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Circuit Citytoshiba laptop works only with battery

November 12/08, I bought a laptop in Circuit City Stores Inc. Store 413 (3761 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA 93105). I bought the laptop in an emergency (my old computer went down) and I depend on a computer to work (on line tutoring and translations services).

The laptop is a Toshiba TOS L305S5907, which costs $ 659.96, without any further discount even though the laptop was a displayed one, and had small scratches, but I bought it, because it was the only one I could afford.

But, the seller, Mr. R. Biggs, who was not very helpful but almost absent, did not tell me that the computer was damaged, on the contrary he assured me that it is was ok, that it was just been displayed in the store.

When I went home the laptop was connected to the wall, but worked fine only until the battery got empty and the laptop shut down. I could not turn it on again. Next day (the battery was been charged half during the night), I turned it on, and again the computer shut down when the battery got empty even though it was connected to the wall.

It seems that the laptop works only with the battery. Though, I can see the computer receives power from the external power source since the AC power light is on (the battery light too), but not the on/off light. The worst is that while the laptop is working the battery does not get charged but gets empty, even though is connected to the wall.

I was in Circuit City store, and I was astonished about the indifference of the sellers when I told what happened with my laptop. One of them told me that it wasn�t anything to do. That I could go to Ventura and ask for get another one or use the Toshiba�s guaranty, but he could do anything for me. When I went home, I cold to the store and told again to another seller what happened and he answered the same: nothing to do, because they were closing and did not have technical service anymore, and I could just use the computer with battery.

It means that I would maybe be able to work with the computer 3 hours a day until the battery -which charges half during the night- gets empty???

This distressful situation has cost me money and time, and nobody takes the responsibility of an unfair treatment from part of Circuit City. That Circuit City is going bankrupted does not mean that they can cheat and treat people like they have treated me and sell them any junk they have for recover what they lost.


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    Tony Hidalgo Sep 12, 2007
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    Circuit City placed an add (week of Sept 12th 2007), stating the if a newly released game was not available from 2pm till closing on 9/12/07, you would get a $20 gift card. When we went to the store and found that the game was not in stock, we were told that they were not honoring the offer because the manufacturer did not deliver the games. Called the "800" number and the representative hung up twice. Companies that make such offers should stand behind them. they make enough profit. I hope "THOUSANDS" of people visit and demand the same thing. Maybe legal action should be taken...

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    Kathryne Wescott Dec 24, 2007
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    We ordered and paid for a product two weeks prior to Christmas. We were assured the product would be in within a "few" days. If fact, we were told the product was "in transit" at the time we purchased it. According to the sales person, there were two of these products on the way to the store and since we paid for the product, one of those two would be ours. Guess what? Not only have we not received the product, but we very well may not have it on Christmas morning. This is my son's Christmas! The store's operations manager stated "I hate being the BAD SANTA, but we don't have it and I don't know if we will have it". Since we had paid for this product, XBOX 360 Rock Band, we stopped looking for it. You cannot find this product anywhere right now. I will NEVER purchase another product from this company, plus their management is insensitive and down right rude!

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  • Valerie Dec 27, 2007

    Back in July, I purchased a Toshiba laptop (which was a Consumers Best Buy ) from Circuit City. Unfortunately I ended up with a "lemon" that was freezing up, refused to boot up and had all kinds of problems. Since hearing about other problems my friends had had with their laptops, I decided to return it for a refund and not get another one. It was ONLY then, that I was made aware that they charge an $81.00 restocking fee - unless you wanted to apply that to another computer. I was outraged~! I argued with the store manager (since I was not told of this policy when making the purchase) and all I got was a smug "well, it's posted in the store" - which I never saw - anywhere~!

    I filed a complaint with the BBB in an attempt to get my money back .. but Circuit City just repeated their same lame policy to BBB and refused to return my $81.00 and that was after taking the FULL six weeks the BBB allows them to respond. A few days later, it finally dawned on me to file a complaint with the Attorney General's office - which I did. After 3 weeks, I got a letter from the AG's office stating that they still had not heard back from Circuit City and would be sending them a second follow up letter... I found it humorous that the AG was not going to let CC get by with their ignorance. Finally after another 2 weeks, I got a phone call from the Circuit City legal dept saying that "IF" I had not received a refund YET - to call them and let them know. I made the phone call on a Wednesday morning and was told by Circuit City that my refund would be "processed" and sent out in approx. a week. The whole incident took 4 months to resolve~!

