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Water is constantly being shut off without notice.. (they claim it to be faulty boiler tanks, which were newly installed in the summer) They even already shuit the water off for 48 hours last week to fix it.) Sub contractors do not know how to work according to saftey laws. Hallways full of drywall dust. Constant noise and dust pollution. Been suffering living here for 2 months now. I literally have to give my dog away because of vobration and noise in my apartment. CLV SITE MANAGER WILL NOT CONTACT ME BACK. Consrtuction workers throwing drywall from 5th story window into parking lot covering parking lot and driving area with debree. Noise and air pollution causing unsanitary living conditions! No notices were originally givien about construction. And also the elevator is constantly being taken out of use with any notice to residents. Some people seriously need the elevator living on the 5th! No respect or caring for tenants. Also management keeps having to redo contruction due to poor (if not no) organisation what so ever. IT IS A LIVING HELL TO LIVE HERE!

* I have abour 20 photos for proof...


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Mar 25, 2016 1:49 pm EDT
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I would never rent from CLV group at all they don't know how to treat tenants right at all or even know how to fix things right plus I would never let anyone in my place unless there is someone in that apartment cause the workers are thieves. I should know cause I used to live in one of there buildings in London Ontario and plus they have a contractor who doesn't know how to fix things at all when they fix it it is just a patch job just as long they get there money from you.The other thing is to they don't know how to look after the outside of the property without stepping into dog crap or b**ts from cigs. All they can do is suck people out of there money and as far it goes with the staff up in Ottawa they need to learn to respect people or even work with the people instead of been real ###s up there plus they think people don't know what they are really like that is why they have so many complaints against them and as far it goes with the BB I think they better ask what the tenants what this company is really like and see what the property is really like too.

Mar 17, 2016 9:33 pm EDT

Watch out for a building in East Hamilton. used to be called La Torre Place. Says in the ads that I have seen that it is a spacitious and "bug free" building. I can tell you right now that building IS NOT bug free and is on Hamilton's blacklist for bug infestations... and not just cockroaches either. Thank god they tried to force us out. We lawyered up and ended up getting a nice little settlement that paid for our move as well as first and security at our new place.

Dec 10, 2015 11:00 pm EST

I definitely agree. Moving into my current apartment is one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

I've recently moved in and I haven't slept properly, barely slept, since I moved in because they apparently used paper or something for the freaging walls. I can hear everything other people are doing basically. People laughing, talking, walking, banging around, etc. It's honestly very annoying because of the fact that I'm paying 1000 dollars a month for a noisy apartment. If I'm paying 1000 a month for a place, I better have my peace, at least when I'm trying to relax and sleep at night.

There's been a few problems with the apartment since I moved in, although they fixed some of them the first day I moved in. The kitchen drain was blocked, paint was messed up around the sink unit in the bathroom, one faucet is leaking and the bathroom door won't stay shut or anything.

Honestly I don't care about any of that except the noise until 1 am, plus. That's such bullcrap, especially the fact that I can hear the hallway doors closing OVER ear plugs. If I where ear plugs I can't hear my alarm so.. Hm.. Barely sleep or sleep past my alarm, risking not waking up on time for my stuff.

I've been trying to hard to get rid of this place, I hope someone takes it over soon.

Dec 05, 2015 9:09 am EST

I recently moved into a CLV, 3 story apartment building in Ottawa.

It's cisually beautiful, although the problem is that it's an old building and therefore is very poorly insulated. It isn't soundproofed what so ever. I recently lost a job opportunity because there was so much noise last night (I've only been here for about a week) that ear plugs were necessary, although I can't hear an alarm clock over ear plugs.

It was that or stay up all night and barely get any sleep. I hear loud bangs and hitting against a wall, loud boomy footsteps, doors closing, people talking and laughing, etc. All very clearly. Not just that but the window in my bedroom is so crappy it may as well not have any glass. I hear car horns, dog barking, people talking, cars driving all so loudly.

