Cleannet USAdon`t business this company

I bought franchise from cleannet usa. I hope start new futures.. Seller guy ed lugo... He is best until signed to contract.. Picture is beautiful.. Support, education etc.. Everything big lie.. Don`t trust this company.. Just live them alone.. Go and start yourself.. Or other...

I will soon post more detail about this company. But I am very happy.. First time I will say thank you google.. Because posting every complain this company same page...

Thank you. Google... Now I believe and more trust google..

Again I will post more think about this company soon... Stay away... Owner iranian... Change to name.. But so what... Let see...


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    CleanNet USA Franchisee Feb 26, 2010

    I must completely disagree with this complaint concerning CleanNet USA. My name is Fred Brewster and I'm a current Franchisee of more than 5 years. This is actually my second franchise with CleanNet USA and I currently service contracts from Baltimore, MD to as far south as Leesburg, VA. Through the provided training as well as the ongoing support my franchise has had the opportunity for year over year financial growth since inception. When it comes to the initial support and training I have received all training and still receive support from quality control reps, directors, office staff, sales managers as well as anyone else I need assistance from to include ED LUGO, Director of Franchise sales, who is simply a phone call or email away.

    Bottom lines is that if your interested in becoming a franchisee with CleanNet USA you will be provided with all training and continued support throughout the life of your business. Please understand that this is "YOUR" business. If CLeanNet USA does all that is promised and you are not willing to do YOUR part you will not be successful.

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    Kggdon Mar 16, 2010

    At least we hear from both sides.

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