    Finally - 10 days later - I got the check for $81.00 and immediately cashed it, as the enclosed letter with the check said nothing more than re-stating their "restocking" policy - and made absolutely no apology. They were ONLY concerned that "they were right" and it was killing them to refund my money. What a SORRY excuse for a business. I would never go there again and have told countless people never to purchase anything from their store~! Be warned.

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    Klark Jan 05, 2009

    Went in to exchange a gps for one at I had originally wanted that best buy had on sale. was told that they could only match the stores price which was 140 dollars more than the online price. so much for their Price match promise that they make seem so convenient. all I wanted was for them to match the price. I know if I had gone to best buy they would have matched the online price. I still don't understand the difference between an online price and a store price. shouldn't the price match also match competitors websites as well?

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    Kim Jan 07, 2009

    I have purchased a 46-inch LCD Samsung from Circuit City in April of this year. Being that this is not a light purchase, just to be on the safe side I also purchased an extended warranty. The TV was working fine up until October 24th.

    On October 24th, the television started having problems - it would not turn on and was making clicking noises. I called the Extended Warranty department and a technician was scheduled to come out and look at the TV on October 31st. The technician determined that the problem was a bad plate, but they did not have that part in stock so it had to be specifically ordered.

    The week of November 10th I was called that the part had come in, and the technician was scheduled to come to replace it on November 14th, between 1-3. I took the day off work, however, around noon I got a telephone call from the tech stating that they 'could not find the part'. I called the warranty department and spoke with a representative named Danisha, who could only offer me an apology and that 'she is sure they are looking for a part'. When I requested to speak with a supervisor, I was t old that no one was available. I asked what hours the supervisor works and was told the same hours that everyone else, 8am - 10 pm, however there is no one available right now and I should call back. She also offered to escalate the issue, which meant someone would call me within 24 hours, to which I agreed.

    Unfortunately nobody from the supervisor department has called me back I called the same department 15 minutes later, and spoke with a different representative, who was very professional and determined, got in contact with the supervisor of the technician who could not find the part, and assured me that according to the supervisor, 'They will find out who signed for the part, and that person will be held responsible if the part is not found. Furthermore, if the part is not found they will rush it, so it will be here Monday'. She also informed me that supervisors are available, but t he representatives are trained not to allow customers get through. This was also mentioned on a recorded line, the customer service representative was named Paulette.

    A few hours later I received a call from a dispatcher to let me know that they can't find the part. This person also promised to call me back to tell me that they will order a part. No call back was made. Not having heard from anyone by Monday I called the familiar number to the Extended Warranty Department, and was told that apparently a technician was at my house on November 14th. When I asked how come I did not see him, I was finally transferred to a supervisor, who told me, and I quote, 'Parts get lost, haven't you ever lost something before?' Aside from that, he was also able to tell me that they ordered the part, and offered me the phone number for the Chief Executive office. I called the Chief Executive Office on November 19.

    After being transferred around, a representative named Angela was finally able to tell me that they part will be shipped today, however they could not tell me if it will be expedited, and while this individual did use the words, 'We made a mistake', once again, on a recorded line, she did not seem to pay any notice to the fact that due to this 'mistake' I have not had a working television for over four weeks. There were no attempts at expediting the service call, and all this individual could offer me was the same basic apology, and absolutely no guarantee of any kind of a satisfaction. I was told that if I call back later that day I should have a tracking number.

    I did call back later on November 19th, and spoke with yet another representative, who informed me that there is no tracking number on the part, and that it takes 7-10 business days for the part to arrive. I asked her whether the part was rushed, and was told, “I don't know that". When I told her that I was told the part was supposed to have been “rush shipped", every subsequent time she referred to the part being shipped she referred to it as rushed. When I asked whether the part was actually rushed, the answer rapidly changed to yes. I called the Extended Warranty department on Saturday November 22nd, and the representative could once again tell me that the part is on order, and refused to provide any more information.

    I called once again on Monday, November 24th, and the representative was finally able to give me a tracking number for the part that was on the UPS truck out for delivery, having been shipped Friday. The representative whom I spoke with the morning of November 24th could not provide any more information on when I would have a working television. When I requested to speak with a supervisor, I was told that none are available on Mondays. It is unfortunately apparent that in addition to being trained in not providing customers with any helpful information, the customer service representatives in the Extended Warranty Department are also trained to lie to customers, because as I have mentioned previously in this email, Paulette, in the conversation on November 14th explained to me that the representatives are trained not to allow customers to speak with supervisors. When I mentioned this to the person I spoke with the morning of Monday November 24th, she agreed with me, but still refused to connect me to a supervisor. Having the tracking number for the part (1Z1W866V0337026186), I checked with the UPS website. The part was delivered around 2 PM, and the person that signed for it was listed as JARRETT.