May 30, 2015 8:51 pm EDT

I used to live in one of clv and i will never go back at all since the staff in London Ontario were all let go but expect one person who is to be a building contractor as far as i care he doesn't know anything at all from his right hand to his left hand. the work they do is nothing at all expect for a half fast job then when they fix an apartment up they raise the rent higher so they can get more money out from people to me they are the best joke of them all just when you don't have to pay last months rent at all until you move out from there builds. as far as the staff up in Ottawa they sure the hell don't even know what is going on as far as they care is the big old buck and nothing else. as far as the plowing in the winter time is a real big joke too cause they sure and the hell don't know how to plow the snow at all on top of the parking lot.

Apr 19, 2014 6:45 am EDT

Easter weekend and there's no hot water in the morning. This has happened all week. They claim that they need a ignitor switch for the hot water tank. Every time something happens its the same excuse"We have to order a part"

2 maintenance guys for 3 buildings with over 300 tenants. .. ya that seems about right

Nov 26, 2013 2:44 am EST

Oh where to begin? Clv sucks so badly there are hardly any words.

1) last winter they installed heat controls and all the tenants were freezing. You regularly heard tenants say they turned their ovens on to heat the place.
2) they hired a crappy company to redo the balconies and boarded our patios for 5months despite not being ready to do the work. Workers were so slow during peak summer months that now they are rushing to get the other side done before -30 temps hit
3) they allow any loser to move including those who get so drunk or high that they lock themselves out and then try to break down their door in the middle of the night.
4) not to mention the never ending dog barking or people not picking up after their dogs. Oh and if you have a fear of dogs you may want to avoid this place because of the constant flow of pitbulls with owners who don't follow bylaws to leash and muzzle their dogs.
4) people complained one night that they heard rushing water. The onsite duty manager came by and I let him in so he could hear the upstairs apartment had left the water running full blast for over 4hrs. When the noise woke me up at230am I called again thinking maybe someone had slipped and fell in the bathtub or could be dead and he asked if it could wait until morning. I responded by saying its been 10 hrs now and surely you'd want to see if someone is hurt or dead? Good night was the response I got. Nevermind sorry it woke you up and we didn't resolve it before you went to bed.

People who lived here over 25 years have been moving out en mass since clv took over. That has to say something. I've never seen so many people break their leases and do a late night dash to get out of these places. The complaint list is unending. ..RUN...STAY AWAY! I will not be renewing my lease that's for sure.

Apr 20, 2013 11:40 am EDT

i hate clv! they are nothing but a greedy ###! they would take the skin of your back only if they could! totally unprofessional! i totally regretted moving here! my rent increased for almost a $100 for less than a year, and the buildings are more than 35 years old, so you can imagine the problems that are showing up constantly, ants, floods, it is too cold during winter, the windows are useless being 35 years old, their solution is to put the bag on it, to protect yourself from constant draft, seriously horrible living conditions that you can only feel once you move in, and you are stuck for whole year with so many problems. I wish i have read this before i moved in.

Mar 02, 2013 12:04 pm EST

CLV group employees are complete ###s! Every day there is a new mess that these idiots create and it seems they go out of their way to create a distance with the tenants by always blaming them for the problems and that they have to fix. For some odd reason, they seem to get away with a lot even when they are breaking the law - NOT RIGHT! Please people work in large numbers - make a tenant association if need be (they are forbidden to prevent the formation of such a group) to get things done and take them to the Landlord and Tenant Board if they don't want to take responsibility for their property. Warning, they will bring representation with them so make sure you have your ducks in a row (keep track of all records to make them fix something-paper trail is better so email if possible-and how long it took them - a standard non-emergency complaint should allow them a 2 week window to fix- or if they bothered to acknowledge the complaint). If you are fortunate enough to leave, leave! And if you are considering living at CLV Group don't believe the lies when going on the tour of the premises. The buildings are in bad shape and you will only regret your actions to move in. Save the headache for something more important. DON'T MOVE INTO CLV GROUP! YOU WILL LIVE TO REGRET IT! NEGATIVE10 STAR RATING here for customer service and quality of living!

