2. Junk collectors are not allowed to sue in a civil court.
    3. Are they licensed to collect debts in your state?
    4. Ask for the original loan or credit card application with your signature.
    5. State that they violated terms of FDCRA.
    6. Do a search on Cohen and Slamowitz. You will come up with loads of info.

    This site will guide you step by step:

    You can Cohen & Slamowitz in Federal or State Court for violations of FDCRA. Do a search of FDCRA. You can get $1000 for each violation as long as you sue within 1 year of the violation. You can sue in the civil and federal or state court at the same time.

    I hope this helps. I was in the same shoes.

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  • Ji
    Jimbee7 Oct 22, 2010

    They served me with a "summons" at 7am by what looked to be an undercover cop in an unmarked car. I just called them and they refused to answer any questions. I asked them about this summons and why it didn't show up in the public records on the court website. They refused to answer anything and said get a lawyer.

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  • Fa
    faceman Nov 19, 2012

    I have been to court with Cohen and Slamowitz recently over a debt I owed. I was able to settle thanks to a very lenient judge. This law firm is a pencil pushing phone call making firm. No attorneys actually show up directly from this firm. They hire local settlement attorneys and pay them to make an appearance on their behalf. This is straight from the lawyers mouth as she explained it to me before! she knew who I was!!! Be very careful in your dealings with them as they do like to bend or break the law quite frequently. Also document everything and get names of who calls you.

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