    At 3:30, I called the Extended Warranty department yet again, and the representative I spoke with actually yelled at me, and refused to even look into the case and get information about it. I also sent an email to the corporate office chief executive office, [email protected] the evening of November 24th. The morning of November 25th I called the Extended Warranty Department yet again, the customer service representative told me that someone would call me within 24 hours to schedule the appointment to come and fix the television, that they are unable to provide any more information. When I asked to talk to the supervisor I was once again informed that none are available.

    After I repeated ocne again that I know the representatives are trained not to allow customers to talk to supervisors, I was told that they can escalate my case, but the escalation department and supervisors do not come in until 12. I agreed to have my case escalated. After finishing that call I called again, trying to reach Corporate office, and after speaking to several representatives my call was finally answered by CJ Richardson, who said he was a supervisor. This was at 9:30 am, EST, whereas the representative from the Extended Warranty department stated that they do not come in until 12 pm EST.

    I once again detailed my case to CJ, who promised to call me back within half an hour. An hour and twenty minutes later I received a call from CJ who stated that they could schedule me for December 5th. When I replied that this was not acceptable, I was asked, and I quote 'What is the solution in your mind'. I replied that a solution is to have a technician come out and repair the television, like I was promised by each and every customer service representative and supervisor I spoke with over the course of last 10 days in an expedited manner as soon as the part came in. CJ told me that he will see what he could do and told me he would call me back.

    At 3 pm I have not yet heard from CJ, so I called back. When I finally reminded CJ who I was, he told me, 'Oh yeah, the only way we can have a technician come out tomorrow is if there is a cancellation, otherwise it has to be December 5th'. When I once again said it was unacceptable, he asked me to hold, and a few minutes later came back on the line to tell me that the technician who services my area was on vacation and he is the only technician in the area. Interesting, when a few minutes earlier I was told that if there was a cancellation I would be provided with service. CJ also stated that he will be the first to admit that Circuit City made a mistake, but there is nothing they can do to rectify the situation.

    I called the Chief Executive office, as my email there went unanswered. When I spoke to a representative named Bonnie, I was told that they received my email, they're not sure why I was not contacted, and that she would transfer me to the lady who will be able to help me. I spoke with a person named Tracey, who stated that she handles the calls when the CEO himself is not in the office, and he was not in the office when I called. She apologized for the delay in the service to me, but said that there is nothing they can do and the service date has to be December 5th. Despite numerous appeals on my end to the fact that a number of supervisors and representatives have promised expedited service, and that the part was supposed to be here on November 17th, Circuit City's Chief Executive office refused to honor any and all of those promises, all of which are apparently on recorded conversations.

    Circuit City and their representatives have provided misleading and untrue information. It has been a full month since I made the call about a broken television, and there still does not seem to be a resolution. Circuit City lost the original part that was ordered for the television, and every subsequent customer representative that I speak with makes a promise that is not kept. My case was supposedly escalated twice, each time someone was supposed to have called me back within 24-48 hours. Neither of those times did anyone call me back.

    November 27th is Thanksgiving holiday, I am having family over, and I do not have a working television. According to the Circuit City website, “At Circuit City, we understand how important your electronics are in your life. The Circuit City Advantage Protection Plan® gives you peace of mind that your new purchase will continue to perform beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty" Unfortunately, in my situation, I have had no such peace of mind for over a month at this point, and I am not certain about Circuit City's understanding of the importance of a working television. I am quite certain that you will agree with me that waiting for over a month for a 6-month old television to be repaired is more than unacceptable, as is Circuit City losing the part that was ordered.

