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Do Sep 08, 2019 Review updated:

The female employee in store is constantly doing inappropriate things. I have tolerated her for quite some time. But now I am fed up. She will lock the doors for her 10 minute brake and then stand outside the front door smoking cigarettes and cannabis with her friends. I was in line one day for a while because she was showing her friends a new cannabis vape cartridge she just got. She even said that she was going to smoke it on her 10 minute break. I have witnessed her being extremely rude to customers for no real reason. I go to this store daily and I am not surprised what I am going to see. The other day she made me wait to pay for my items so she could take some bites of her food and the store was empty before I came in she had ample time to eat her food before I was ready to pay for my items. I just think someone should talk to her about her behavior.

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  •   Sep 09, 2019

    Why not go to another store? “her 10 minute brake and t” means you measured and calibrated her vehicle brakes?

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