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My name is Deanna Kokoska on 8-22-2019 at aprox. 4:25 My 13 year old daughter and 8 year old son entered the store to buy icees. (They had previously bought an icecream sandwich at the Chaffee store but the icee machine was broke. While in the store my son threw the wrapper of his icecream sandwich away. At that time the manager a black woman named ALicia came up to my kids and rudely said "Hi, " My daughter said hello and then the woman reached into the trash can and pulled out the wrapper that my son had just thrown away. She then turned to my children who were ringing out and said "are you going to Pay for this?" My daughter was confused and did not respond... Alicia shook the wrapper and asked loudly" are you gonna pay for this?" My daughter said "No we did not buy that from here "and the manager rolled her eyes and said "Why would you bring a wrapper into a store?" My children paid for there stuff and immediately got into the car and started bawling. They were scared and embarrassed because the grown manager had purposely intimidated them. I went into the store and asked multiple times what had happened and Alicia refused to answer me at all and then when I got upset she called the cops on me to force me to leave. I would like to speak to a regional manager over those stores so that tapes can be pulled and something can be done about her completely inappropriate behavior. My email address is [protected] and my phone number is 588-4642. Thanks in advance for a timely response

Aug 22, 2019
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  •   Aug 22, 2019

    Anyone would assume the kid ate the ice cream if they sell it.

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  •   Aug 22, 2019

    Jesus, lady how much sugar do your kids need???

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  •   Aug 23, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Lol I thought that, too! She waits in the car while her kids shop for sweets. Give them no sugar soda with ice and they will be cool in the summer. Let them waste money on sugar snacks and don’t think about their health.

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