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  • Ja
    jackietomaszewski Jan 17, 2009

    on jan 17, 2009 i went to circuit city holand ohio to ask them to change the norton security into my address the guy that worked in back told me i had to go up front becusae he couldn't get in . so i went up front waited in line for 10 min . when it was my turn i was asking the employee about chaning the norton security into my address he told me that he couldn't because of the liquidation .i also was asking him about two 15.00 coupons that i had if i could use them because i bought the norton here and spent over 200.00 he told me no. i then wanted to ask him about my computer because it keeps on cracking in the volume and if i can bring it here to get checked out he said no when going to ask him anymore questions he said next i wasn't even done asking him everything . that's when i said to him that i'm glad the store is closing because they don't want to help i even told him i wasn't done talking to him and that's when he put his two fingers in my face and told me he doesn't have to help me and to get the hell out so i am very upset about this matter and i will like to get this resolved by a better person .i've been also reading other people's problem with circuit city employee's no wonder you are going out of business because you do not stand behind your word or the contracts of the policy or warranties.i was suppose to a warranty on the wireless roter when i purschased everything including the printer somhow your emplyee didn't put either one and i had to spend more money out very very upset .you need to tell your employee'sto show more respect to customers and when i was walking out he told me he was the supervisor very very sad when it comes down that a supervisor acts like that if thats the case he was one .went to the store around 1or 2pm. plesae contact me will be waiting to here from you

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    Pat Sammons Jan 18, 2009
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    Verified customer

    I have been fighting w/this Circuit City for over a year regarding a $1900.00+ purchase of goods that I never picked up! (Flat Screen TV & sound system)They contiued to state I owed it but they "would look into the matter" ...but to no avail. So recently, for over a month, I have been constantly calling this "Cool Line" which I told would resolve the problem (no help or concern from the store or District Manager ...continual avoidance! For 5 months!) Finally, last wk, after talking to the "Cool Line" where THESE folks were met w/avoidance, I was told to call the Corporate office & speak to the Pres. (or whomever..the highest person they said they could refer me to, ) Mr. Jim Marcum. A day or so later I received a call from a Justin Bryant who said he would talk to the store & HE would see what he could do. After no hearing any word from Justin, I called to check the "status." Yesterday he left me a message, Jan 16 about 4:oopm telling me I was to contact a Ms. Edwards at the Culver City store. He said he had instructed her to give me a "gift card" for my charge but I HAD to do it Friday 1/16/09 only! (I also learned earlier that day, Circuit City announced they were going out of business!!) I was also told via this same voicemail this Ms.Edwards would call me. She never did! So finally when I went into the store, I was quite upset because I never spoke directly to J. Bryant for clailifcation of this "gift card" (he could not be reached) nor did Edwards explain this "gift card." I thought it meant my charge card would finally cleared & I would have a zero balance. FINALLY!! I was told by Edwards to come back today, 1/17 (Sat.) to (paper work wise) get the bill straightened out. But what I did not know or was NEVER explained to me was... that to make up for all the grief & hassel I went thru, that "gift card" was to permit me to be given the $1900. oo in electronic goods & they would clear my bill!!! NEVER did Edwards or J. Bryant tell me directly that I would in fact be given a GIFT...I just thought they finally, after this on going horrible yr. of fighting, I was finally clear of that $1900.00 charge. Pls. I really need your input &/or help. This whole issue has put me thru Hell & I'm in the middle of cancer treatment. Don't you think I deserve this concession on Circuit City's part?
    Pls Woun't you help me? I'm worn out!!!

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    Tommy44 Jan 26, 2009

    Store Closing! 10% Off Everything! Nothing Held Back! Banners in the windows.
    All Sales Final No Returns signs inside the store.
    I go in looking for a digital camera. I see a Nikon Coolpix P80, Was $359 now $329.
    It was "The last one", the floor model. I say OK, I'll take it. The salesman gets the box with accessories, there's no battery. The battery is not a common type, so you need the original. The salesman tells me I can find one online. I tell him OK, but he needs to move on the price, knowing that battery is going to cost me about $40. He's firm on the price, so I leave. Two miles away is another chain, same camera, complete with warranty and battery is $299.
    Beware of "Store Closing" sales.

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  • Ba
    Barbara Feb 24, 2009

    I had purchased a Lenovo Laptop on 8th Jan, 09 online by selecting an in-store 24 mins pick-up. USD 665.49 was deducted from my bank account during the online transaction and on submitting a page stating a web reference number and other order details was shown. Also, the page further stated that I can collect my order from the store in 24 mins.

    Reference number: WEB501169315

    Order date: 01/08/2009



    111 East El Camino Real

    Sunnyvale, CA 94087


    When I reached the store 1 hour after I had placed the order, the store guys refused to accept the order saying an order number wasn't generated against your order.

    Even worse, then they asked me to search for the laptop model I had ordered and buy that on retail then and there. Because I required that laptop asap, I even searched for it in the store but couldn't locate it. Finally after requesting the store staff to help, they pulled out the laptop from under one table in the store.

