Citi Trendsemployee was talking smart and didn't want to service me at the counter because he said I was with someone who was talking about how slow he was.

Ta Jul 26, 2019

On 7/29/2019 @ 4:15 p.m. I was in the store in line waiting to be service. My mom was in the store with me and she was not buying anything. Kevin a Citi Trends employee on the cash register servicing customer but he was fraternizing with the customers he was servicing. So my mom started talking about him going slow along with other customers. I laughed and told my mom to leave him alone. I overheard him (Kevin) tell the customers he was waiting on that she thinks she is waiting, wait till she gets up here. As we got to the counter he (Kevin) tells my mom I m not waiting on you so I said this is not her stuff it's mines she's holding it because I just had surgery so he looks me in the face and say I m not waiting on you because you laugh and is with her. As I told him I m gown and he is probably the same age as my youngest son and is so disrespectful. How are you going to not wait on me because of her attitude I m not moving because I stood in line 30 mins and you trying to be funny. I told him I know they have to take a test to get in and you passed it. Dum ass poor customer service. As I stated I just got out of the hospital having surgery and I come into this store all the time spending lots of money so do my mom. If I have to get treated like this while in pain by someone whom I just saw in the store when I m a regular customer. I will stop my business with this store if I have to come in there to get disrespected. I can be reached at this email [protected] or [protected]. I called back today at 7:50 p.m. to get Kevin's last name but Tosha refuse to give it to me.

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