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CMB Building Maintenance & Invest review: my regrettable experience

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CMB Building Maintenance & Investment Co. Limited to the best of my knowledge is a Nigerian real estate company that represents different real estate related companies such as CMB-vertikal Construction Ltd and Oyster Management.
My experience with this company is one that has left me in total regret. Not only do I fear loosing my hard earned savings, I have lost a lot of money getting lawyer to write demand letters for the refund of my money, of which the staffs have resolved to making false claims as an excuse.

The problem started when I noticed an irregularity in the land sales agreement we signed whereby we agreed 3.5 Million naira but in the terms and condition, they deceptively wrote 8 million naira as "Sale price of the propery".
To avoid ambiguity going forward, I contacted Vivien Efakpokire and Chinma Asogwo the two staffs of CMB Nigeria estate company that marketed and sold the land to me. I requested that the irregularity be corrected before I make the next installment payment.

Surprisingly Vivien Efakpokire instead crudely and detestably threatened to resell the land and refund my deposit of One Million Naira. She also started making outrageous claims that I harassed her. I was shocked at her sudden insincerity and became worried if am being duped. To avoid problems, I told Viviene to please refund my deposit as she has said.

Three months has passed, I can no longer reach Vivien or her colleague Chinma on phone. They don't reply my emails either. I paid a lawyer to write demand letters to the company, we received an outrageous response that they will charge 25% administrative fee on the one million and then pay the balance over a period of 8 months. They also threatened to sue me for assault.

I am totally broken because I worked so hard for my savings and now it appears I may never be able to get back the One Million Naira. My lawyer has advised that it cost much money and take a lot of time to fight any court case in Nigeria. I am hoping by making this outcry the company will be compelled to refund my money as they received it. Attached are my payment receipt and other evidences.
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Jan 07, 2019 7:43 am EST

CMB are scammers, we paid for a plot at Pearl Cooperative. It has been three years and they have not yet allocated our land to us. The information we have is that they over subscribed the estate.