    Finally they even refused me to give the 24 USD gift card for defaulting the 24 mins timeline.

    After going through all this trouble (and spending almost an hour in store) and paying double the amount (one amount I paid online which i received back 4 days after cancelling the order and another amount I paid in-store for retail purchase), I was able to buy a laptop from CircuitCity.

    Now I heard circuit city is closing down, who's responsilbe.

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  • Ma
    Margaret Richardson Feb 25, 2009

    I purchased a computer for my son in August, 2007, complete with extended warranty. By March, 2008, the keyboard needed to be replaced, so we did what they told us to & shipped it to them. We never saw it again. A random phone call sometime in May from an unknown caller reported that we would be receiving a gift card in the amount of the computer purchase price. When I started to question the cost of the warranty, I was hung up on and could not locate the origin of the call. My son has tried to track & contact them online while I have made phone calls, both to no avail. As of today, February 25, 2009, we have no gift card, no computer and no explanation. Please help us! This was over $1, 500.00 that I can not give away.

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  • Do
    douglas blair Feb 28, 2009
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    All of the following is "alleged:" During the store's clearance/ closing sale purchased a digital camera. Clerk removed the security device that kept the box closed, we completed the sale at the register, took it home; opened the box at home and found that though the box contained all of the accessories, the camera itself was missing. This was discovered after the store had closed on Saturday 2/28/2009, we have contacted local law enforcement, need to return to the store as soon as they open, have been told to contact an attorney.

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  • El
    Eliza Mar 05, 2009

    I purchased a TV form Circuity City in July, 2007 with the Circuity City Advantage Program for total of $3500. The TV needed to be repaired in Dec.08. When they finally got someone to look at it, they found it need repairs totaling over $3200 so we were told they'd put it in the exchange program. That happened on Jan.30, 09. Today I received a call saying they were sending me a check for $849.99. I could also find a similar replacement on the Best Buy website with a Model # TH50PE8U(Panasonic).listing for $849.99. After going to the website only to find there's no such model# there. I feel that they are taking advantage of to many people.

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  • An
    Anthony Mar 13, 2009

    I purchased the HP notebook from Circuit City on Black friday of November 2008. This came with the $150 rebate from Circuit City. I applied for the rebate through their online tool as soon as the computer arrived about 10 days later. I received an email on January 22, 2009 that the rebate check was sent and that I would receive it in 7-10 days. I never received the rebate check. I began calling about 2 weeks later and each time I was told to give it more time.

    I called on Feb. 21, 2009 and they said that they would reissue me a check and that I should get it in 7-10 days. Once again NO CHECK. Every time I call they say that I should give it more time. I now believe I will not be getting a check.

    What is frustrating is that once I heard they were filing bankruptcy in January I was going to return the computer so that I didn't need to worry about getting a rebate check. However, the person at the rebate center assured me that I would get my check. I trusted them and now I doubt I will ever see the rebate check.

    I think everyone who is waiting for their rebate check should somehow get in line first to be paid out. Is there any class action going on with this? Has anyone received their rebate check since they filed bankruptcy. I would like answers and no one is giving any. This is the most dishonorable company and I am so glad they are out of business so no one else will get robbed like I did.

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  • Lc
    lcc Mar 26, 2009

    Amount: $1511.99
    In December 2008 a television was purchased on this credit card in the Cranston R.I. store. It was on sale; however, it was not in stock. The salesmen said to purchase the television, in order to preserve the sale price, and when the set came for delivery into the Cranston store stock, I would receive a phone call and I could pick it up. However the set never came in, they never received any more stock . I have spoken to reps from the company who say they have straightened out the issue. I was told it would reflect in the March 2009 bill and was also advised to put this in writing. However this never happened I am enclosing a copy of the receipt as this is the only documentation I was given. I never picked-up the item since it never came into stock, so there is no delivery receipt. I was never given any other written documentation, just a verbal commitment that I would receive the item when it came into stock If you contact the store they will tell you that no delivery receipt exists. I am formally asking Chase, as my credit card company, to please investigate this on my behalf.

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  • Sa
    Sam Jun 27, 2009

    One of the worst ordering experiences. I ordered a computer last December from Circuit City. The estimated delivery was one week. I got the computer only 3 weeks later. The computer was supposed to arrive with free software (they came in a bundle). The customer service made a few attempts to find my software and ended up sending me a store credit card for $30.00.

