V Oct 01, 2019

This is a complaint and lost prevention issue

Went I go shopping to your location at mercedes tx I love the service cesar (he is probably in his 45or 48 years old) gives me and how he attends to all customer with out making you fill ignore.. Compared to laura he is outstanding, laura always ignore me for no reason and never offer me a service... Also laura always is offering his employee discount to all her friends and family or make customer to buy items for her with a better price, she also tells the customer to leave her items at other store located at the outlet... She also gives her boutique discount to friends and family.. I will necesito want to be at the mercedes store because of her, that is why my purchases are always from mcallen tx better service and better people (they are with energy, respect, they help you and always give there 100% to make you happy with your purchase)

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