Jan 26, 2013 11:44 am EST

You won't find any bad press on the CLV Group Facebook Page because they delete all negative comments then block you from the page. They know they are responsible for negligence but would never admit it. They blame the tenants for everything and label them as a problem when you try to get answers or work done. They provide responses like "we will get to it" then hope you never return. They will hang up on you when you call them about a complaint. They say they are busy with 1 staff when you confront them and this is not true. Yes they may go through staff frequently but I have seen a number of staff working for the company at one time. They only want your money and will block you by pretending that you don't exist and blame you for the way they respond. They lawyer up when there are serious issues and try to get the tenant to look like they are the problem. This company is a huge problem so don't rent from them.

Jan 22, 2013 6:48 pm EST

Beware of Rental Agent Breanne Spencer

Jan 22, 2013 6:36 pm EST

I am reading these posts thinking that I am living with the same violations. The CLV Group rental agent lied about the property - there is no validity of what was expressed and got conned into renting an apartment not even suitable for social housing. There is a consistent lack of heat, notices are not provided for constant noise violations (and even doing work on Sunday as early as 8 am - illegal), doors don't work as the locks are always broken, illegal entry on more than one occasion, plus hundreds of other issues that just get me boiling mad. The sad part is that instead of steam rolling over people, they react with a counter attack - the deny everything and relations are now so horrible, I get snarly comments from the so-called manager that just says she will 'look into the issue' but that's only said to shut me up. When complaining, they deny there are any issues - to anyone looking to rent from CLV GROUP - turn around and run - don't walk - RUN and don't look back. Let them go bankrupt. There will be no renewal once the lease is up but if there is any justice, the Landlord and Tenant Board will let us out early due to numerous violations. One can only pray and hope there is justice.

Nov 07, 2012 5:48 pm EST

Upon submitting an application with a money order, it was approved the same day, but 5 days later I sent notice in cancelling my application for tenancy and requesting my deposit back. I was told a $300 administration fee would be deducted from my money order before returning it, but the Landlord and Tenant Board states that the contract deposit can only be used for last months rent and nothing else. This is ridiculous as the "fee" was not mentioned anywhere in the application, just that cancellation of it had to be in writing. I am fully aware now to never approach CLV group ever again.

Apr 17, 2012 11:59 am EDT

Zero rating: They lost my letter to terminate vacancy and now claim that I never forwarded one to them - but this is their policy - to inform them two months in advance in writing. When I emailed to confirm - asking if there was any paper to sign - they claim that was the first they had heard of my declaring. Now they are extorting money out of me. I am leaving because they are extorting money out of the current tenants stating they have made building improvements (painting, laying new carpet, new shrubbery and replacing a 50 year old boiler - basically general upkeep) - what they are actually referring to is the new apartments they inserted in our old storage locker area which they took away from us with 3 days notice. They have this policy that only the person on the lease can have one entrance key. They said this was the law but a call to the Ministry confirmed they had never heard of such a law nor even as a policy. (They don't want unregistered people in the apartments not paying rent) I lost the key and sent in a letter asking for another (cost $20) which took 3 months to get to me only after several forceful letters. It was not a problem for me as the entrance door was busted the whole time. They ignore calls, never call back, never return emails and claim they never get letters. I finally had to get a faucett looked at and demanded someone come and fix it - a maintenance person called suggested how I fix it and said he could not get into the apartment as he had no entry key - but all the maintenance people have codes to enter - I have seen them use it. This guy just outright lied. They extort, they lie, the obfuscate, claim things that are not true, they will violate your privacy. Stay the friggin hell away from these people. I have set up a face book page so that people can lay complaints and tell their stories.


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