    Because the computer was delivered two weeks later than was estimated I was denied the rebates. I also did not get free Windows Vista Premium upgrade because the offer expired. They didn't try to solve the issue with my rebates, and I got a bad deal on the computer (no rebates and no software).

    I was not a frequent Circuit City shopper and they surely didn't turn me into their regular customer with their shopping experience.

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  • Da
    Daniel Aug 03, 2009

    We purchased 2 televisions and numerous other products (DVD player, remotes, instulations, etc) from the Circuit City in Rocky Mount, NC. The purchase was made on May15 with an instulation set for June 2. The large expensive 42 inch TV started freezing up the week on June 24. Circuit City won't help us because they have a 30 day policy if you don't buy the extended warrenty. I called JVC who said the software was old. In our brand new TV! They sent new to update and we still have the same problem. I have spent HOURS on the phone and no one cares. NOT CIRCUIT CITY or JVC. JVC says they will set up an appointment with a repair man but they need to find one closer to our home. We live in a remote area there is nothing close to our home. I called our salesman again today at Circuit City and he threatened to call the police if I came into the store. He also put me on hold and didn't come back. I won't by a JVC product again. BUT I REALLY WILL NEVER SHOP AT CIRCUIT CITY AGAIN!

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  • Cl
    Clayton Aug 19, 2009

    We Purchased $1, 247 Frigidaire Refrigerator from Circuit City approx 5 months ago with extended warranty. Right after delivery fridge started making noises. Call Circuit City... they said it would do that until water was all circulated and the air was out of the lines, about a couple of weeks. It never quit and got louder, but, to make matters worse, it only makes noise some of the time (intermittent)...called service tech, he showed up and said that there was nothing he could do until he could here the noise...and he left. I went out and purchased a noise activated recorder and recorder the noise (another 30 bucks) called service tech again, and when he showed up, he listened to the noise and asked ME what part was making the noise? I don't know so once again, there is nothing he could do. I then went back over to Circuit City and talked to a manager, He referred me to Their Service Center (another location) where I was told someone would call me back (never happened) so I called them again...after explaining this story 2 more times pretty much got the same story 'unless I can make the Fridge make the noise while a service tech is there' I am SOL. They also told me that I should have notified the store right away! I DID! I have been getting the runaround for almost 6 months now...

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  • He
    herb morrow Aug 24, 2009

    purchased laptop from Circuit City in Oct. 2008 - they went out of business in 2009 and we had purchased an extended warranty service for this item - it has been impossible to contact any personnel regarding their honoring this insurance and even the web site isn't helpful - additionally if they have gone out of business who do I get, every day, a pop ad advertising their products - mainly I want to know if I need service will it be there for me and where do I get info on this matter.

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  • So
    Soleman Sep 24, 2009

    My father bought me a automatic car start for Christmas from Circuit City so it could be installed on my brand new 07 Pontiac G6. He dropped the car off in the morning to Circuit City and later in the afternoon Circuit City called my father and told him they encountered a problem. They said they had deprogrammed the key to my car. They said they were unable to fix the problem and towed my car off the premises (which I never authorized) to Peruzzi Pontiac. Circuit City said my car would be ready by the end of the day. Circuit City called back later in the day and said the car would not be ready because Peruzzi had to order a part. My father became suspicious as to why they had to order a part if the key had only been deprogrammed. He called Peruzzi and found out Circuit City lied about the extent of the damage done to the car. The had cut a ton of wires unnecessarily. One wire needed to be cut to install the starter. The wires Circuit City cut were wires to the airbag, theft system, radio etc. pretty much the whole electrial system was distored. In order to fix the problem Circuit City authorized Peruzzi to solder the wires back together. I never signed a work order for Circuit City or Peruzzi to do this work on the car. I want my car returned to factory condition and the repair of the wires is a quick fix. Circuit City was trying to do the repair quickly so they could get the car back the same day and return it to me so I would never know. In order to restore the car back to factory condition a new body harness should be put on the car. A mechanic at Peruzzi told my father that Circuit City messes up a car at least once a month and brings it to the dealer. Peruzzi seems more concerned about preserving their business relationship with Circuit City than their customers.

