Clay Cooley Auto Groupoverall experience as well

K Oct 26, 2019

Spoke to internet manager Chris Carter who insisted I come in because he could assist me with a trade. The vehicle is already through their fresh start program. The sales man that's assisted (not Chris) was not knowledgeable and couldn't answer simple questions. He asked to see our vehicle ( they never provided a trade in quote or even started the car to look at it) and then submitted our information and told us to we could only get one type of vehicle. Long story short we like the vehicle and when he came back he stated that the notes would be around 771 for 2016 vehicle with 50000 miles . What was the worst part is that he lied and said clay Cooley would pay off the entire vehicle and the remainder of our loan would be transferred over. We already know that. That's not what they submitted to the bank. They submitted our entire remainder loan payment on what we owe on the car along with the new car information. No trade value or differential amount. So then the sales man tell us we should take the deal. He stated that the fresh start program ended and that I should take it and go with a bank. ( Never knew the program ended and I've been paying them for a year). Before leaving Chris proceeds to try and convince me to pay 360 every two weeks for 8 months and then trade again and that only 5% of people are able to come out of a clay Cooley loan and basically we should go with it. I would never do business with this place. They basically never was paying anything for the trade but just submitted our amount left on the in-house loan over to the bank and they would of just gotten there vehicle back for nothing. Pushing us to take the bait. Even after me telling this man I'm pregnant and have kids and will not wast money towards an 800 note he still told me "oh you can make it work because I know you won't let your kids go without". Can never get my money again and I'll be definitely going elsewhere! I appreciate the sales tactics but the dishonesty just for a deal that could put someone in a serious financial bad state is not what makes a good deal. Bad representation of the company.

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