Circle Kteller named kevin

G Dec 22, 2019 Review updated:

I'm tired of going into your establishment and having to deal with a cashier whom is rude and inefficient.
His name is Kevin, he is working now .
I can be ok with bad service when the sales associates are nice however, I cannot tolerate rude customer relations when it is not busy . I've been a customer at your branch for over a year and have had positive interactions with all of your associates besides him. Do something! I've worked in customer service for over ten years and I've never treated anybody like he's treated me. If he doesn't want to be there you should let him go moreover, I realize it's the holidays and I hate to think anybody should lose this job during the season however, I 100% think he should be gone.


  • SubSquirrel Dec 23, 2019

    A teller at a branch ... of Circle K? Sounds like a bank, not a convenience store.

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