    Circuit City has turned everything over to their insurance company and they refuse to pay for the installation of the new harness, they will only pay for the repair of the wires. I've been told by several mechanics that this could lead to future problems down the road, for example, if I'm in an accident the airbag may not deploy with a soldered wire. My car is brand new with 6, 000 miles and I believe Circuit City's negligence entitles me to have them restore the car to factory condidtion. I also believe if I had been called by Peruzzi to tell me my car had been brought in and was told the extent of the repairs I could have told them right away to install a new harness and Circuit City's insurance company may have paid for it. Its been 3 weeks and I still do not have my car back at this point. Peruzzi will not release my car until they receive payment for the insurance company. I want my car back but I want it returned to factory condition. I've tried to contact corporate Circuit City and no one will return my calls or give me any answers. I feel helpless. I worked very hard for my new car and I think I deserved to have a choice of where I wanted my car towed and what work should be done on the car. I'm the only one who is losing in this situation, Circuit City will be fine as well as Peruzzi. I've lost the value of my brand new car and feel as if my safety has been compromised.

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  • De
    Dennoman Sep 24, 2009

    On December15, 2008 circuit city management stated that they were going to I've out vouchers for Nintendo wii game on December16, 2008 at 8:00 in the am. I arrived at the store at 6:00 in the am to be in line for the voucher at about 7:30In the am I was told the vouchers were given out earlier two of the managers gave two different stories one of them stated they were given out the day before the other manager said they were given out at 7:00am I know for a fact they could of not been given out at 7:00am because I was one of the first people at that time and there was no line I waited till the doors opened at 8:00 in the am at the customer service desk there were people coming in to be rung up for the wii game that was held for them I believe this store was unfair due to releasing these vouchers early and some people were not able to get them I feel they should of complied with their advertisement as said as per management Had I known this was going to happen I would of been there early and secured my voucher. I also noticed there were numerous mistakes on their store ad that is dated12/16/08-12/22/08 there were a lot of merchandise errors and feel that this caused a great deal of disappointments for the consumers and management were not very pleasant with this issues with there customers.

    I hope the state of consumer affairs look into this so we don't have to suffer from this numerous mistakes of false advertisement.

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  • Hi
    Hillona99 Dec 02, 2009

    I bought a laptop from Circuit City at the end of Nov. 06, for my daughter birthday present. Her B-Day was in Jan. Along with the laptop, I purchased Microsoft Office Windows and an internet security program to be installed by Circuit City. Unfortantely, I didn't open the box until it was time to give it to my daughter (1 1/2 months later). BUT...when I did open the box, the disks for the MS Windows and the internet security programs were not enclosed. The programs were installed on the laptop, but NO DISKS. I went back to Circuit City and told them that they didn't put the disks in the box, and that I needed them just in case the computer ever crashed or something (to re-install them). Well, they told me that they no longer have 2006 MS Windows (by now it was 2007), and they couldn't help me (I did get the internet security program disk though). Anyway, after complaining, one of the computer techs brought me a copy of his MS Windows Program. Well, guess what, is doesn't work. So, long story short...Circuit City stole about $110.00 from me. I mean, I paid for something that I never did receive. And to this day, my daughter's laptop still does not have a Word Program on it. Which I'm going to have to purchase again soon, because she is going off to college soon, and will need it.

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  • Wa
    WalB70 Dec 04, 2009

    Tied up my bank account with authorizations, three days later I cant get them off and keep getting the run around...I cancelled the order and was told it would be off the next day.. not so ...I cant even use my checking not deal with circuit city they are the old circuit city..I am getting an attorney due to my account being tied up.All of this was done online and by phone...they make it sound good but if you check they have no warranties in store!!You have to send the product back to company at your expense.

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  • Co
    Comel Dec 08, 2009

    Circuit city promised me a camera online and did not deliver. After taking my money and I arrange a store pickup I get to the store only to find there was no camera after waiting in a very very long line. They already charged my ATM card so I let them talk me into waiting for the camera, well I am still waiting and they have my money and I have no camera. No one has called me since they promised me my camera and when I do call for a status report I get the run around. The customer service line isn't much better I called them and they wouldn't even help me because they said it was the stores problem. Happy Holidays from Circuit City the store that makes holiday wishes into holiday nightmares.

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  • He
    Henster Dec 09, 2009

    On 12/3/07 I placed an order at I ordered three items. Later on that day, I received an email that one of the items has been cancelled. I phoned their 'customer service' phone number to confirm this cancellation and I was told on three different phone calls that the item was being sent. When I received my order, only two items were received. I called the 800 number and was still told I would receive the item.

    Today is 12/13/07 and I don't have the item or the refund. After numerous calls, I was finally told today that they would 'work on it'.

