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Circuit City Stores, Inc.terrible experience

My ex purchased two computers in december of 2003, 1 for her and 1 as a gift for me for christmas, we were separated at the time, and we never married so our last names were not the same, she also spent the extra money for extended service policies for both. a few months later the mother board went out of my E-machine, when I contacted Circuit City, I was told that since the warranty was in her name, only she could request repairs under their warranty.

I have the receipts and all the Identifying paperwork, and it was a gift.Her new love interest will not allow her to even speak to me, but I left a message asking her to transfer the warranty to my name, no reply. So I took it to a privately owned shop, they came up with enough spare parts to make it work, combining 2 computers. It worked, not well but better than it did with a lame motherboard.

A few months later I get a letter from circuit city, saying the warranty had been changed to my name, so I was honest and called them and explained about having it working but still not as good as it was.Telling them about 3rd party repair and all, they insisted they would not service it unless I had it restored to the broken condition.

So back I go to Mr. 3rd party computer repair, who by then had gone out of business, no forwarding address.I enlisted the aid of another privately owned shop, to return the p/c to its broken condition, when he opened the case, he said where is the rest, I was sick, The first private shop had taken the memory sticks out of my e-machine.Three of them at about 75 bucks per stick.Although they could have been more gracious up to this point I have no major complaint with Circuit City.

When I called back they told me they could sell me an 'out of box computer', much better than what I had for just a little more than the memory sticks would cost for the e-machine, I didn't like it, but I bought the floor model, out of box special, january 8th 2008. From a salesman named Ed, who is now a manager at another store, I was now in the hands of Jerry.

After returning home and feeling great about finally having a nice computer, I hooked it all up, and to my dismay one of their salesmen had downloaded 80 days worth of music, not 80 songs, 80 days worth!! I am not a music critic, but I am an ordained minister, the vast majority of those songs had titles and lyrics that were not fit for my ears, they had sexual over tones and one of them, even talked about' her neck, her back, her female parts and her crack'!!! This is not acceptable, and I didn't even know there was any music on it.

When I did discover what was on my new computer I was livid, my faith won't allow me to type my true feelings, and I end up feeling guilty because I can't seem to forgive and forget, so I called Jerry at Circuit City, Jerry had been fired and I don't know why? Hand off to Darnell, darnell passes to his manager, can.t remember his name but when he finished talking about the fact that the P/C should have been cleaned before it was given to me he told me to bring it back and I would be given a Brand new in the box computer.and he kept his word I went back to the store was given a brand new P/C, the date? 04/05/08, What happened to their 14 day return policy?, that was almost 3 months to my calculations and they were willing to give me a brand new P/C? I bet that porn on it played a major part in that little charade!!! when I returned home, and this is nearly a 100 mile drive for me, each way. The P/C they gave me was nice so nice in fact it wasn't compatible with my monitor, because of resolution, so off I go to buy another monitor, 178 dollars later I am computing.

Now after 6 weeks the cd/dvd drive isn't recognized, adobe reader will not update or open any files and the restore process fails every time, When I called the Store to see if they could walk me through fixing whatever is wrong, they had the audacity to tell me that they had a 14 day return policy and I would have to take up repairs with the manufacturer. Funny thing is, when I returned the porn filled P/C they wrote ed's name on the receipt, and he is now a manager at another store, or so I was told, You don't suppose that no one there at the time wanted their name associated with that porn puter?

I've spent enough in time and travel expenses, not to mention actual computer related costs, like new monitors and start up processes they charged me almost 50 bucks for, I ought to be competitive with N.A.S.A., and I cant even listen to a c/d, or open some pages.


  • Valerie Jun 27, 2008

    I purchased an Acer 15.4 laptop computer (AS59206470) by order on line on order date 12/02/2007 (order # [protected]). They shipped out on 12/3/07 and I received it on 12/05/08. This laptop has a $80 rebate deal, so I submitted my rebate right after I got the laptop and received a notice e-mail from the rebate dept.

    On 12/6/08 that my rebate submission has been received and is being processed. It asked me to wait for 8 weeks to get the check. I waited and waited. On 1/16/08 I sent them an e-mail to remind them, the next day 1/17/08 I got an e-mail from them stating the supporting materials may have been misdirected or lost in the mail.

    So they asked me to fax them the UPC barcode sales receipt and rebate form. Which I did. And I continue to wait. So on 4/1/2008 I fax them a note to remind them. Nothing happens and I'm still waiting.

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  • Ke
    Kevin Dec 10, 2008

    I bought a HP Laptop bundle (Printer/Scanner/Copier & Router) from Circuit city. The Printer and router are free after mail-in-rebate. After one week, I realized that the wi-fi is not functioning properly in the laptop.I spoke to HP technical support and they asked me to send the laptop for repair. I don't want to open my laptop within a month so I called circuit city to take it back ad send me a new laptop in the same model. As I ordered this through online, they said it is not possible, but they can refund the money. Menawhile I have asked them that what about the bundle (printer and router) mail in-rebate. The case manager told me that I'l get my mail-in-rebate even I return the main item. I have asked him this question so many times because I don't want to pay 150$ for the printer and router (suppose my Mail in rebate was cancelled). But he said that I'll get the MIR. When I was checking my rebate status yesterday, it was invalid and the reason is the main merchandize item was returned. I called the same case manager but it went to voice mail. I called the customer support team and they were saying that I will not get the mail in rebate. Then why the case manager have told me a wrong information to me? I was supposed return all the items along with the laptop. Because of his false information I unnecessarily paying the money. And the customer support team is saying that if I don't want the items I can return them (printer + router) but I may not get the amount because it crossed the 15 days time. I was asking other options but the customer support person is saying that she is the Senior Manger to that Case Manger who have given me the false information. I wanted to escalate it to the next level. But all in vein. She is repeating the same information more than 5 times. They are not answering properly. I decided to return my circuit city credit card and from today onwards I have decided not to buy any items from circuit city.

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