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S Jan 15, 2020

Allowed me to leave the lot making 2 car payments that they knew I was unable to make. I take responsibility for agreeing, but the fact that they cared more about getting cars off the lot than whether or not I was going to be in a bind for a car that had a design flaw makes me wonder why they offered me those options.
I called immediately to let them know it was clear that I had made a mistake and all they said was "it's your car now". Moses medina and david lopez both told me that I should turn it into the bank to keep from being responsible for the 2019 jetta that has a design flaw (recognized by vw, though they say it doesn't cause any harm. They asked if I was planning on buying a house and since I wasn't they said it wouldn't hurt anything. I could go on. Don't go to clay cooley park cities vw in dallas unless you go on the defense.

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    Complaint about:

    Clay Cooley Volkswagen of Park Cities
    5555 Lemmon Ave, Dallas, TX 75209
    (469) 336-6066
    Email: [email protected]
    Salesman: David Lopez
    Finance: Moses Medina (email: [email protected])
    General Manager: Steve Dodge
    Finance Manager: Shay Moore

    Complaint from:

    Santhia Collins
    710 Harrington Dr. Cedar Hill, TX 75104


    I am in such a terrible place right now because of my experience at Clay Cooley. I feel that no one has wanted what's best for me, but only what's best for the dealership which is to get cars off the lot no matter what you need to do or what situation you put the customer in.
    I'm going to take a hit on my credit because I was given an option that I would never have thought about on a car that had a defect, causing driving it to be a horrible experience. Clay Cooley didn't care about that. All you cared about was that I owned the car (that I bought from you) and you weren't responsible for it any longer. (I have attached my experience with the 2019 Jetta since July 30, 2019.) Clay Cooley, Moses Medina and David Lopez, didn't want to help my situation. They only made it worse.
    I should never have been able to drive away with 2 cars.


    I was guided into leasing a Passat while I was purchasing a 2019 Jetta. Then I was advised to turn in the 2019 Jetta (that turned out to have a defect acknowledged by VW but they say it doesn't damage the car) that Clay Cooley sold me 5 months previously (many bad reviews about it online) in which VW cared nothing about me, the customer, that is driving it once it was bought... and it would hurt my credit. WHO DOES THAT??? Only someone who cares more about their bottom line than having a customer that felt cared for. I will never recommend Clay Cooley VW Park Cities to anyone.

    I feel totally used and that I was not helped in either case. I'm now paying for a car I'm purchasing AND leasing a car as well because you guys only wanted to get cars off the lot since it was the last 2019 (that's what you told me and you also told me I could probably get a good deal on it). You were NOT interested in my situation at all and what that would do to me, your customer. You knew how upset I was about VW Corporation not recognizing that the 2019 Jetta issue was disturbing to me and so many customers - that they would do nothing to fix the grinding in my 2019 Jetta. You knew I hated driving it. I had been to your service department 5 times to resolve the 2019 Jetta issue. You knew I didn't want to keep the 2019 Jetta under any circumstance. You knew I was concerned about it and every time I protested you came back with another option for me to purchase or lease another car. It seems you know how to wear a customer down... Congratulations. And I allowed it.

    My experience with Clay Cooley VW Park Cities was one that cared nothing about me at all. You just wanted cars off the lot and talked me into helping you do that. You knew I couldn't afford both cars yet you watched me drive off the lot with them. I guess that helped you out. Again, congratulations!

    I even came up to talk to someone on Monday, December 30th to try and get out of the lease because I realized that I had been guided into making a terrible decision.

    I'm so sick about all this. It's 4:26 a.m. and this is not unusual. I wake up every morning with remorse about what I allowed you to talk me into. I wake up with anxiety over this every morning over the fact that you didn't help me out after buying a car that clearly was a terrible driving experience yet still having to continue to pay for it.

    I'm a trusting person and I trusted you all to help me out, but that trust has caused me to be in a situation that is so upsetting to me that I haven't been able to get a full nights sleep since leasing the Passat on December 18, 2019. And, I have hated driving the 2019 Jetta that I purchased on July 30, 2019. This has been 5 horrible months for me. My first VW, a 2008 Passat, was a great experience. The salesman knew what would over-extend me and helped me reach an agreement that was within my budget and was workable for me.

    I feel so used.

    Santhia Collins

    My experience with Clay
    Cooley and my 2019 Jetta - SEQUENCE OF EVENTS
    I trusted you guys the first time I came based on your association with Achieve where I volunteered and that you would guide me in a caring way. I'm a very trusting person and never thought that you would use me for your gain. I feel so stupid. Now I have 2 cars. One a fixed income. Over extended. And in trouble financially. I told David I couldn't do this. You trained him well.
    I have made such a bad decision. It's my decision. I take responsibility for it. But the bottom line for the dealership was more important. If I'm wrong…prove me wrong. But I feel like you guys gave me bad advice just to get the car of the lot.
    August 2016: I Traded in my 2008 Passat and leased 2016 Jetta
    Turned out to be a bad decision because it was my only car and at the 3 years (July 2019) mark I had driven 46, 000 of the 48, 000 I was allowed.
    I came up here just to see what my options were. I made the decision to pay more and purchase a car (2019 Jetta) because I wanted to be unrestricted on my mileage.
    I brought it back up here August 29 because the car made a grinding sound when it changed gears at 25-30 mph. When I picked it up I was told they couldn't replicate it.
    It continued and I brought it up here 3 more times.
    The 4th time I left it here and was given a 2019 Jetta loaner. It did the same thing! So, when I got home, I started my extensive research and found that it was a typical and common problem. The VW Vortex and many other reviewers have review after review stating this is a problem. VW states that" it performs as it's designed to perform" It is possible caused by a loose plate. Possible it is because what used to be on the passenger side is now on the driver's side so it is more audible to the driver.
    I tried to continue to drive it but the idea that I was paying $34, 000 for a car I hated to drive (because the noise was significantly disturbing) was unacceptable.
    I came up here again, just see what my options were in getting rid of the 2019 Jetta with the grinding noise.
    We spent over 5 hours working on a solution.
    David had me test drive the Passat, the last 2019 on the lot. I told him I couldn't go over $500 and that I didn't want to go that high though. I told him I didn't want to have to drive the Jetta any longer.
    You guys crunched the numbers.
    I asked about trading in the 2019 Jetta. Of course, I was upside down on it.
    They suggested that I voluntarily turn in the Jetta to Capital One. I wouldn't be responsible for the payments any longer. It would affect my credit some but paying on the Passat would offset it. David said that if I wasn't going to be buying a house it wouldn't matter. I'm very concerned about my credit score. Having good credit is very important to me as you could see. But, I stupidly agreed to do that.
    I agreed to lease the passat so I that wouldn't have to drive the Jetta any longer.
    I ended up possessing 2 cars, taking the Passat AND the Jetta home.
    Moses Medina told me that Capital One, who financed my 2019 Jetta, will tell me that I am responsible for the payments, but as long as they have the car, that's all that needs to happen.
    What can I do? I am in so much trouble. Please, what are my options.
    Then I called David Lopez crying. He said to wait until after the holidays.
    I waited until December 30th to come up and try to get out of the lease. Moses Medina said I couldn't. I told him that I had not be driving it. He said I should've been driving it because it is mine. I had only put 138 miles on it ( + the 21 miles to drive it up that day.)
    I would never recommend Clay Cooley!
    I feel they told me to wait knowing that I wouldn't be able to do anything if I waited.

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