    Good luck talking to someone at their 'customer service' number. The number connects you to someone out of the country who has a very heavy accent and communication is horrible, at best. Even the local store said they couldn't help because it is an Internet order. Of the $201 order, I have received $30 worth of merchandise. I can not get a refund on the $150. My mission has become to contact as many people that I can in order to spread the warning Circuit City .

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  • Al
    Alonar Dec 16, 2009

    I am so tired of these huge chain stores treating the customer like a disease. WE are the ones who pay your CEO's inflated salary and keep your stock prices high. WE are the ones that ensure the people you pay nothing to operate the register even have jobs. But do you share a sense of responsibilty to your customer? NO. On a recent trip to Circuit City I was treated with such disdain by the employees who knew NOTHING about the items I was after that I just finally told them I could not believe they were still in business and walked out.

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  • Ku
    Kurz Jan 21, 2010

    We needed a new receiver for out TV and theater system and last Saturday went shopping to find one. Our first stop was going to be Best Buy, but there is a Circuit City right there too. Since it was going out of business we thought maybe they would have a good buy. Our 1st mistake. Little did we know just because Circuit City is on the sign doesn't mean it is. Later I find out about this.

    We go in and they only have a few receivers left and one is in the box, I ask if we can open it and the salesman says no, my question then was how would we know anything about the receiver without doing this. I told him we needed one with surround sound and the center speaker. He assured me this one would work, an Onkyo TX8555. We thought the price was good and naive people we are bought it.

    We got it home and found out the lie the salesman told us. This was not surround sound and had no outlet for a center speaker. This is where we start finding more of the deception. I look this receiver on the internet (something we should have done at the start) and find Circuit City also marked this up to mark it down. They have the highest price on this of anyone and the sale price is not even close to being the lowest. I call the store..they won't even talk to me, the I start the Circuit City 800 number and of course get someone who knows no English other than the script they have been taught to read. These people have no respect for the customer! I am told that I have no recourse since Circuit City doesn't own the "Going Out of Business" sales, the liquidator owns them. I thought this was illeagal, but I guess not. I also thought the mark up to mark down was illegal.

    Buyer Beware!!! Let's hope this bankruptcy will take all the stores out or make them become a more reputable company. As of now we have a $240 receiver we can't use.

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  • Gv
    Gven762 Feb 04, 2010

    We wanted to take advantage of the liquidation prices at Circuit City and got royaly screwed!!! We bought a 42" Panasonic Plasma TV for around $800, we got it home and opened the UNDAMAGED box and found the inside screen of the TV cracked all the way down the left side. Called the store and they wouldn't even exchange it for another of the same thing. Told us the manufacturer would have to take care of it. Manufacturer says they aren't sure if they can cover it or not with the waranty. I may be out over $800 and no one can or will do anything!!! Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated...

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  • Bu
    Buffy11 Sep 22, 2010

    I sent my computer to radio shack to have it fixed and it was trashed on the way to the Radio Shack Depot they lied about it at first and then finally told me what happened. .
    Didn't give me enough my to replace it. Circuit city did nothing to help I think the two companies ar ein on this scam. Break it blame Fed EX they pay the bill and then they give you half the money and they keep the rest. Then CIrcuit City doesn't want to have anything to do with you. They lie make promises and never follow through.
    Don't send in your computer via Radio Shack they will destroy it and then lie about it.
    Goo d way to get away not paying to fix your computer and then send you half of what it is worth by the dragon lady who is a biT_h. Do yourself a favor cut all ties with Radio SHack and Circuit City. You will be happy you did. They are CROOKED!!!

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  • Ba
    Bay S Mar 21, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The shipping for my order was a disaster. I ordered a camera on Dec. 14, 2007 and took advantage of the "free shipping" offer for orders $24 and over (I think 24 was supposed to have something to do with Xmas). The CC website informed me that the order would arrive 12/21/07. It didn't arrive. I tracked the package using the information given at the CC website - I was then informed that the camera would arrive 12/28/07.

    According to the tracking system for the useless "FedEx SmartPost" the camera wasn't even picked up until 12/18, it made its way to a sorting center in WV by 12/20/07 and as of the writing of this review it still hasn't moved. The sorting center is at least 600 miles from the NY state destination. When I call CC they can provide no additional information, they dropped my call at least twice, I wait for long periods to receive nothing. There is no offer to resolve the issue. I don't plan to use Circuit City again. Very disappointing. Oh yeah, when you call Circuit City they'll ask for your phone number every time. They don't use it to do anything! You don't need to give them your phone number, just your order number will be fine.

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